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3 Upcoming Trends in Customer Service

CSM Magazine

The fundamental goal of client satisfaction is at the heart of customer service. In the past, it meant giving out smiles or taking the occasional phone call from a dissatisfied customer. Now, there’s a lot more to it than that.

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What is a Freemium Strategy?


A f reemium strategy forms a foundation for SaaS marketing, but it’s often used without being understood. Here’s a closer look at the basics. We’ll define what a freemium strategy is. We’ll contrast it with the similar-sounding but distinct concept of a free trial strategy.

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How to Make a Great Customer-Centric Web Design


Web design is a variable that changes as fast, if not faster than we can get our latest creation published! In just the past twelve months, digital adoption has expanded five to ten times faster than was expected, thanks to the pandemic and lockdowns.

Technician Dispatch in 2021: 4 Fresh Approaches to Cost


Technician dispatches, known colloquially as “truck rolls,” are considered a necessary evil for many service organizations. If a customer has a need for service, the organization must dispatch a technician to deal with the issue, whether they like it or not. And they don’t like it.

2021 139

AI-Enabled Agent Quality Assessments Optimize Contact Center Performance

Quality Assurance is a major challenge for contact centers today. With up to 95% of customer interactions going unreviewed, many organizations are relying on a small sample of data to coach and evaluate their agents. AI-enabled agent quality assessments transcribe and analyze almost all agent-customer interaction recordings, leading to more comprehensive, consistent and unbiased agent evaluations and MUCH better CX. Find out how by downloading the whitepaper today!

The comprehensive guide to improving retail customer experience


Retail customer experience is critical for your business. Learn how customer expectations are changing and how to measure and improve their experiences. Guides

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National Customer Service Week 2021!

Myra Golden Media

Mark your Calendars for October 4 – 8, 2021, because we’re celebrating National Customer Service Week! This year’s theme is, Celebrating the Heart of Service. And I’m facilitating five online video sessions!!!

2021 104

5 Top Customer Service Articles of the Week 6-28-2021

Shep Hyken

Each week I read many customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too. America’s Best Customer Service Companies by Newsweek.

2021 91

How to use a customer experience maturity model


How to use a customer experience maturity model to assess the current state of CX in your business, diagnose areas that need improvement, and guide your experience strategy. Guides

2021 195

How to Build a Globally Remote Team That Really Works

Help Scout

It’s still yesterday for you. Statistically speaking, you (like most of my Help Scout colleagues) are probably somewhere in the Northern Hemisphere. Meanwhile, I cling to the bottom of the planet in Australia, probably in your tomorrow.

2021 102

The Art of Community: Higher Logic & Vanilla Forums Super Forum!

Speaker: Keynote Speaker, Guy Kawasaki, Chief Evangelist, Canva

In its 12th year? Super Forum is the largest and most comprehensive conference for executives, community managers, marketing, membership, and customer success professionals who want to connect, engage, and create better customer and member experiences. And this year, we’re going even bigger as we add Vanilla’s highly regarded Conversations conference into the mix. Register today!

Intouch Games Automates 28% Of Live Chat Queries with ServisBOT

CSM Magazine

AI chatbot handles peaks and supports business growth. Founded in 2001, in the West Midlands, UK, as a manufacturer of leisure machines for the hospitality industry, Intouch Games launched its first mobile casino games in 2006.

2021 87

How to Handle Difficult Customers

Shep Hyken

Not long ago I covered six ways to handle angry customers. Often an angry customer and a difficult customer are the same. But that’s not always true. Sometimes difficult customers aren’t angry. They are just tough and demanding.

2021 109

Net Revenue Retention vs. Gross Revenue Retention: Explained


Choosing between Net Revenue Retention (NRR) and Gross Revenue Retention (GRR) as your north-star growth metric isn’t an either-or question.

2021 82

Watch this before you talk to your next angry customer (3 Keys to De-escalating)

Myra Golden Media

Is your team dealing with increased irritability from customers? Do your people struggle to get angry customers to back down? If so, have your employees watch this video before they talk to their next angry customer.

2021 99

Reaching Unreachable Candidates

Speaker: Patrick Dempsey and Andrew Erpelding of ZoomInfo

What is ZoomInfo for Recruiters? Find and connect with the right talent to fill roles fast with more data, basic search, advanced search, candidate and company profiles, and export results. Watch this On-Demand Webinar today to see how ZoomInfo for Recruiters can work to get your talented candidates results.

#05: We Have to Stop Saying “The Customer is Always Right”

Michel Falcon Experience

To listen to this episode on an Apple device, click here. To listen on Spotify, click here. To listen to this episode on another platform,click here Welcome… The post #05: We Have to Stop Saying “The Customer is Always Right” appeared first on.

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Guest Post: Here Are The Do’s & Don’ts of Social Media Customer Service

Shep Hyken

This week we feature an article by Devin Pickell, Growth Marketer at Nextiva. He writes about the do’s and don’ts of social media customer service.

How Trader Joe’s Does Experience Right – An Insider Perspective

Doing CX Right

How do you keep employees engaged to deliver great customer experiences? Learn & practice what best in class brands like Trader Joe's does. The post How Trader Joe’s Does Experience Right – An Insider Perspective appeared first on Doing CX Right.

2021 81

Delivering Great Customer Service in the Healthcare Industry

Help Scout

Every industry has its nuances. Perhaps there’s specific terminology to learn or a heavier focus on one type of metric over another. Often, customer service skills are transferable; however, in some cases there are significant differences that make things a bit more complicated.

2021 86

How Product Teams Can Leverage Community

Speaker: Scott Baldwin of ProductBoard

Product Leaders, sign up if want to learn how to: - What is product excellence? - How community led and product-led growth can act as success multipliers - How to create a tight and ongoing feedback loop - How to leverage your community members to drive adoption. When: September 21st at 12pm EDT. Register today!

The Charlotte PD is Revolutionizing Policing by Delivering Excellent Customer Service

The DiJulius Group

The post The Charlotte PD is Revolutionizing Policing by Delivering Excellent Customer Service appeared first on The DiJulius Group. State Of Service

2021 87

Amazing Business Radio: Shirley Macbeth

Shep Hyken

The Customer Obsessed Organization. How to Lead with the Customer First. Shep Hyken interviews Shirley Macbeth, Chief Marketing Officer at Forrester , responsible for elevating the company’s thought leadership profile and generating demand for its portfolio of research, consulting, and events.

2021 91

#06: How to Stand Out in a Crowded Company and Industry w/ Ghassan Halazon

Michel Falcon Experience

To listen to this episode on an Apple device, click here. To listen on Spotify, click here. To listen to this episode on another platform,click here Welcome.… … The post #06: How to Stand Out in a Crowded Company and Industry w/ Ghassan Halazon appeared first on.

2021 124

Social Media Study: Stress Hurts Call Center Employees and the Customer Experience


Atlanta, GA – July 1, 2021 – Jacada, a leading provider of AI and RPA powered virtual assistants , recently released key insights on why contact center employees are stressed and how their stress negatively affects the customer experience.

Negative Reviews & Online Feedback Happens - But Where Do You Go From Here?

Speaker: Adam Dorfman, Head of Product Growth at Reputation and Jeremy Shubitz, Director of Marketing at Bosley

Responding to online negative feedback can be challenging. What should you say? What should you not say? Should you even respond? In today's, your customers will be not only your biggest advocates but also your biggest critics. However, negative feedback can offer actionable insights to build a stronger product and customer experience.

Your Shopify Store Should Feed You Data: Here’s How


The brands that are most successful at retaining their customers and increasing Lifetime Value are those that excel at personalized experiences.

2021 81

Pink Guava - Untitled Article

Pink Guava

Relook at Customer Experience with New Lens Customer Experience origin dates back to at least a couple of decades.

2021 83

3 Ways Chatbots Can Quickly Improve Customer Support Metrics


A customer’s interactions with a brand drives their entire perception of a business, and as most businesses can attest, each and every customer experience can leave long lasting effects. So how can you get a sense of the customer experience you’re delivering?

2021 62

How to Boost Slow Product Adoption After Onboarding Your Customer


Knowing how to boost product adoption after onboarding is critical for customer retention. Onboarding is a crucial time to provide the training and resources that customers need to make the most out of your product.

2021 75

Power Hour with the Community Team at Mural

Speaker: Beth Vanderkolk, Lindsay Olson, & Amanda Peterson, The MURAL Community Team

Want to know what it takes to build a community from the ground up? Join us for our panel discussion with the MURAL Community Team. In just 4 months, they have established a thriving community, and they're with us to explain how they did it.