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Communicating CX: 12 Tips for Talking About Customer Experience

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

Customer experience is not a fad or a trend or a buzzy phrase. And yet organizations often treat it like it is. They hang a banner, then ignore it. They announce it as an annual theme, then forget it by February.

2021 156

What 3G Sunsetting Means for Home Security Firms


3G sunsetting is a significant step in the evolution of wireless communication. Old 3G technology is set to become obsolete as manufacturers and MNOs shift towards 4G LTE and 5G.

2021 109

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14 motivational customer satisfaction quotes


From customer service to customer satisfaction and loyalty, here are 14 quotes to motivate you to deliver a great experience. Guides

2021 195

Amazing Business Radio: Rafi Glantz


Delivering an All-Inclusive Online CX. How Web Accessibility Creates a Better Customer Experience for Everyone. Shep Hyken interviews Rafi Glantz, Strategic Partnerships Manager of accessiBe. They discuss what web accessibility means and why it’s important for businesses to be more accessible.

2021 106

Why Is Patient Engagement Important? | Frontline Group

There are 5 critical opportunities to unlock the full power of patient engagement, which can improve your patient retention, as well as improving their health outcomes. In this eBook you will learn about: What Is Patient Engagement? How Does Patient Engagement Improve Outcomes? Why Is It Important to Include Patients in Their Care? What Are Patient Engagement Tools? What is Patient Engagement technology? Download Now this informational resource and start using a patient engagement platform to give yourself as a Provider higher satisfaction scores.

Audit How You Stack up to the 6 Components of a Customer’s Experience

The DiJulius Group

2021 86

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How Does Live Call Coaching Improve Customer Service Conversations?

Advantage Communications

All companies want to implement a customer service strategy that improves the customer perception of their brand, delivers seamless customer experiences and drives brand loyalty. Contact Center

2021 60

Calabrio Wins CUSTOMER Workforce Optimization Innovation Awards for Full WFO Suite and Speech Analytics


2020 was a time of great change for the contact center.

2021 52

5 Top Customer Service Articles For the Week of February 22, 2021


Each week I read a number of customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too. Carole McCluskey: Create Memories That Count by SMG Events.

2021 95

Bridging the Engagement Capacity Gap

CSM Magazine

Steve Bell, VP EMEA Solutions Consulting at Verint Systems examines the chasm between what organisations know they need to do in order to manage customer engagement, and the resources they have to do it. . Brands are caught in a maelstrom of change, the impact of which will be felt for years to come.

2021 52

How Call Lifecycle Details Help Increase Customer Satisfaction

Do you want to better understand what your customers are experiencing on calls? Does your call center software lack key information, even if calls are recorded? Download this eBook now to learn how to gain insights on all your calls to increase your customer satisfaction!

6 Key Takeaways From ‘Managing Friction Between Customer Success and Other Company Departments’ Panel


Is your Customer Success team: Butting heads with Sales during onboarding. Operating on a completely different wavelength than Product. Getting bombarded by Marketing for unrestricted customer access. All of the above (and more). Put simply, Customer Success does a lot of things for a lot of people.

2021 56

What is the real priority, CX programs or CX?

Customer Enthusiast

Customer experience (CX) is the product of any interaction between an organization and a customer. If you have a customer, then you have CX.

2021 63

5 Ways to Improve Customer Service in Healthcare


If there’s one thing the COVID-19 pandemic has left us with, it’s an increased awareness of the importance of remote accessibility.

2021 52

Reducing Friction Makes You Money


Reducing friction is all about creating an easier experience for the customer. In my book, The Convenience Revolution , I identify six ways to create convenience. The first, reducing friction, is tied to all five other principles.

2021 90

The Best Sales Forecasting Models for Weathering Your Goals

Every sales forecasting model has a different strength and predictability method. It’s recommended to test out which one is best for your team. This way, you’ll be able to further enhance – and optimize – your newly-developed pipeline. Your future sales forecast? Sunny skies (and success) are just ahead!

The Relationship Between GigCX and Customer Lifetime Value

CSM Magazine

Megan Neale, Co-Founder and COO at Limitless explores the relationship between GigCX and Customer Lifetime Value (CLV) and how it enables brands to re-think their approach to customer service. This period of history will forever be defined by human disconnection.

2021 52

PeopleMetrics Experience Management Platform Roadmap Preview


PeopleMetrics Experience Management Platform Roadmap Preview. Learn about the latest changes to PeopleMetrics and how they affect your team. This is a special look at what’s coming soon and what’s recently launched. We highlight: Features we added in 2020. The new features we're adding this year.

2021 73

Managing the Right Mix of Capabilities to Absorb Volume Swings

NICE inContact

This is an exciting time for contact centers and the customers they serve. Modern technology, such as digital channels and chatbots, has empowered consumers with more control over how they interact with businesses.

2021 62

What is Reputation Marketing? The Complete Guide for Brands


Reputation marketing is a way of thinking about your reputation in the same way you think about your marketing – the more positive your brand’s reputation, the more growth you can deliver.

2021 65

Customer Engagement Is a Two-Way Street

Two-way engagement means creating opportunities for conversation. Go beyond the obvious step of responding to complaints and comments; your customers want and deserve more than that. Implement these four tips to boost your two-way engagement.

Guest Post: How to Use the Customer Journey to Create an Engaging Affiliate Marketing Strategy


This week we feature an article from Jyothi Tulasi, Outreach SEO Specialist at SmartKarrot Inc. She shares a 3-step guide on how to improve the employee experience while maximizing customer engagement. Developing an affiliate marketing strategy comprises multiple aspects.

2021 83

Major risks to business loyalty in 2021


With businesses under relentless pressure amid COVID-19 lockdown restrictions and battling to remain intact, the need to minimise risk and continue operating has never been more important.

2021 52

Three Keys to Increasing Customer Renewals


This happens to you more often than you’d like to admit. Your sales team lands a new customer with great potential. You work hard at the on-boarding process and hit all of the milestones. Roll-out is on schedule. Over the year(s) of their contract term, you resolve every issue quickly.

2021 68

Best Customer Experience: Be Plentiful & Ready | #CX #CustServ

Kate Nasser

To deliver the best customer experience be plentiful & ready in these specific ways. Insights from Kate Nasser, The People Skills Coach™. The post Best Customer Experience: Be Plentiful & Ready | #CX #CustServ appeared first on

2021 52

The Executive's Guide to Building a Community Team

Speaker: Carrie Melissa Jones; Founder, Gather Community Consulting

Successful communities demand much more attention than most organizations predict. Join Carrie Melissa Jones, Founder of Gather Community Consulting for this webinar about the right way and the wrong way to approach community building.

CX Is NOT The Solution; It’s The Problem

Sampson Lee

When Conventional CX can discern nothing but ‘service’ in brand promises, pleasure peaks and pain points, every CX issue looks like a ‘service’ issue; it solves the wrong problems and creates disasters.

2021 68

Best Practices for Small Business Customer Service in 2021


It’s true what they say: 2020 was a year for the books, and its impact on customer service was no exception. Companies of all sizes had to adjust to everything from the pivot to working from home to navigating rising customer expectations.

2021 52

Employees Want You To Brush Up On Your Email Etiquette

Russel Lolacher

Email. People hate it. Yet people prefer it because it’s what they know. After a quick Google search of email as an internal communications tool, I found lots of articles about how it should be ditched as a way to engage employees.

2021 74

Congratulations To The 2020 Service Design Award Finalists!

Kerry Bodine

If you’re looking for customer experience or service design inspiration, look no further. We’ve just announced our ten 2020 Service Design Award finalists. And no, that’s not a typo… Covid through a wrench into our annual awards schedule.). The Finalists. Commercial Work.

2021 68

Frontline Call Center Partners with VBurchett Consulting to Improve Patients' Experiences

Frontline Call Center and VBurchett Consulting are joining forces in modern patient care with a new patient engagement center that utilizes telemedicine.