Seeing is believing: Why contact centers must embark on the journey towards Visual Transformation


The Age of Contact Center Transformation . Like many industries these days, contact centers are at a crossroads. This means that call centers are more important than ever for assisting customers with their technical problems.

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Being The Best Omnichannel Contact Center

Magellan Solutions

What is omnichannel contact center for Magellan Solutions. Magellan Solutions is an omnichannel contact center. Below are some of our best practices that kept our name up in the BPO industry: Move your contact center to cloud. contact-form-7].


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Creating a collaborative contact center culture


The traditional contact center – with agents in cubicles following scripts and rushing to meet individual KPIs – will soon be a thing of the past. Modern customer-centric operations are increasingly defined by a collaborative contact center culture, with agents working together to respond to customer requests more efficiently by drawing on shared knowledge and experience. Happier contact center agents mean more pleasant interactions for customers.

Building the Contact Center SOW: The Framework for Success


The contact center SOW is the framework for your relationship. Below we explore what it takes to build an effective contact center SOW. Who serves as the primary point of contact? Because we didn’t know until the waning days of our relationship that our client was being measured by their head office in Europe on one KPI above all others: the scores on their post-contact surveys – a metric that didn’t even appear in our SOW.

Get More Value from Contact Center Performance

This whitepaper has provided some suggestions for KPIs that you may want to use. Once you’ve chosen your KPIs, make sure that you’ve communicated the importance of these metrics to all employees in your contact center, as well as how you expect them to be achieved.

How to Shortlist Potential Contact Center Partners


Running an effective and efficient procurement process for a contact center partner is easier said than done – even for seasoned indirect sourcing professionals and folks in the C suite. Meeting potential contact center partners in person allows you validate the intangible elements of the business relationships first (like culture fit, physical work environment, and employee engagement,) helping you shortlist the organizations you choose to invite into the RFP process.

Why Your Contact Center Knowledge Base Needs to be Visual


Core challenges for contact centers. Although 91% of companies have invested heavily in contact center knowledge bases, very few are seeing real ROI. Creating a visual contact center knowledge base. Agent: Hello, thank you for calling Longbow Telecom.

Before You Go to RFP, Get Friendly: A Guide to On-Site Contact Center Visits


Picture this: You’re in the RFP process for a new contact center partner. You know exactly what you need in regards to channel support, reporting metrics, technical capabilities, agent training, and more, and the contact center RFP makes sure you’re checking all the boxes. Know what you should be looking for on your contact center site visit before you get there. Obstacles to the On-Site Contact Center Visit.

3 Technologies Contact Centers Need in 2021

Upstream Works

As 2021 unfolds, the stakes have never been higher for contact center leaders to invest in the right technologies. As a starting point for these decisions, here are three technologies your contact center needs in 2021.

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Hark the Herald Agents Sing: It’s Holiday Season in the Contact Center!


Before we sign off for the holiday break, we want to give shouts to all the frontline agents and coaches holding it down for clients and customers in contact centers everywhere. A reminder that the struggle to sustain morale when it’s holiday season in the contact center is real.

How Sharpen Elevates Contact Center CX with Deepgram

One of the most crucial tools for contact center solutions is automatic speech recognition (ASR). Learn how Sharpen elevates their CX by arming agents with Deepgram's fast, accurate, reliable speech transcription to improve productivity in real-time.

How to Determine Cultural Alignment in Your Outsourced Contact Center


You can ask all the right questions in the contact center RFP and still struggle to understand how their culture might or might not align with your own. The post How to Determine Cultural Alignment in Your Outsourced Contact Center appeared first on Blue Ocean.

RFP Questions to Ask About AI in the Contact Center


And you’re ready for your outsourced customer service RFP to hit the road and bring you some stellar options for a new contact center partner. While AI capabilities in the contact center are still evolving, AI offers powerful opportunities to drive cost out of your business and improve the customer experience (and let’s be real, a growing segment of consumers simply prefer automated or self-serve support) – so asking your potential strategic partners the right questions is critical.

4 Ways to Bring a Human Touch to Contact Center CX

Upstream Works

The difference between good and excellent contact center CX is providing customers with a human touch. To be a truly customer and human-centered business, care for both employees and customers should be part of your business model. “By

The Pivot to 100% Remote Training in the Contact Center


This is much easier to accomplish for in-person training, where you have control over the physical environment and can maintain physical interaction such as eye contact. The post The Pivot to 100% Remote Training in the Contact Center appeared first on Blue Ocean.

The Future of Contact Centers: A New Paradigm for Superior Customer Experience

Speaker: Jim Rembach, Editor in Chief, CX Global Media

Most contact center leaders view the touchpoint from agent to customer as the most important. The rise of chatbots and AI has changed that. Join Jim Rembach, Editor in Chief of CX Global Media, and learn how to seamlessly weave great technology with happy, empowered contact center agents.

The Fundamental Guide to the Contact Center RFP


Contracting a new contact center outsourcer may be one of the most impactful decisions you make all year (no pressure, right?) Even if you’ve had the same supplier for a while, going through the contact center RFP process will ensure that you and your existing partner are staying up-to-date and competitive as the market evolves; after all, if your supplier grows stagnant, so do you. Draft Your Contact Center RFP. Putting Together Your Contact Center RFP.

10 Reasons to Locate Your Contact Center in the Friendly North


Looking for an onshore contact center partner? Yes, we’re probably a little biased, but the proof is right here – check out our top 10 reasons to outsource your contact center to Canada. Full employment” in the US makes hiring new contact center agents a challenge. For both scheduled and last-minute on-site visits, your outsourced contact center is closer than home than you might think when you outsource to Canada.

Is a Strategic Contact Center Partnership Even Possible? [eBook]


So, what about your contact center outsourcer? It’s a valid question – one which requires breaking down some of the myths associated with outsourcing your contact center. The post Is a Strategic Contact Center Partnership Even Possible? Contact Center Outsourcing Customer Service Outsourcing eBook Mike Hasler Strategic Partnership contact center agent customer service outsourcing outsourced contact center strategic partnership

5 Most Critical Elements of a Successful Contact Center Launch


Contact center implementation is an art and a science, and over 24 years in business, we’ve learned exactly what it takes to make the smoothest transition possible. Understanding with complete clarity which measures of success are most important to your organization is the most important aspect of the contact center transition. A successful contact center launch isn’t as simple as flipping the switch and 3-2-1 blast off.

The Contact Center of the Future with Real-Time AI

An Al solution with only the highly technical or difficult calls coming to a human agent is what your organization needs. Read this eBook to discover how to implement AI for the best results in your contact center.

How to Ease the Pain of Scaling Your Contact Center


At its most basic level, growing your in-house contact center means you’ll need more space. There’s also the cost of upkeep, both to the facility itself and of your technical infrastructure, where regular upgrades will be necessary to keep your contact center ahead of the curve. Scaling your workforce to meet higher contact volumes puts strain on multiple functional areas – most especially your talent acquisition and training teams. Business is booming? Great!

3 Ways Upstream Works for Amazon Connect Will Improve Your Contact Center

Upstream Works

Bring flexible cloud omnichannel solutions to your contact center to accelerate innovation, transform the customer experience and increase efficiency. Contact centers can further tailor and extend UWA with seamless integrations to contact center and business applications, CRMs and data.

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Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Contact Center Agents?


To learn more about the viability of IVAs and limits of zero-footprint contact centers, please see DMG’s white paper, Will Robots Make Live Agents Obsolete? The post Can Artificial Intelligence Replace Contact Center Agents?

5 Ways to Keep Contact Center Agents Engaged

Upstream Works

Contact center success is heavily dependent on the agents working the frontlines to service customers every single day. Contact center agent happiness and engagement go hand-in-hand with customer happiness and satisfaction.

How To Migrate Your Contact Center To A Cloud-Based Solution in 10 Minutes

A cloud-based contact center is smart, flexible, and scalable. Plus, it means agents can work remotely. It’s simple and involves a few steps that take less than 10 minutes each. Our team can take care of you! Check out the eBook to learn more.

60 Customer Care RFP Questions for the Contact Center of 2020


How many physical centers do you operate? Contact center pricing models vary from vendor to vendor. The post 60 Customer Care RFP Questions for the Contact Center of 2020 appeared first on Blue Ocean. Contact Center RFP Mike Hasler

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Contact Center Services Philippines

Magellan Solutions

American call center agents expect a salary range of $9.00 – $16.82 Call center services in the Philippines are the cheapest among other BPO-driven countries. Cost of call center outsourcing philippines in the midst of Covid. How much does a Philippines call center cost?

4 Essential Resources to Read Before You Craft Your Contact Center RFP


The purpose of a contact center RFP is no different: it’s an essential process to use when choosing an outsourcer. However, the contact center RFP is unique and can’t be modeled on the same old RFP template used for other services your company may procure. Your contact center partner owns a huge part of your customer experience. Thus, crafting your contact center RFP takes thoughtful preparation. Sample Contact Center RFP Timeline.

5 Ways to Automate Contact Centers with AI in 2021

Upstream Works

AI has many valuable uses in the contact center, from providing data and channel options to reducing costs. With AI enabling better forms of self-service, automation can address many contact center challenges with limited cost impact or added strain to the existing pool of agents.

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The Post-Covid CX Powered by AI

Speaker: Brian Morin, CMO, SmartAction & Aarde Cosseboom, Director of GMS Technology and Product, TechStyle Fashion Group

Adapting to a post-Covid world means recession-proofing your contact center with AI that reduces reliance on live agents with virtual agents that are always on, perfectly trained, and at a fraction of the cost. Most companies looking to ditch a "Press 1" experience struggle with where to start and how to infuse natural language into their existing technology stack. Join this webinar with TechStyle Fashion Group who recession-proofed their contact center with personalized and frictionless experiences to customers who prefer self-service. Also joining is SmartAction who manages the AI-powered CX for more than 100 brands.

Overcoming The Most Persistent Contact Center Challenges

Integrity Solutions

The most persistent contact center challenges can be overcome by making coaching a part of the culture and developing your agents’ listening and problem-solving skills. Top Contact Center Challenges. Empowering Your Contact Center Managers to Act.

Is social engineering damaging your contact center?


This rise of at-home agents, coupled with an increase in new contact center agents, has raised concerns over information security. According to research by La Salle University in Pennsylvania , in 2013 the average call center had one fraud call for every 2,900 calls received.

Computer Vision AI: The Secret Ingredient for Contact Centers


Today’s contact centers face a daunting challenge. From small helpdesks operated by specialist manufacturers to vast contact centers run by leading telecoms and consumer electronics providers, end users can now receive faster, more effective service and support from both live human agents and virtual assistants. Computer Vision AI – Reinventing the Contact Center. A modern contact center relies on its knowledge base to streamline its operations.

Remote Working through COVID-19: True Stories of Agile Contact Centers


customer experience contact center customer experience issues agile agent experience devops cx assurance customer success COVID-192020 wasn’t exactly what you would call an easy year for anyone, and in some ways it was especially tough on businesses.

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How the Art of Listening Matters with Conversational AI

Speaker: Brian Morin, CMO & Helena Chen, Director of Product Marketing at SmartAction

Join our most densely packed informational webinar where we discuss the secret sauce behind great speech technology in the contact center –> how NLU augments speech rec for the highest accuracy possible since speech is never 100% right.