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The Importance of Employee Loyalty in the Workplace

InMoment XI

We all know that employee loyalty is important , but oftentimes we forget how employee loyalty is connected with customer loyalty and how loyal employees contribute to the success of the entire business. Profit and growth are stimulated primarily by customer loyalty.

2022 323

All You Need to Know About CSAT To Drive A Better Customer Experience


There’s more than one reason for customer dissatisfaction – but basically, it boils down to understanding and meeting customer expectations. Definitely something companies strive to avoid.

2022 109

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How to Measure CX Impact

Heart of the Customer

We CX folks love to discuss measurement. If you want to fill a room at a conference, just put the word “metric” in your session title, and you’re good to go. Mention “Net Promoter Score” or “Customer Effort Score,” and you’ll need to order more chairs.

2022 124

Everyone Deserves a Compliment??

Shep Hyken

I was on a flight to a city I can’t remember, but what I do remember was the wonderful flight attendant, Bailee from American Airlines, who enthusiastically greeted me with a smile and said, “I like that hat!” I was wearing a baseball cap with the St. Louis Blues Stanley Cup Championship logo.

2022 93

How to Supercharge Your Customer Feedback Strategies with Messaging

When customers communicate with companies, they choose the channel for quickest response, even if it’s not their preferred channel. Read about this disconnect, the preference for human-assisted channels, and how messaging improves customer experience.

3 Tips for Insurance CX Programs Looking to Collect Valuable CX Data

InMoment XI

Insurance brands have a unique set of challenges to overcome in order to find the valuable customer experience (CX) data they need to improve experiences.

2022 337

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Customer Health Score: A Guide to Improving Client Satisfaction


Customer health score is one of the fastest and easiest ways to assess whether your SaaS customers are satisfied with your product and brand. Knowing this can help you evaluate churn risk and spot opportunities, empowering you to take appropriate action.

2022 98

Amazing Business Radio: Devin Poole

Shep Hyken

Customer Service and Issue Centricity. Empowering Customer Support Agents with Data. Shep Hyken interviews Devin Poole, Senior Director of CX Strategy at Dixa , the groundbreaking conversational customer service platform.

2022 85

How to Accelerate Credit Union Digital Transformation


Credit union member expectations are changing and changing fast. While telephone and email were once the go-to support channels, today’s members now expect more. The only way to keep up and meet these expectations is through digital transformation.

2022 79

5 Customer Satisfaction Goals to Strive For in 2022

Zonka Feedback

Exceptional customer service can get you up to 70% of additional revenue from existing customers. Customer Satisfaction Metrics

2022 83

Should Loyalty Metrics Be Reassessed Post-Pandemic?

Two years later, CX pros wonder how the pandemic has changed customer expectations, and how their CX measurements should accommodate these changes. To find the answers we analyzed VOC data from a variety of industries. Download this eBook and learn what we discovered!

Mistakes to Avoid When Selecting a CS Platform: Not Thinking of Customer Success as a Team Sport


Selecting the right customer success platform for your organization can be challenging. To help you navigate the process, we’ve developed a four-part blog series about the mistakes you should avoid when choosing a CS platform.

2022 90

12 Must-Have Features of a Good Help Desk Ticketing System


What makes customer support software great? These solutions require more than just dedicated customer support teams – without the necessary features, a ticketing software solution is hampering your efforts.

2022 74

Energy Data Platforms for the Planet


Engaging customers in load flexibility has never been more important. The majority of electric utilities have targets to completely or partially decarbonize within the next 30 years and the largest corporations on the planet are making 24/7 clean energy commitments.

2022 82

Actionable Customer Feedback for Customer Service Agents

Zonka Feedback

Customers are the lifeline of any business. If your customers are happy, they will give continuous revenue for your business. But if your customers are unhappy, it will be hard for your business to survive. So Customer Satisfaction is vital for your business to survive and run successfully.

2022 83

How to Make Every Survey a Top Customer Experience!

We’ve all had surveys that we’d rather forget, but surveys are a critical element of your overall customer experience. Download this eBook and get the four key elements of a brand-building survey program. Use these tenets to help your surveys deepen your customer’s relationship with your brand.

Guest Post: 10 Ways to Improve Your Customer Service Team

Shep Hyken

This week, we feature an article by Aamir Baloch, one of the Co-Founders at Odondo , where he obsesses over the details to deliver a strong and compelling proposition for each of his clients.

2022 60

How to Measure CX Impact

Heart of the Customer

We CX folks love to discuss measurement. If you want to fill a room at a conference, just put the word “metric” in your session title, and you’re good to go. Mention “Net Promoter Score” or “Customer Effort Score,” and you’ll need to order more chairs.

2022 78

What are the best Customer Success YouTube channels? Start with our top five.


Did you know that, by the end of this week, one-third of internet users* will have watched a tutorial or how-to video? Whether you’re building your expertise in cooking, crocheting, coding, or Customer Success, YouTube is now the place to level up.

2022 69

May 04 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: Director, Customer Success Location: Denver, CO, US Organization: Cin7 As a Director of Customer Success, you will lead the digital-first Customer Success function, focusing on driving product adoption, a positive customer experience, and empower the thousands of existing customers to thrive.

2022 83

Should Loyalty Metrics be Reassessed Post-Pandemic? And What About NPS?

How has the pandemic changed customer expectations and CX strategies? From several verticals and a wealth of VOC data, we share key insights and examine if NPS has the same predictive power. See how you should adjust your metrics!

5 Top Customer Service Articles of the Week 5-2-2022

Shep Hyken

Each week I read many customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too. The True Costs of Bad Customer Experience Management by Brittany Hodak.

2022 60

List of Companies That Outsource Call Centers

Magellan Solutions

Companies that outsource call centers have one thing in common: they know the significance of building and maintaining good customer relationships. Being in the front-end, call centers create a direct connection between customers (even prospects) and businesses. While it is an important element, call centers are usually not included in the core functions and expertise of most companies.

2022 63

Benefits of Chatbots in Customer Service and Why Your Business Could Benefit


There are innumerable studies that highlight the future of CX, and how chatbots are one of the most common ways to improve your customer experience.

2022 72

What Is Frictionless Customer Experience and Why Is It Important for Your Business?


The 2020 shutdowns of the COVID-19 pandemic pushed people into more virtual interactions than ever before. At the same time, emotions were running high worldwide. For customers, the quality of digital experiences became very important, a trend that is continuing into the post-pandemic era.

2022 62

How to Design Your VOC Program for CX Success

What kind of reaction do you notice when “voice of the customer” is mentioned at your company? Chances are it conjures up some mix of frustration, anxiety, disappointment, confusion, or avoidance. That’s because today, most companies fail to get a real payoff from their voice of the customer (VOC) investment. Your VOC program needs to be carefully designed; this eBook will guide you with the 4 dimensions for true success. Download the eBook today!

5 Things Pro Wrestling Teach Us About Customer Service

Steve DiGioia

Ok, ok, so I’m a wrestling fan. So what? Maybe you are too. There are millions of us. And we watch it every week. I’ve been doing that since I was a teenager. I used to take the train from my home in Brooklyn, NY to Madison Square Garden in Manhattan each month to watch the matches in person.

2022 100

Experiential Innovation: Design Your Customer Experience Future

Experience Investigators

Is Your CX Program Looking Toward the Future? Customer experience leaders spend a lot of time looking at what’s happened. Customer experience reports are filled with discoveries. Customer feedback provides insights and real-life quotes from customers.

2022 61

5 Tips for CX Leaders to Combat Customer Service Agent Burnout


Support agents are often on the frontlines for businesses, dealing with frustrated customers while working through a repetitive queue of work. Tasks can pile up, leaving agents with a daunting backlog.

2022 70

Why DealerRater reviews are important for your automotive business


As a business in the automotive industry, reviews are essential for your online reputation. While you may already be getting reviews on major sites like Google, you could severely lack reviews on industry-related sites like DealerRater.

2022 68

A Strategic Guide to Community Gamification

Does creating engaged customers and impacting CS objectives sound interesting? Learn more about how gamification can help your customer success team in our free eBook.