Culture is Contagious


We were discussing how important it is to “bake” customer service into the culture. In addition, leadership and management must defend the culture. It’s not just in the culture, it’s a philosophy to be embraced by everyone in the organization. Yes, their culture is contagious!

Six Ways to Actively Build a Customer-Centric Culture

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

You know the brands that do customer culture well. In a word, it all comes back to the culture. The Disney Way” or “Zappos Culture” is shorthand for that relentless view to prioritize customers, their wellbeing, and their goals. A culture starts at the top. Brand Culture

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Creating a Customer-Centric Culture That Aligns Employees With Customers

Integrity Solutions

Building a customer-centric culture is more challenging than you might initially think. But every organization has the ability to build a strong customer-centric culture- and it doesn’t have to be complex. What Gets in the Way of a Customer-Centric Culture.

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Keeping a Customer-Centric Culture During Social Distancing

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

There is a myth that customer-centric cultures happen by intuition and a little magic. ” Building a truly customer-centric culture is a strategy that requires business discipline and real practices. Empathy is always a critical part of a customer-centric culture.

The Employee Factor - Perfecting Your CX From Within

Speaker: Dennis Snow, President, Snow & Associates

Too often, organizations and their CX experts only look at the company's relationship with the customer to look for improvement. While it's essential to creating the perfect customer journey, it's only one aspect. It's time to look within: your employees' relationships with each other, and with the company. This webinar will provide you with strategic tools that can be used to raise the bar of service throughout your organization.

The Ultimate Guide to Creating a Customer-Centric Culture


Culture is defined by actions. Creating the right culture within your enterprise is, therefore, a matter of giving employees the right customer success tools and establishing best practices for using them. Why a Customer-Centric Culture Matters.

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Contamination Alert! How to Purify a Toxic Workplace Culture

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

Organizational culture can reveal itself to customers in the same awkward and uncomfortable way. If your culture is toxic, that toxicity permeates through to every interaction a customer may have. If your culture is toxic, that toxicity permeates through to every interaction a customer may have. If your culture is toxic, that toxicity permeates through to every interaction a customer may have. Do you think your culture might be toxic? How toxic is your culture?

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How Exemplis Commits to Company Culture and CX Improvement

Customer Bliss

In this episode, Aurelia tells us about the impressive company culture at Exemplis, and how she’s been supported in her role to lead the company’s CX into the future. Commit to Developing Your Company’s Culture. When Aurelia interviewed for her position, she was told that the first step of the process was to ensure she would be a cultural fit. “The caliber of the team here is remarkable, and I’ve never seen anything like it.

4 C’s of CX Culture: How Well is Your Company Doing?

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

What is a Customer-First Culture, and Why is It Important? It’s nearly impossible to deliver great customer experience without creating a customer-first culture. The best brands in the world boast cultures that empower employees to deliver for customers.

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Closed-Loop Culture or Closed-Loop Process?

Horizon CX

THE VALUE OF A CLOSED-LOOP CULTURE. Do you want to learn more about Closed-Loop Systems and how to build a Closed-Loop Culture? The post Closed-Loop Culture or Closed-Loop Process?

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Everyone Is Accountable and Responsible for a Great Customer Experience!

Speaker: Bryan Horn, Founder, CS Solutions

If you've ever called a bank, cable company, or organization that thinks it's "too big to fail", you've probably run the customer service gauntlet: you start off with a seemingly simple request, and you call the customer service line. Once the general service rep hands you off, you're transferred to every department known to man. Further and further down the rabbit hole you fall, and each time you're transferred, the waiting room music plays longer and longer, and the person at the end of the line knows less and less about you and your problems. After the call, you've probably popped a blood vessel. Join Bryan Horn, author of The Customer Service Revolution and founder of CS Solutions, and learn how to master the warm handoff. Bryan will teach how to develop a culture of accountability so that all members of the organization are equipped to handle customer concerns and offer quick resolutions.

One easy way to find out if you have a strong customer service culture

The DiJulius Group

Do you feel your company has an obsessive customer service culture? The post One easy way to find out if you have a strong customer service culture appeared first on The DiJulius Group. Above & Beyond Culture

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Creating a collaborative contact center culture


Modern customer-centric operations are increasingly defined by a collaborative contact center culture, with agents working together to respond to customer requests more efficiently by drawing on shared knowledge and experience. In addition, a culture of collaboration builds stronger morale for agents who see themselves as part of a bigger picture, working together to achieve company goals, rather than racing to meet their own quotas.

Culture Is the Cart, Change Is the Horse

Heart of the Customer

There’s no doubt about it – culture change is sexy. But starting with culture is putting the cart before the horse. The post Culture Is the Cart, Change Is the Horse appeared first on Heart of the Customer. So sexy, that it’s where most customer experience programs focus.

The Most Opportune Time Ever For Changing Organizational Culture

Integrity Solutions

There’s never been a better time to step up to more transformative culture change — to increase transparency and shift the culture with a greater focus on customers, employees and the community. For Most Organizations, Culture Has Already Changed.

The History of the Word "Hacker"

According to one of the best English etymological dictionaries available, the word "hacker", with the sense of evil/good and brilliant computer programmer, was born in the halls of MIT. This fact alone reminds us that culture and words begin in actual places. At that time, to hack code, or hack out code, had a negative connotation. Where did this come from? Read this eBook to learn how the word "hacker" has evolved.

The Five Rules for Affecting Real Culture Change

Beyond Philosophy

You can have a great philosophy, deliberate strategy, and cunning tactics to inspire customer-driven growth, but if you don’t change your culture, they won’t work. Culture change is not easy. It was clear that changing the culture at this utility was going to be challenging.

Call Center Culture of Excellence – How to Build it


But thanks to a new wave of fresh approaches, that reality could be ripe for change as enterprises set about building a call center culture of excellence. Improving Contact Center Culture. A call center culture of excellence based on more personalized, collaborative, enjoyable and successful resolutions creates emotional bonds with customers that enhance brand loyalty from day one of the journey. Many of us have worked in contact centers.

Don’t Talk about Great CX Culture if You Don’t Know MED


The post Don’t Talk about Great CX Culture if You Don’t Know MED appeared first on Eglobalis. Don’t Talk about Great Customer Experience if You Don’t Know MED , customer experience , employee experience loyalty , human experience.

Guest Post: How to Make a Company Culture Video That Wins Your Customers’ Hearts


He writes about how creating a company culture video helps your business to build stronger relationships with your customers. Many companies stay away from culture videos because they don’t feel they have something worth showing.

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How to Determine Cultural Alignment in Your Outsourced Contact Center


We talk a lot about the need to align your corporate culture with your outsourcer’s, but we know it’s a lot easier to say than it is to do – after all, it’s not a particularly quantifiable element. Spoiler: It’s not a slide in the lobby or a barista in the lunchroom that defines culture.

Customer Focused Business Culture


Customer Focused Business Culture Tips. The post Customer Focused Business Culture appeared first on StoryMiners. Creating a standout customer experience is an all-hands approach.

The 7 habits of Companies with successful customer-centric cultures


Yes, the experience you provide your customers is only as good as the culture you build within the company. So, are you investing enough time and effort to create a culture that values both employees and customers? Econsultancy conducted a survey to find out the most important characteristic needed to establish a truly ‘digital-native’ culture. So, aren’t you curious to find out where to start in order to create a successful customer-centric culture?

Leadership Sets the Tone of the Culture


The post Leadership Sets the Tone of the Culture appeared first on Shep Hyken. App Customer Service Training inconsistency internal culture leadershipOne of our Shepard Letter subscribers, who asked to remain anonymous, recently shared a story worth telling. To protect him from the backlash he’s concerned about, we’ll change his name to “protect the innocent,” as the saying goes, just in case someone from his company reads this. So, we’ll just refer to him as Bob.

What is People-First Culture?

Michel Falcon Experience

In this video, I describe my People-First Culture. I hope you enjoy and subscribe to my blog to stay up-to-date on company culture, employee engagement, and customer experience strategies! The post What is People-First Culture? Uncategorized advisor best selling author Company culture customer experience customer experience keynote speaker keynote speaker people-first culture pfc Profitable company

Designing Country Culture into Your Global Experience

Beyond Philosophy

Later I learned that in Asia, standing up and answering a question in front of 100 people during a presentation was, from a cultural perspective, was considered rude. It occurred to me that perhaps some of you have had something similar to your Customer Experiences in a different culture.

The importance of customer culture – an interview with Chris Brown


As CEO and co-founder of MarketCulture Strategies , he, like everyone he associates with, is on a mission to get companies to understand the importance of customer culture: Ian. Ultimately, the marketing strategy will only be effective if the culture of the organisation is aligned to creating customer value. Although it was effective to a degree, Linden’s experiences proved to be the genesis of an idea to create a way of actually measuring customer culture.

Creating a Customer-Centric Culture: Share Data with Purpose


If you intend to create a customer-centric culture, you can no longer afford to have siloed customer data. By empowering your team members with data, you can create a customer-centric culture that attracts, retains, and delights more customers. The post Creating a Customer-Centric Culture: Share Data with Purpose appeared first on CloudCherry. Photo by Austin Distel . Photo by Oleg Laptev .

CX Club – Round 9 – Company Culture

Ian Williams

In this next video in the CX Club series, Adrian Snook from Learning Accelerators and Ian Williams from Jericho look at company culture in terms of the way it relates to customer experience. Is there such a thing as a single company culture?

Corporate Culture and the Customer Experience: A Delicate Balance


Though the idea of culture has been around for centuries, it is only in recent decades that corporations have begun to speak of the notion of corporate culture. Probably the best way to define corporate culture is as the deepest thoughts and beliefs a company holds about itself. This includes what it considers to be. View Article

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Turning a Customer Service Culture

Customers That Stick

We wish that changing a customer service culture could be like turning a Jet Ski®. We all wish that changing a customer service culture happened that way. Changing a a customer service culture, particularly in a large organization, is more akin to turning around a container ship. Cultural change is like this. The sheer size of the change planned also shows how hard it is to turn a customer service culture. How hard is cultural change?

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Why Good Customer Experience Starts With Your Internal Culture

Customer Bliss

Good Customer Experience Starts With Your Internal Culture. This required an internal culture change. . This requires an internal culture change. How does the diversity of your team affect their output and synergy? In today’s episode, I chat with Leslie McNamara , who is the Chief Marketing Officer and Managing Director in workforce development at Citi Retail Services. In her role, Leslie merges workforce development with marketing, working directly with retailers.

Free Webinar: Kickstarting Your Customer-Centric Culture

CSM Magazine

Reuters Events are excited to announce their next free customer service & experience webinar: ‘Kickstarting Your Customer-Centric Culture.’. But how do you kickstart a culture of customer-centricity?

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5 Rules for Affecting Real Culture Change

Beyond Philosophy

” While these elements are fundamental to your success, affecting a real culture change at your organization is vital to achieving the customer-driven growth you hope to inspire. This episode of The Intuitive Customer shares our five rules for affecting real culture change.

Guest Post: 4 Inputs of a Customer-Centric Culture Transformation


She shares tips on how to create an effective customer-centric company culture. As I’ve been writing and talking about customer-centricity, I continue to land on four inputs that feed into and inform a customer-centric culture. A customer-centric culture is informed by customers.

Why You Must Create and Sustain a Customer-Centric Culture

Beyond Philosophy

Creating and sustaining a customer-centric culture was the subject of a recent podcast. Customers never came first because we did not have a customer-centric culture at British Telecom. Our culture was very much focused on British Telecom. Hear the rest of the conversation on “ Creating and Sustaining a Customer-centric Culture” on The Intuitive Customer Podcast. It means addressing the culture of your organization and how it measures success.

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