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Improve the Customer Journey

InMoment XI

If your products or services aren’t performing well, it might not be because of the product itself. Instead, there could be a problem with the customer journey. Your customers’ journey can drastically affect how your customers experience your company—and whether or not they eventually become loyal to your brand. And it’s because of this fact that improving your customer journey is vital to overall business success.

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Customer Service Is More Important Than Price


“Is customer service more important than price?” . That’s exactly what we asked more than 1,000 consumers in our customer service research. The response was that 58% said, “Yes.” And just to make sure, we asked a similar question later in the survey, “Would you pay more if you knew you would receive great customer service?” Once again, 58% said, “Yes.” .


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The Complete Guide to CSAT: Definition, Calculation & 2022 Benchmarks


Being exposed to negative word-of-mouth or having clients leave due to unpleasant interactions are experiences no business would want to lose control over. . But how do you prevent situations like that from getting out of hand? By keeping track of customer satisfaction throughout the customer journey to see when you need to address complaints and implement feedback to keep them satisfied. .

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The Secret to Leveraging Customer Data


Let’s face it: Data is the beating heart of the modern world. There’s even data to be gathered when you walk through the park, meet a friend for dinner, or read a good book. That’s excellent news for companies like yours, because it means there’s always more to learn about your customers—and more ways to encourage them to engage with your brand.

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The State of Customer Experience 2023 Report: Part 2

JUST RELEASED! The Northridge Group’s State of CX 2023 Part II research report reveals that nearly half of consumers surveyed had knowingly spoken to a customer service associate working from home—and almost 75% of those respondents felt the associate's location did not impact the service or experience. So why do more than ⅓ of business leaders want contact center associates back in the office?

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Quality, Not Quantity: Strategic Customer Listening for Experience Improvement

InMoment XI

For many years now, conventional wisdom has held that the best way to listen to as many customers as possible is to turn every customer listening post within your customer experience (CX) program on and simply capture all insights that come your way. This strategy makes a simple kind of sense on paper; if you’re listening to as many people as possible, you’re bound to hear something pertinent to your CX and organizational goals, right?

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How to Easily Design and Run Your Customer Journey


Mapping out your customer journey is not an easy task. It can be complicated and messy and difficult to see the path forward. When you finally get it all mapped out, then you have to figure out which tools to use to activate it – and it might even be outdated a week later! Shouldn’t there be an easier way? Meet the Customer Experience Canvas. This new tool from Totango is the first and only solution that enables you to visually design, build, run, measure and iterate on any customer journey in r

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Are Your Business Stories Making People Think Twice?

One Millimeter Mindset

Are you leveraging business stories that make people think twice? Business stories provide rich, illustrative palettes upon which to engage people to move forward together. Are you intentionally – or unintentionally – causing people to think twice about their direction, speed, objectives, goals, and purpose? When business stories catalyze people to think and rethink about the status quo, you focus them on what is new, next, and changing.

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3 Employee and Customer Experience Trends for Banks, Wealth Advisors, and Credit Unions in 2022

InMoment XI

What is the future for employee and customer experience trends in banks, wealth advisory firms, and credit unions? InMoment recently dove into the financial services industry’s 2022 outlook—and there’s a lot to unpack. Through our dedicated Strategic Insights Team, we collected data from bank, wealth advisor, and credit union consumers and employees across North America.

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3 Observations From Field Service Medical 2022


If you or a family member relies on an at-home medical device, whether an insulin pump, hearing device, or a CPAP machine, or any of the dozens of others, we know how incredibly convenient and in many cases, life saving these devices can be. However, we also know how challenging and scary it might be should something need to be fixed or adjusted. There are revolutionary advancements being made in this industry every day which is really quite exciting, but also means we have to keep up with the t

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How Government Services Can Provide Better Citizen Satisfaction & Experience

Attention government agencies and BPO partners! CXperts is your go-to solution for improving citizen experience. Our omnichannel and digital contact center solutions are designed to supply superior CX, reducing costs and maximizing efficiency. Plus, we are a Minority Owned Business (MBE). With our certifications, we are the perfect partner to help government agencies meet their CX goals and fulfill federal deal requirements.

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High Performance Contact Centers Begin With the Right WEM Suite


Most companies aspire to excellence in customer experience (CX). But without getting contact center performance right, all other CX elements – such as marketing, user experience, etc. – will ultimately fall flat. How do you build a high performance contact center? The foundation of contact center success is attracting and retaining skilled and motivated employees while giving them opportunities to grow with the company.

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Introducing Delighted Admin Certification: A free course for CX program management


Imagine a scenario: You’re tasked with setting up a customer experience (CX) program for your company, with the goal of…well, with the goal of improving customer experience. Your organization has never run a program like this before, and you’re not sure what to focus on, or what management of a program like this entails. Or a similar scenario: Your predecessor stood up a CX program, and you’re now tasked with picking it up and managing it in their stead.

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How we got here: why Customer Success and customer education are coming together now


This is a guest post by Paula Naba , director of Customer Success at Northpass. Did you know that 32% of customers stop doing business with a brand they love after only one bad experience? How about this: customer-centric companies are 60% more profitable than companies that don’t focus on customers. These are just two data points that underscore the importance of the customer experience and one of the major forcing factors bringing Customer Success and customer education teams together.

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Cyara + Botium: What this Exciting New Partnership Means for You


An Acquisition that Made Perfect Sense. Artificial intelligence is evolving rapidly, and it’s changing the way customers and businesses interact on every level. As more of these interactions move online, automated chatbots are becoming a mainstay in industries of all kinds. What was once a quirky, clunky novelty is now an essential component of your business’s customer experience.

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The Ultimate CX Solution: Combining Software + Service

In today's competitive business landscape, customer experience (CX) has emerged as a critical differentiator. Companies are increasingly investing in CX services to optimize customer satisfaction, drive customer loyalty, and ultimately, enhance their bottom line. Traditionally, businesses have had to choose between a DIY (Do-It-Yourself) approach or a full-service model, where an agency handles the entire CX program.

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April Atlas Highlights


Your customer experience team is no stranger to attrition — It's a tough gig! But the past two years have taken things to a new level of stress and burnout for your team. It doesn't stop with your frontline either. Leaders and executives, especially in the contact center, are struggling to backfill empty seats and train incoming employees — and they're paying mightily for it.

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SMS Engagement Rates and How To Ensure Customers Love Yours


It’s no secret that people use smartphones more often than any other device today. Paying attention to your SMS engagement rates is a smart move. In fact, SMS open rates outpace email by 78%, and 75% of consumers would like to have offers delivered to them via SMS. The post SMS Engagement Rates and How To Ensure Customers Love Yours appeared first on Blueshift.

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Guest Post: Understanding Digital Customer Experience in Retail Industry


This week, we feature an article by Nikhil Pereira is a Contact Center expert with 20 years of end-to-end contact center expertise. He has experience across the Contact Center spanning Hiring, Training, Quality, Workforce Management, and Performance Management. He shares how retailers can understand the digital customer experience in the retail world.

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The Guide to Reputation Management on Tripadvisor


A 2018 study from Tripadvisor revealed that an overwhelming 97 percent of respondents see online reputation management as important to their business. However, many Tripadvisor business listing managers are still lost in the dark when it comes to creating an effective reputation management strategy. But all review site reputation management plans have three simple steps: Use Reviews to Create A Conversation.

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The Complete Guide to Conversational AI for Your Business

In this eBook, you’ll learn how companies are using advanced conversational AI solutions, like Verint Intelligent Virtual Assistant, to deliver actionable service and assist their contact center agents in both voice and digital channels. You’ll also see how our easy-to-use, low-code bot-building environment makes for quicker and more flexible conversational AI deployments that deliver an immediate ROI.

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Four ways to avoid customers having to repeat themselves


Date: Monday, April 4, 2022 Author: Pauline Ashenden - Demand Generation Manager Four ways to avoid customers having to repeat themselves. Published on: April 04, 2022. Author: Pauline Ashenden - Demand Generation Manager When customers reach out to a contact centre, they want to feel their time is being valued. Which is why they hate having to repeat information, every time they are transferred to another agent or to another channel.

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SAP Customer Experience

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Amazing Business Radio: Dr. Claes Fornell


The Return on High Customer Satisfaction Is Huge. The Link Between the Top Rated Customer-Focused Companies and the Stock Market. Shep Hyken interviews Dr. Claes Fornell, founder of the American Customer Satisfaction Index (ACSI) and the Distinguished Donald C. Cook Emeritus Professor of Business at the University of Michigan. Dr. Fornell is the author of The Satisfied Customer: Winners and Losers in the Battle for Buyer Preference.

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The 2022 Customer Service Revolution Conference Lineup Revealed

The DiJulius Group

A Customer Service Revolution is… A radical overthrow of conventional business mentality designed to transform what Employees & Customers experience. This shift produces a culture that permeates into people’s personal lives, at home, and in the community which in turn provides the business with higher sales, morale, and brand loyalty – Making Price Irrelevant!

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Ramping-up Your Digital CX Strategy: Adaptation of Omni Channel and Conversational Support

Speaker: Michael McMillan - Customer Experience Expert, TEDx Speaker, and Author

Are you looking to elevate your CX support strategy? Customers who have a seamless buying experience, from speaking with sales and purchasing the product to easily finding support, are more likely to return to your organization and recommend it to others. With the numerous changes in the market, it is critical that your CX strategy can evolve and better support your customers regardless of where they are in their journey.

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Six Best NPS Software Solutions for 2022


The number of NPS software providers has proliferated as the importance of tracking Net Promoter Score (NPS) has been realized by a growing number of enterprises. This raises the question, how do you find the best NPS software solutions? In this guide, we’ll help you tackle this issue. First, we’ll cover what NPS software is and what features are important so that you know what to look for when selecting a solution.

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Bruce Eidsvik announced as inQuba President, North America


Eidsvik brings 25-years of helping top international brands in the customer management space. inQuba is delighted to share the appointment of Bruce Eidsvik as inQuba President, North America – a strategic appointment to further accelerate our international expansion. Bruce brings 25-years of international experience in the customer management space with leading roles in Sales and Marketing, including SVP for Global Demand Marketing at Opentext (NASDAQ: OTEX) and SVP for Global Revenue Mark

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Quick Way to Show Only Relevant Survey Questions Using Logic


The path to completing a survey isn’t always linear. Sometimes there are hidden passages, trap doors, and secret rooms that only a few respondents need to access. When you want to make sure your respondents only see questions that are relevant to them without cutting vital questions out of your survey, you need skip logic. Generally logic involves setting up conditions that will change how your survey behaves based on the answers that a respondent gives.

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The way to gain extra revenue in SaaS with customer success!


It’s undeniable that the SaaS model works differently and attracts revenue on a monthly or annual basis, unlike the on-premise software that deals with one-time payments. So, it’s legit to have a customer success team in hand. But with effective customer success, it’s possible to attain those extra gains from the SaaS revenue model. If your efforts are going down the hill, know what better can you do to pull yourself from the clutter and unleash success with the revenue your brand deserves.

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The B2B Sales Leader's Guide for Any Economic Environment

When economic headwinds pick up, sales leaders are the first to sound the alarm — and chart a new course. Longer sales cycles, larger buying committees, increased price pressure, and smaller teams can quickly combine to reduce your margin for error and increase the urgency to find a solution. To thrive in a challenging environment, sales teams need a rock-solid grasp of the fundamentals and the biggest force-multipliers they can get their hands on.