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The Importance of Customer Effort Scores


In this blog, we’ll dive into the importance of this and why you should measure and understand your customer effort scores. This question is one of customers' primary concerns when first purchasing from a new business.

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Build an Effective Customer Effort Score Program


If you want to make a real impact on customer loyalty, it starts with measuring Customer Effort Score (CES). Let’s talk about how to do just that.


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5 Reasons Why your Field Service Performance Metrics should include Customer Effort Score


As a central part of CX metrics, Customer Effort Score (CES) is emerging as a core KPI in field services. CES measures how much effort a customer must exert during an interaction with a company. Why Customer Effort Score Is an Important Field Service Performance Metric. Customer Effort Score for Field Services.

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Customer Effort Score (CES) explained

Hello Customer

The customer effort score (CES) is a key metric that shows companies how simple or difficult it is for customers to do business with them. It measures how much effort a customer has to put in to use a product or service, acquire information about its usage, or address a problem. Wondering how you can do that? CES: what is it?

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Types of Customer Effort Score Questions (With Examples)


According to Gartner’s research study, Effortless Experience Explained , 96% of customers who had a high-effort experience reported being disloyal, compared to only 9% of customers with a low-effort score. Customer Effort Score. So, what’s the solution? How easy was it to interact with the support team?’

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Customer Effort Score (CES): The Complete Guide


Learn how to use the Customer Effort Score metric, boost loyalty, and prove the ROI of your efforts.

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How to Calculate Customer Effort Score 


Already it probably feels as though you’re measuring a hundred different metrics that all mean different things: product usage rates, customer success scores, and more. But what about the Customer Effort Score? What is a Customer Effort Score? How to calculate Customer Effort Score.