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Benefits of Chatbots in Healthcare: 9 Use Cases of Healthcare Chatbots (2022)


There’s no denying it: the healthcare industry is experiencing rapid changes and advancements in technology every year. In fact, an extensive study by Verified Market Research showed that the healthcare chatbot’s market size is currently valued at USD 194.85 What is a Healthcare Chatbot? The healthcare industry is no different.

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6 Ways to Improve Customer Experience in Healthcare

CSM Magazine

Customer experience (CX) in healthcare is how patients perceive their interactions with healthcare providers. Healthcare is one of the fastest-growing industries. This blog discusses six ways to improve customer experience in healthcare. Providing the best medical experience is a challenge for all healthcare providers.


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Customer Service Lessons From the Healthcare Industry Any Business Can Use with Jennifer FitzPatrick


Top Takeaways: We go to healthcare providers to address a big problem; our health. Some healthcare practitioners know how to treat symptoms and illnesses; however, they are falling short of making the patients feel like they are human beings with respect and dignity. Nobody wants to engage with the healthcare system.

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Empowering Patients: The Role of Live Chat in Making Healthcare More Accessible


Accessibility is critical in healthcare. Clearly, healthcare providers face a need to communicate with their patients in an accessible way. Accessibility through remote care One of the most significant ways that live chat helps to improve accessibility in healthcare is by enabling remote care delivery for patients.

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Should Loyalty Metrics Be Reassessed Post-Pandemic?

To answer these questions, we analyzed VOC data from programs across a variety of verticals – including Financial Services, Healthcare, B2B Services, Technology, and more. Have the drivers of customer experience changed? Download this eBook to learn what we discovered and get the most out of your customer feedback!

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Choose to Chat: How to Improve Healthcare Through Conversations with Patients

Customer Bliss

More important, in the increasing complexity of healthcare, who doesn’t yearn for more conversation about why tests are ordered, and their impact in the near and short term? As one of the highest expenditures over time in our lifetime, patients should have an informed say in decision making with healthcare providers. Click To Tweet.

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Does CX Apply in Healthcare, Manufacturing, & other Professional/B2B Industries?

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

Healthcare. How to Apply Customer Experience to Healthcare. Healthcare encompasses a broad topic. Many healthcare providers see their role as the remedy. Healthcare providers are now publicly reviewed. Healthcare in general is complex and confusing for many patients in the United States. “I get it.

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Should Loyalty Metrics be Reassessed Post-Pandemic? And What About NPS?

After analyzing VOC data from verticals including Financial Services, Healthcare, B2B Services and Technology, we found some interesting answers. They wonder: Does Net Promoter Score® (NPS) still have the same predictive power. Do loyalty metrics need to be reassessed? Have the drivers of customer experience changed?

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The New Tech Experience: Innovation, Optimization, and Collaboration

Speaker: Paul Weald, Contact Center Innovator

No matter what industry you're in - healthcare, customer service, sales, and more - it’s easier than you think to reduce wait times, monitor sentiment, and provide enhanced self-service options for all of your users. Learn how to streamline productivity and efficiency across your organization with machine learning and artificial intelligence!