Sports Lessons – How to Turn Customers into Fans

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For those of us who are sports fans (cough cough, Go Cubs!) The post Sports Lessons – How to Turn Customers into Fans appeared first on Customer Experience Consulting. it’s sometimes weird to hear about our beloved teams as “products.” This term is thrown around a lot by team owners who fight with cities over stadiums and parking lots. In the last few months, I’ve had the privilege of getting an up-close […].

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How a Major US-Based Sports Association Launched a New Customer Care Program in the Middle of a Pandemic


This national sports association leads the US in governing and promoting one of the nation’s well-loved sports, including its annual pro championships, community involvement and coaching programs, charitable initiatives, and more.

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Customer Experience Transformation to win “Sports Event of the Year”, With Lynn LaRocca – CB52

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In 2015, Sports Business Journal called The Belmont Stakes “The Sporting Event Of The Year.” LaRocca joined NYRA in 2014 from Modell’s Sporting Goods, the largest privately held sporting goods retailer in the U.S., LaRocca, a graduate of Syracuse University, has a long interest in outdoor sports including racing and snow skiing. Throughout all this, there was always a large focus on events, experiences, and sports/sponsorship.

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AI sport, it’s in the game


But AI’s impact on sport is already considerable and will continue to grow as franchises seek game changing advantages which will push them over the top against their opponents. The next development might not have a face to it, but AI could send sport down a path it has never seen before. Wearables in sport. Sport safety. A phrase you might have heard from any sports star, coach or even a pundit paid to find a fault.

7 Ways to Provide Online Sports Betting Customer Service

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Service and convenience is driving the growth of online shops and services and that is why industries such as sports betting has boomed over the last few years. Here are a few tips to keep in mind when running an online sports betting business.

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14 Highlights From the 2016 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

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This week, I made my 5th annual pilgrimage to the MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference, As always, I really enjoyed hearing players, owners, general managers, members of the press, and experts discuss two of my favorite topics: #sports and #analytics. Customer experience Sports analytics MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference MLB NBA NFL NHL

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11 Highlights From the 2015 Sloan Sports Analytics Conference

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This week, I attended the annual MIT Sloan Sports Analytics Conference , Once again, I really enjoyed hearing players, owners, general managers, members of the press, and experts discuss two of my favorite topics: #sports and #analytics. Over time, I believe that this data will dramatically change how sports teams evaluate, train, and pay athletes as they better understand what specific skills at each position add the most value to their teams.

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Off-Topic: NFL Is King of Pro Sports

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If you’re a regular reader of this blog, then you know that I am an avid fan of our New England sports teams: Go Patriots, Red Sox, Celtics, and Bruins! So I periodically take a break from customer experience and write something about sports. consumers about the professional sports they enjoy watching. As you can see below, NFL is BY FAR the most popular sport , especially with older males. Sports football National Football Leagure NFL

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The post JD Sports appeared first on Optimove. customers

Taking it home: Why sports teams must create standout experiences beyond the game


The sports entertainment industry knows how to deliver great experiences. The post Taking it home: Why sports teams must create standout experiences beyond the game appeared first on Thunderhead. Customer Engagement engagement fans sportsBut fan loyalty is harder to earn, so we need to improve fan experiences to take ‘the thrill of the game’ well beyond the venue. Here's how.

Emerging Advertising Trends for Sporting Events


As sports leagues are restarting, there’s a whole new world to sort out not only logistically, but on the business side. Sporting events will not have any fans there to cheer their favorite teams on, at least not any time soon.

The Best of Sports Betting Campaigns to Follow


There is one thing that all online sports bettors have in common; the desire to win. Cause winning in sports betting almost always carries and added emotional aspect. Most sports bettors become one-timers with a brand they started playing on, and will never deposit with it again.

Team Sport: Adobe’s Approach to In-Product Guides


The post Team Sport: Adobe’s Approach to In-Product Guides appeared first on Customer Success and Product Experience Software | Gainsight. Key Learnings and Successes with Gainsight’s PX & Adobe’s Audience Manager. Have you ever heard the saying, “There is no ‘I’ in team?”

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Trends, Business, and the Future of Sports


Sports marketing, sponsorship, fan engagement, player tech, these are all things that have come on heavy in recent years. Previously, sports were simply about the main media networks, the prime times, the most popular sports, and the players. But now… the business of sports has grown infinitely and means so much more. Sports are more exciting than ever with the attention being paid to fan engagement. This spans sports, media, fan transactions, betting and more.

Technology for 21st-Century, Experience-Driven Sports Fan Engagement


The sports experience has become a 21st-Century medley of sights, smells, and experiences. Fan engagement is a wake-to-sleep business and requires better, and smarter, mobile, social, and digital-led environments to keep fans coming back to the stadium and being full-fledged members of the sports/team community. Human asset management in sports is a hot topic right now. Teams spend millions of dollars on sports players and race car drivers.

Head of Fan Experience at Fanatics Shares Why Employee and Customer Experience Go Hand in Hand

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Fanatics is the world’s largest provider of officially licensed sports gear. In this episode, Carolyne speaks about the importance of employee experience at Fanatics and how that translates to a better customer experience for dedicated sports fans. In a company like hers that relies heavily on specific sports events, she had to prepare her employees for handling the work-flow based on predictable seasons and adjust(Thanksgiving, super bowl, NBA playoffs, etc.).

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Why Sports is the Next Digital Innovation Hub

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Yesterday at Advertising Week in New York City, MLB, NBA, and NFL executives shared their thoughts on the evolution of customer engagement in major league sports and why they’re experimenting with new technologies from live video to virtual reality. Kids learn about sports differently today,” commented Dawn Hudson, CMO of the NFL.

Microsoft #Env16: Sports and Digital Transformation of Real Madrid Futbol

Natalie Petouhof

Tweet Sports is the new playing field is the world of business. And fans of the Real Madrid futbol club are some of the most passionate and loyal in all of sport. CIO Cloud Computing Customer Experience Digital Disruption digital transformation Dr. Natalie's Blog Internet of Analytics Internet of Things IOT @drnatalie #Env16 cloud IoT microsoft natalie petouhoff Real Madrid Sports and Digital TransformationReal Madrid is one of the most storied futbol clubs in history.

4 Mission-critical Actions for Sports Leagues and Marketers to Engage Fans


As we continue to seek to understand how the COVID-19 pandemic affects consumers’ day-to-day realities, we conducted qualitative research with sports fans to dive deep into their feelings, actions, and attitudes. Globally, sports have been put on hold. Sports fans are looking for more.

How Sports Results Affect Our Decision Making

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Edmans and his team looked at over 2,600 sporting games, from football to Cricket to other sports matches and their influence on the stock market returns in 39 different countries. The post How Sports Results Affect Our Decision Making appeared first on Beyond Philosophy | Customer Experience Consultancy | CEM Consultants. Most of us think that people make decisions, especially big, consequential decisions, based on a rational assessment of the consequences of that decision.

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3 Leaders Share How We Can Use Our Power As Individuals to Create Meaningful Change

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In my interview with Patti Phillips, the CEO of Women Leaders in Sports , we spoke about the overall importance of women in leadership positions, and the impact it has in the sports industry—where it’s most certainly needed. Align Around Experience CCO Role Be the Spark brian solis leadership Patti Phillips salesforce Simon T Bailey women leader in sportsHave you been keeping up with me on my LinkedIn Live conversations? If not, what are you waiting for?

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CX is a team sport. Is your whole team playing?

Heart of the Customer

The post CX is a team sport. You wouldn’t play soccer without your forwards. You’d never try basketball without guards. So why do so many teams try to win at CX with only a partial team? At HoC we’ve had the amazing opportunity to work with all kinds of companies: non-profits, retailers, insurance companies, you name it. The one consistency is a […]. Is your whole team playing? appeared first on Heart of the Customer. Customer Experience

The Future of College Sports: New Study Reveals How Athletic Directors and Administrators Can Enhance the College Football Experience


The future of sports is facing an experience transformation. Snapshot of breakdown by role: 2% of deputy athletic director or football sport administrators agree or strongly agree in the need for a college football commissioner. 7% of Sport Administrators agree or strongly agree vs 52.7%

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US Open 2018: Can Amazon Ace Live Sports Broadcasting?


US Open 2018: Can Amazon Ace Live Sports Broadcasting? Despite spending $40 million on a five-year deal Amazon failed to ace it’s first exclusive coverage of a live sporting event. As Amazon gets serious about streaming live sports, we look at where Amazon needs to improve if they are going to conquer this new market. by Sam Frampton. on 17 Sep 2018. Amazon. US Open. CX Insights.

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Game, Set, Match: Deliver Fan Obsession In Sports With Fanalytics

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There’s rarely a dull moment in the world of collegiate and professional sports. After wrapping up one of the more exciting March Madness Finals in recent memory, sports fans have not been starved for more great content: since the NCAA tournament wrapped up, American sports fans have turned their […]. (Jeremy Vale contributed to this blog.)

How Will Advertisers Reach Sports Fans with The World Stuck Inside?


With no real end of the Coronavirus, aka Covid-19 in sight, how will companies and brands reach sports fans on their couches, when so much of their regular advertisements are typically tied up in live sports? They eat, sleep, watch, and play these sports.

Interview with Laurie Englert – Customer Experience is a Team Sport

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The post Interview with Laurie Englert – Customer Experience is a Team Sport appeared first on Heart of the Customer. A new digital experience can make or break success for a manufacturer. But what do you do when you discover that many of your customers’ pain points are analog? That’s the situation that Laurie Englert was in. And the way she answered it was by creating an environment where customer experience is everybody’s job. Laurie […].

Dashboards: Driving Your Business Like a Sports Car, Not a School Bus


The post Dashboards: Driving Your Business Like a Sports Car, Not a School Bus appeared first on AskNicely. Having the right dashboard can revolutionize your business in terms of success and your own enjoyment. A dashboard is meant to give you vital information and data at a glance, with users able to access everything from sales and marketing data to finance, inventory reports and website analytics.

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5 Lasting Effects the 2020 Sports Season Cancellations Will Have on Fan Expectations


As nearly every major global sporting event has been canceled or suspended because of the coronavirus, sports fans are having to adapt and find new ways to channel their energy. When the rescheduling of The Masters hit fans hard, Turner Sports found a way to innovate.

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3 Ways IoT Devices Are Revolutionizing Sports

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Check out these 3 ways the Internet of Things is revolutionizing sports. Professional sports teams have long had enormous resources – both technological (player-tracking cameras, radar guns, analysis software) and human (coaches and therapists) to help players improve their game. — Riddell Sports (@RiddellSports) May 29, 2018. The post 3 Ways IoT Devices Are Revolutionizing Sports appeared first on SmarterCX.

What next for Sports Direct?

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As Mike Ashley stood before MPs this week to defend his business, it was clear that he didn’t have a handle on everything that was happening within his own company, and the Sports Direct boss went on to admit as much. Now, I’m no great fan of Sports Direct, but there’s no denying that as a ‘business’ it’s been incredibly successful, growing rapidly by getting the value equation perfect for their customers.

Cybersecurity And Professional Sports: Securing The Internet Of Sports

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Over the past few years, companies in all markets have embraced digital transformation, whether it is financial services finding new mechanisms to engage with customers or manufacturers adding sensors and other data collection components into their operational processes. These digital transformation efforts are about leveraging digital insights to drive better outcomes. Digital transformation has value in the […].

Increasing the Value of New Sports Bettors


The post Increasing the Value of New Sports Bettors appeared first on Optimove. library

They Think It’s All Over, It Is Now; Connecting With Sports Fans In A Post-COVID World


Sports – like most industries – is changing. UK fans aren’t as connected with sports, especially football, as they were four months ago. The break in the season and the on-going impact of social distancing measures appears to be having a negative influence on our sporting consumption.

Betting on Sports 2019


The post Betting on Sports 2019 appeared first on Optimove. events