Mon.Jun 27, 2022

Emotional Quality Of Experiences: The 2022 CX Index Bright Spot

Forrester Digital Transformation

The pandemic thrust consumers and technology into the forefront, exposing a long-standing tension between the two.

2022 82

5 Top Customer Service Articles of the Week 6-27-2022

Shep Hyken

Each week I read many customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too. How to Create an Inviting Customer Experience by Andie Burjek.

2022 55

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Picking An Agency To Maximize The Value Of Your First-Party Data

Forrester Digital Transformation

For B2C marketers, first-party data is a lot like “Zoolander’s” Hansel: “so hot right now.” Facing massive headwinds amid data deprecation, marketers want to capture zero- and first-party data from customers and build direct relationships.

2022 82

The 12 Best Customer Service Software Tools for 2022


A new era in customer service has arrived. The transformed landscape requires engagement like never previously seen, and customer service software is here to help.

2022 70

Discovering Successful Scripting for Your Contact Center

Speaker: Colin Taylor, CEO & Chief Chaos Officer at The Taylor Reach Group, Inc

Scripts have been around as long as contact centers. Scripts attempt to set out an ‘ideal’ path to success on the call, whether that's a sale, a resolved inquiry, or a closed case. While some scripting attempts have failed, AI and Agent Assist technologies can help.

Your First 100 Days as an Account Management Leader: Everything You Need to Know


As an account management leader, there are a wide variety of responsibilities to manage. Between improving client relationships, growing your business revenue, and prioritizing consumer retention, there is so much more to becoming a successful account manager, or key account manager.

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Five Things Utility Customers Care About Apart From Price 

CSM Magazine

The UK energy sector is hitting crisis point right now. We have already seen big names going out of business. Customers are enduring the pain of unprecedented price rises.And there is more to come this autumn when the Ofgem price cap will increase again.

2022 52

Episode #23 – Solving Employee Retention With An On Fire Culture

Russel Lolacher

In this episode of Relationships at Work, Russel chats with multi-time best selling author, researcher and international Hall of Fame speaker Eric Chester on the ingredients to an on fire workplace culture that solves the employee retention problem.

2022 52

Who Desperately Needs De-escalation Training?

Myra Golden Media

Like water is to a desert, my De-escalation Academy is to customer support teams who serve challenging customers. That’s right… you NEED DE-ESCALATION training like the Sahara Desert needs a rainstorm! Need I say more? . Head over to De-escalation Academy to learn more! Customer Experience Design

2022 62

How CX leaders can fight the workplace friction impeding their progress


Engagement How CX leaders can fight workplace friction

2022 81

2022 Contact Center Buyers' Guide

As contact center needs and pain points have evolved, so have contact center buying processes. This guide focuses on the key areas that contact center leaders should address to help achieve their operational and financial goals, including what questions to ask to drive optimal performance.

Four Ways to Build Personalization in Your Commerce Program


While companies continue to win with customer experience, not every platform or piece of technology is created equal when it comes to meeting consumers in the context of their commerce journey. Even the best technology for your company won’t get you there right out of the box.

2022 82

Why Primark’s decision to go digital could damage customer experiences - and how it can be avoided


Engagement How Primark's digital shift could harm its CX

2022 71

Instagram DMs: A Channel Customers Love


Trust us. You don't want to overlook Instagram. If your brand is wondering whether they should turn on Instagram DMs via Khoros , first ask yourself, "Are your customers using Instagram?".

2022 52

Can Digital Technology Really Deliver More Human Empathy? Dr. Natalie Petouhoff in Conversation with Andrew Keen

Natalie Petouhof

Original Article published on Lit Hub. Hosted by Andrew Keen, Keen On features conversations with some of the world’s leading thinkers and writers about the economic, political, and technological issues being discussed in the news, right now.

2022 52

Winning Solutions to Keep Contact Center Agents Engaged

Speaker: Adam Saad - Founder & CEO, Tech Stack Advising

In order to keep agents both satisfied and engaged, we must develop a plan that both mitigates these concerns with current agents and halts any potential issues that may arise with new hires. These plans must also take into account the different environments and locations your agents may be working in.

Transferable Skills You Need

CSM Magazine

Jobs that complement each other are a crucial part of developing a career. It can help to learn skills and knowledge that you can transfer into different industries. In this article, we will explore some of the most common transferable skills and discuss how they can help you in your career.

2022 52

87% of Consumers Want to Be Contacted in Their Preferred Channel. Enter: Hybrid Customer Experience.


In a post-pandemic world, consumers have undergone an inadvertent shift in mindset and expectations surrounding customer experience (CX).

2022 65

How to Run a Successful Salesforce CX Program

Zonka Feedback

Customer Experience is the sum total of all the interactions and incidents that customers go through while dealing with a business. It is the perception that gets built in their minds about you and your company based on all interactions and events in their customer journey. Customer Experience

Understand your Decision Making Unit to align process and experience objectives

SAP Customer Experience

Congratulations! You’ve volunteered (or you’ve been volunteered) to lead a journey to process analytics initiative in your company, bringing the worlds of process and experience together.

2022 62

How to Inspire and Empower Contact Center Agents Through Collaborative Coaching

Speaker: Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™

Collaborative coaching truly guides agents to connect authentically to customers better each time. Join Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™ & Author of Leading Morale to understand how call center agents get the most out of collaborative coaching.

TikTok Analytics: The Next Frontier In Digital Engagement


Take a deep dive into reading between the lines of your TikTok analytics and why they’re unlike any other. TikTok, TikTok, TikTok, kids these days say it’s all the rage.

2022 52

Ethical Dilemmas in Business: A Guide for Customer Success Teams


As the amount of demand and the immense competition continues to increase exponentially in our current business landscape, all modern businesses must prioritize avoiding moral and ethical dilemmas during day-to-day business operations.

2022 52

A Tale of Two Teams: Publishing Natively or In-app


Publishing already has enough challenges; switching from native to in-app doesn't have to be one of them. When anyone goes to publish a post on any form of social media, there are numerous things to consider: Am I using the proper lighting? Is this joke going to hit the right audience?

2022 52

Customer Success Enablement Makes the Customer Experience Better


Customer Success Enablement may be a term you’ve never heard of, but you’ve probably heard of sales enablement. Although it’s a crucial idea and job in the Customer Success industry, it still hasn’t fully earned the recognition it deserves.

2022 52

Sustaining Employee Engagement in the Contact Center

Speaker: Paul Ellis, Contact Center SME & Business Consultant for One You Love Homecare LLC

Join Paul Ellis, Contact Center SME & Business Consultant for One You Love Homecare LLC, for best practices and leadership strategies to fortify an economy of compassion and genuine empathy in the contact center.

Case study: How Copper increased retention with community


When Ken Aponte first joined CRM software company Copper back in December 2020 as their VP of Customer Success, he noticed one thing: retention wasn’t where it needed to be.

2022 83

Building The Elements Of Your B2B Marketing Plan

Forrester Digital Transformation

Annual marketing planning is tricky on a number of fronts, and in this blog post series, I’ve addressed a few of the main challenges that B2B marketing leaders face. In the first post, I shared an outline of a marketing planning process.

2022 80

4 DOs and 3 DON’Ts for Chatbot Testing Strategies


This article was originally published on Botium’s blog on February 9, 2021, prior to Cyara’s acquisition of Botium. Learn more about Cyara + Botium. A quick summary of 7 important DOs and DON’Ts when designing a chatbot testing strategy.

2022 67

Annual Planning Season Is Approaching — Make It As Productive As Possible

Forrester Digital Transformation

In an uncertain economic climate, having a sound marketing planning process is critical. In this first post of a three-part series, we introduce a methodical approach to B2B marketing planning. B2B Marketing marketing annual planning

2022 63

How to Leverage AI to Drive A Better Human Experience for Your Customers

Speaker: Adam Cutler, Co-Founder of IBM Design, IBM Distinguished Designer, AI Design

AI is about helping us be the best version of ourselves. When will AI comprise the whole CX sector & people won’t connect with real customer concerns? Join Adam Cutler, Co-Founder of IBM Design, to learn why it’s quite the opposite.