Sun.Mar 27, 2022

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Solving Customer Pain Points Through Research, Design and Innovation

Doing CX Right

Alex Genov, Head of Research at Zappos, explains how to win customer hearts and wallets through real innovation. Learn best practices to fix customer pain points leveraging data and human factors.

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Medical Information Outsourcing: Call Center with Nurses as Agents

Magellan Solutions

The Philippines produces thousands of nursing graduates every year. However, what was once a ticket to greener pastures in other countries has turned into a dead-end for many who are unable to find paid work locally and abroad.

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Indonesian Firms Expanded Their Digital Transformation Efforts in 2021 But Fell Short Of Their Objectives

Forrester's Customer Insights

Indonesian firms expanded their digital transformation efforts in 2021, but fell short of realizing the goals they set out in 2020. Our latest survey in the country also shows that enterprises will put a much bigger emphasis on aligning transformation efforts with business goals and metrics in 2022.

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