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Staying Ahead of the Game: Behind Foot Locker’s Innovative CX Program to Fit the Modern Athlete

InMoment XI

Foot Locker is constantly striving to deliver the most memorable, innovative experiences to their “modern athlete” customers, and they have some incredible exciting initiatives planned for the next year! 4 Tips to Drive Innovative Customer Experience. Innovation Tip #1: Understand Your Audience. Let’s dive in!

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AI & CS: Innovate or stagnate


CS professionals have a choice: Embrace AI and harness its potential to drive innovation and growth, or remain hesitant and risk falling behind in a rapidly evolving landscape. The post AI & CS: Innovate or stagnate appeared first on Best Customer Success Blog: Articles for Enterprise Growth.


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Adopting CX Innovation: How to Overcome the Challenge


In today’s fast-evolving service landscape, companies are continuously innovating to improve customer experience (CX). However, the true potential of investing in CX innovation often remains untapped due to barriers that hinder adoption. The last thing these customers want is a bigger headache when trying to solve their problem.

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4 Innovations Enabling Truck Roll Optimization


But new innovations in technology have shown that the time is right to explore alternate options to the ubiquitous truck roll. . Four Truck Roll Optimization Innovations. Here are four truck roll optimization innovations to consider to improve customer experience, save a massive amount of money, and keep employees and customers safe.

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Customer Experience Myths Guidebook

A CX myth is something widely believed or implemented that is based on “how we’ve always done it” thinking, rather than delivering truly innovative customer experiences. What CX myths are holding organizations back from top-level customer experience performance? What can companies do to find solid ground and move forward successfully?

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[Experience Action Podcast] How Do You Balance Innovation and Simplicity?

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

Unlock the secrets to a customer experience that’s both innovative and effortless. Join the conversation as we tackle the challenge of balancing simplicity with cutting-edge innovation. We’re not just talking about customer experience—we’re transforming ideas into impactful action.

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Unlocking Customer Service Excellence Through Innovative Technology

CSM Magazine

However, conservative thinking can sometimes stifle innovation. That was leading to either a complete lack of ability to innovate or very costly and lengthy upgrade projects.” Forward-thinking organisations must develop a strategy to leverage these innovations to their full potential. Re-imagine your customer journeys.

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The Open CCaaS Advantage Report

Among the insights revealed are: 54% of CX executives’ CCaaS platforms don’t have effective self-service bots Only 41% are satisfied with their current AI and automation 53% can’t take advantage of AI innovations such as ChatGPT Get your copy of The Open CCaaS Advantage.

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How to Address the Needs of the Next Generation of e-Commerce Customers

Speaker: Jenn VandeZande, Head of Digital Engagement Strategy at SAP Customer Experience | Beth Scott, VP, Business Operations - Supply Chain | Nikki Grigsby, PHR, Chief Operations Officer at Syndigo | Levana Wang, Content Creator, Gen Z Expert

Furthermore, there's the growth of social commerce, evolution of omnichannel commerce, in-store transformation, and online/offline hybridization, all of which are becoming e-Commerce trends that will inevitably shape the 2022 innovation landscape.

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Power Hour with the Community Team at Mural

Speaker: Beth Vanderkolk, Lindsay Olson, & Amanda Peterson, The MURAL Community Team

As a first time community, the MURAL team has been strategic, creative, and innovative. MURAL came to Vanilla just 4 months ago and together, we worked with them to build their thriving community from scratch.

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Customer Experience Management: Optimizing Your Strategy for Financial Success

Speaker: Diane Magers, Founder and Chief Experience Officer at Experience Catalysts

You'll walk away knowing how to: DEFINE the most effective CX measures and metrics for your organization MASTER the art and science of quantifying the value of customer experience NAVIGATE common pitfalls in quantifying CX value and gain tips for mitigation ESTABLISH a structured approach to embedding CX benefits into internal processes and governance (..)

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The New Tech Experience: Innovation, Optimization, and Collaboration

Speaker: Paul Weald, Contact Center Innovator

Join us for this exclusive webinar with expert innovator Paul Weald to learn more about: How artificial intelligence technology can complement employee performance and optimize business performance with intelligent insights and analytics. Embrace automation, collaborate with new technology, and watch how you thrive!

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Driving Business Value: What Can CXM Do For You?

In this eBook, we dive deep into understanding how CXM creates value for customers, employees, and businesses by improving the customer experience, accelerating innovation, mitigating the risk of decisions, and increasing revenue.

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How to Stay Competitive in the Evolving State of Martech

Marketing technology is essential for B2B marketers to stay competitive in a rapidly changing digital landscape — and with 53% of marketers experiencing legacy technology issues and limitations, they’re researching innovations to expand and refine their technology stacks.

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Developing Valuable Community-Based Advocacy Programs

Speaker: Bill Johnston, Community Innovation Officer at Structure3C

Bill Johnston, Community Innovation Officer at Structure3C, is here to explain the key elements of a successful program, to see examples of best practices, avoid common pitfalls, and get specific guidance on developing and measuring your own community-based advocacy program.