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How to Handle Lost Luggage: A Lesson From the Airlines


I’m not sure if there is a term for this phobia, but I have the fear of airlines losing my luggage. My memory of the few times my luggage was lost by the airlines includes waiting until I’m the last guy standing at the baggage carousel. Even the airline might not know where it is. None of us in that office are happy to be there.

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Unbelievable: Latest Airline Fiasco!

Beyond Philosophy

RyanAir, Europe’s largest airline, in my view are the epitome of a poor Customer Experience. Over the last few days, they have proven this yet again as the airline has begun cancelling hundreds of flights. The reason for the cancellations, according to the airline, is a shift in the vacation policy for pilots. PR Nightmare!

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In the Competitive Airline Industry, Best Practices in CX can be Transformational

Customer Bliss

Let’s face it: the airline industry is tough. Do you remember how many airlines there were when you were a kid?) To stay ahead of the competition, airlines keep close tabs on customer experience to address flyers’ concerns, preferences, and needs through reports like the recently released J.D.

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Avoiding Customer Disruptions: Lessons Learned From Southwest Airlines’ Cancellations

Doing CX Right

The mass cancellations at Southwest Airlines provide valuable business lessons. The post Avoiding Customer Disruptions: Lessons Learned From Southwest Airlines’ Cancellations appeared first on Doing CX Right. Learn and apply best practices that are in your control to mitigate disruptions impacting customer loyalty and trust.

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Southwest Airlines gets a CX kudos during Hurricane Harvey

Customer Bliss

About 500 Southwest Airlines customers were stranded at Houston’s Hobby Airport last Sunday morning once the Hurricane Harvey flooding began and the FAA shut down Hobby. What did Southwest do? Something great from a CX perspective.

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8 Airline Chatbot Use Cases You’ll Want to Implement


8 airline chatbot use cases to achieve top-notch support. Airline chatbot examples. Create your own airline chatbot. These situations call for superior airline customer service. Achieving top-notch airline support with chatbots. Airline chatbot examples. Let’s face it. Automate flight search & bookings.

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Vice President of Southwest Airlines Inflight Operations, with Sonya LaCore – CB45

Customer Bliss

Southwest Airlines has an industry-standard approach to promoting people from within. Sonya Lacore has proudly served Southwest Airlines for 15 years, Sonya began her career as a flight attendant. Sonya has a wealth of knowledge, experience and understanding of the needs in the airline industry. Episode Overview. About Sonya.

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