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How to Train Your Agents for an Omnichannel Customer Service Strategy


As storefronts have evolved, so too has customer service. Now more than ever, customers are empowered to expect more from businesses and get more in return. Customers expect flexibility across channels and a consistent experience no matter how they reach out.

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10 Ways to Improve Customer Experience

Zonka Feedback

Ensuring a remarkable Customer Experience (CX) in a customer relationship delivers improved engagement, retention, satisfaction, and, ultimately, better financial growth.


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What Are the Differences Between a Customer Success Agenda and Objective?


As a customer success leader, you’ve put a lot of hard work into building the perfect meetings with customers. You know to focus on the most relevant items at hand, come out with clear action items, and always have an agenda to keep things on track. .

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7 Moments, 7 Customer Feedback Questions for Better CX

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

What are the Best Customer Feedback Questions to Ask? I talk and write a lot about customer feedback.

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The 2023 Customer Experience Management Value Index

Ventana Research named Verint an Exemplary Leader in the 2023 Customer Experience Management Value Index, leading in multiple categories including Adaptability, Manageability, Usability and Product Experience. Download the Index.

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Start with Hiring People Who Show Humanity at Work

Customer Bliss

A little while after Indra Nooyi was named the CEO of PepsiCo, she traveled home to India to visit her mother. The morning after she arrived, piles of visitors began pouring into her mothers’ home.

2021 310

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Are Your Research Activities Hurting the Customer Experience?


It shouldn’t be a surprise that customer experience (CX) is now a focus for many companies. According to Forrester, a small improvement in CX translates to millions of dollars in additional revenue per year. In many industries, CX is the competitive advantage that differentiates winners from losers.

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10 Tips to Improve Social Media Customer Service

CSM Magazine

In a hyper-connected world, social media can be a key component of your customer experience strategy. Here are ten things you can do to help provide great customer service on social media. Align Your Brand Values.

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The X-Factor That Drives Customer Loyalty

Integrity Solutions

The ability to create emotional bonds with your customers is the true x-factor that drives customer loyalty. You have more ways than ever before to engage with customers and enhance our product and service delivery.

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Guest Post: Maximize Productivity with a Customer Experience Management Platform


This week we feature an article by Apira Giriharan, a Marketing Manager from Blackchair with extensive knowledge of all matters related to CX solutions. She writes about how contact center agents can maximize productivity and provide a better customer experience.

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How to Leverage the Top CX Trends of 2023

Want to know where CX is heading in 2023? From the Metaverse and Web3 to how macroeconomic influences are impacting CX, this Trend Report will give you a taste of what is to come in the year ahead and beyond.

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How the Design Thinking Process Improves Innovation & Customer Experience


An increasing number of companies are transforming product development by embracing a design method that puts the customer first.

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#10: Lessons on Building a Team: Be Surgical in a Sea of Spray and Pray

Michel Falcon Experience

To listen to this episode on an Apple device, click here. To listen on Spotify, click here. To listen to this episode on another platform,… The post #10: Lessons on Building a Team: Be Surgical in a Sea of Spray and Pray appeared first on.

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A Positive View Of Selling Is Critical to Hiring Salespeople

Integrity Solutions

When it comes to hiring salespeople, why has it become so hard to get people excited about a job in sales in the first place? If you’re hiring salespeople right now, you’re not alone.

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Amazon Sets the Standard for Every Business


I’ve written about this before. Our customers are smarter than ever when it comes to customer service and receiving a great customer experience.

2021 157
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How Mature Are Your Digital Experiences? A Step-by-Step Guide to Improved CX

Read about Verint’s Digital Maturity Model, where we share real tactics and strategies to improve CX, based on what has worked for our clients around the world.

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Artificial Intelligence in Customer Success: Emergence and Outlook


Artificial intelligence in customer success is no longer an innovation but an established best practice. AI has changed the way customer success is defined, placing a digital-first approach at the forefront of CS management.

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Are we over-emphasising customer experience at the cost of service?


Loyalty Should companies prioritise service or experience

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9 Ways To Use Survey Incentives To Boost Sales


Your customers are the lifeblood of your business. Naturally, you have to take certain measures to ensure they are happy and satisfied with your offering. But how do you get inside the mind of your customers? Through feedback, of course.

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Cancel the “Cost Center” Culture In Customer Service

Forrester's Customer Insights

In my past 30 years in the contact center industry at organizations like RingCentral, Genesys, 8×8, and IBM, I’ve watched the same movie over and over and over again…too many contact centers are laboring under the tyranny of being a cost center with schizophrenic goals of making customers happy while “doing more with less”. This […].

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Is Your CX Program Delivering the Results You Had Hoped?

When you launch a CX program, there is often an air of exuberance. A year or two later, however, it can feel like your program has flat-lined and you find it hard to make improvements. If your CX program is struggling, check out our latest whitepaper for tips on how to reverse the trend.

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Best Practices to Ensure a Successful Quarterly Business Review


A quarterly business review (QBR) is a chance to bring together your executives and your clients’ executives to discuss the health of their business and your relationship, to discuss their future goals and plans, and to strategize how you can deliver more value to them based on those factors.

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Personalized customer experience: Create great customer service with what 60% of customers expect

NICE inContact

A couple of years ago, my wife, two daughters, and I took to the high seas aboard a Disney Cruise along with Elsa, Mickey, and all the other who’s-who of Disney favorite characters. Customer Experience Contact Center Management Omnichannel

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Q4 Customer Success: Renewals and Retention Process


For most B2B companies, Q4 means the time of contract renewals. It can be a busy selling season! It has become just as important, in the SaaS industry particularly, to work to keep existing customers as it is to chase down new leads.

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3 Key Ways That Analytics Improves Customer Service

Advantage Communications

Providing good customer service is an art. Customer service is about so much more than just taking customer calls and providing them with your best answer. Delighting your customers is about being proactive and exceeding their expectations. Customer Service Trends

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5 Ways to Supercharge Your CX Strategy

Want more from your customer experience program? This whitepaper outlines 5 tactics to improve your CX strategy and take your program to the next level. Download your copy now!

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Prediction: 7 Customer Service Channels We Will Use in the Future


Focused on serving the needs of customers, helping them solve problems, teaching them how to use products, and answering their questions, customer service agents are central to business growth and effective operations.

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How to analyze Zendesk tickets & Intercom chats for customer insights


Wouldn’t it be awesome if you could automatically analyze your support conversations to gain deep, actionable insights? Thematic has just rolled out two new integrations with Zendesk and Intercom.

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How to Write a Tier 2 Support Job Description + 5 Examples

Help Scout

Tier 2 support team members are the folks responsible for handling technical escalations and more advanced inquiries that are beyond the skills or knowledge of your first level customer service representatives.

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The Fundamental Guide to Account Planning

Kapta Customer Success

Key account management is as much a science as it is an art. Create a consistent approach to how you build background information on critical clients, develop a sales approach, and build a relationship based on proactive management and support.

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Stay Ahead of the Game

Want to know where CX is heading in 2022? Check out our 7 key predictions on how CX will evolve over the coming year and beyond. Download your copy now!