What Is Customer Success?


An enterprise cannot survive without satisfied customers to support it. This has always been true, but never has it been more true than in the era of customer-centricity that we now live in. The question is, what is customer success? What Is Customer Success?

Why Customer Success is not Customer Experience


Who owns the customer experience in your organization? When it comes to putting customer experience management into action, it’s critical to know who owns the moving pieces. Who’s accountable for ensuring that every single customer encounters a well-designed and well-executed experience – regardless of where they are in their journey? In today’s B2B world, customer experience management (CEM) often falls to the customer success team.

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Customer Success vs. Customer Support: What Are the Differences?


Customer success vs. customer support: although these two terms appear similar, they actually refer to two different, yet complementary, functions within a company. Customer Success vs. Customer Support: How They Differ and How They Intersect.

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Scaling with Digital Customer Success

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One of the biggest challenges facing Customer Success leaders is how to effectively scale. This is nearly impossible without incorporating Digital Customer Success into your overall CS strategy. By thoughtfully layering digital on top of the one-to-one interactions that CSMs are already having with customers, you can reduce your cost to serve and remove tedious tasks from your CSMs’ plates, enabling them to engage in more meaningful customer conversations.

The Employee Factor - Perfecting Your CX From Within

Speaker: Dennis Snow, President, Snow & Associates

Too often, organizations and their CX experts only look at the company's relationship with the customer to look for improvement. While it's essential to creating the perfect customer journey, it's only one aspect. It's time to look within: your employees' relationships with each other, and with the company. This webinar will provide you with strategic tools that can be used to raise the bar of service throughout your organization.

How to Achieve Company-Wide Customer Success with Guy Nirpaz

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Customer success is more than just a buzzword, and Guy Nirpaz , the CEO and founder of Totango , and author of Farm Don’t Hunt: The Definitive Guide to Customer Success , talks to us about how to realistically integrate customer success into customer experience. In today’s episode, Guy talks about the importance of delivering value to the customer and across the entire customer lifecycle.

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Getting Started with a Customer Success Program at Lucid


As part of the roll-out of their new customer success program, Lucid wanted to focus on how to manage and engage their key stakeholders. However, an important aspect of any new customer success program is managing your internal stakeholders. .

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Customer Success Financial Metrics That Matter

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Guessing has no place in a changing customer success industry. Now more than ever, customer success leaders must use relevant and actionable customer success metrics to make guided decisions and strategies to deliver success. Out of the myriads of customer data that can be measured, in this blog, I will emphasize the most important customer success metrics you need to focus on based on best practices. Customer Health Metrics.

Customer Success: Roles Within a B2B Enterprise


When customers succeed using your product, your enterprise succeeds. To accomplish that, you need a well-structured customer success team with clearly defined roles within the company. The customer success (CS) team is in charge of engaging current customers and ensuring they have a positive experience. When properly structured, the CS team can grow revenue and, prevent churn while deepening customer loyalty.

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The Customer Success Maturity Model

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Building a Customer Success Organization is no easy task. Because CS does not operate in a silo, you’ll need the support of cross-functional leaders to ensure systematic success. And last, if you think customer adoption is tough, try changing the way your company operates without a strong change management process in place to ensure that all internal stakeholders are adopting the new and improved operating model. Let’s use Customer Experience as an example.

Why Customer Success is Important in the Modern Age


The old sales idea of courting and closing a customer in a single effort and considering their value “bagged” from a one-off transaction is as antiquated as dial-up modems. After all, the digitization of business has empowered customers to seek long-term gains from short-term investments. Customers in the B2B and SaaS markets are inclined toward subscription options where they pay on a monthly or annual basis for a service they can discontinue at any time. Times are changing.

Customer Success Metrics that Increase Executive Support


Jason Whitehead talks about what metrics and measures your customer success program needs to survive. Customer Success Customer Advocacy Customer Engagement Customer Experience Customers Onboarding saas

7 Customer Success Team Goals for Your Enterprise in 2019-2020


Realizing lifetime value from your customers is about generating lifetime value for your customers. That’s the central tenant of the customer success approach to business. It represents a shift away from thinking of customers as point-of-sale pursuits and toward regarding them as ongoing relationships that require continuous nurturing. . So, what customer success team goals can help your enterprise generate real results?

Advocacy: Definition for Customer Success

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t not only make it, but does it in a way that makes their customers super successful in the process. ng new customers thr?ugh In this blog, I’m going to share best practices and proven tactics to help your company increase new business deals, accelerate your sales cycle and increase net retention rate using best of breed advocacy playbooks for Customer Success teams. In the customer success word we use the term “advocate” to define a customer who t?lk?

How Should You Define Customer Success?


In customer success, your customers define their own victories. No one-size-fits-all finish line exists that clients must strive to cross, and there is no Harvard Business School concept of accomplishment you can award your customer before resting on well-earned laurels.

Understanding the Customer Success Team Structure


The success of an enterprise depends more than ever on the Customer Success (CS) team. A CS team’s primary purpose is to build, maintain, and optimize lasting customer relationships by helping them fulfill and even exceed their own business goals. The stronger that connection is, the more likely your customers will be to not only remain customers, but also recommend your company to others. Your customer’s success is your success.

Foundation for customer success


The post Foundation for customer success appeared first on PK. Articles Customer experience Strategy and Design Technology and Software Customer Engagement Customer Success customer success model SaaS TechYears ago, I sat in a conference room on the campus of a global technology company. The distance from one end of the room to the other was so great […].

The Value of Customer Success

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On the thirteenth episode of the 1 to 10 podcast, we sat down with Irit Eizips , CEO and Customer Success Evangelist at CSM Practice. What would it be like if you were the customer in your business? But when was the last time you took a look at not just your customer service, but the customer experience. The time that a customer or client spends with you – or customer journey – is a dynamic experience. Four Goals of Customer Success.

Low-Touch Vs. High-Touch Customer Success Models


The same theory applies to good customer success. That knowledge gives you the power to settle the low-touch vs. high-touch debate in favor of whichever method better leverages your resources toward generating growth for your customer and yourself.

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Revenue Optimization and Customer Success

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One of the biggest business lessons of the last decade has been that keeping your current customers is just as important as acquiring new customers. But there’s more to the success of your business than just retaining customers. You also have to think long-term, ensuring the success of those customers so they’ll stick around for the next subscription cycle and the one after that. And the key to optimizing revenue is Customer Success.

Top 5 Reasons Tech-Touch Customer Success Solutions Are a Win-Win


That is the idea behind tech-touch customer success solutions: thoughtful, relevant, value-driven communication delivered only when it has a positive impact on the customer. The key ingredient in tech-touch customer success is purpose.

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Top 5 Dos and Don’ts of Digital Customer Success

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Implementing Digital Customer Success strategies is a new frontier for many CS organizations. Without automation, scaling Customer Success becomes extremely difficult, if not impossible. Do consider any other communication your customers may be receiving.

The Most Important Customer Success Metrics to Track and How to Improve Them


Customer success metrics should always lead to action. The most important metrics are used to reveal the kind of customer experience you are delivering. To achieve that goal, you must continually and reliably deliver value to your customer. Voice of Customer.

Pandemic Impact on SaaS Customer Success (Survey Results)

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CSM Practice is now in its third week observing possible changes with the COVID-19’s effects on customer success management through our weekly survey. Our goal is to take the temperature of how Customer Success teams are impacted by the Coronavirus crisis. We have gathered insights from our colleagues in the SaaS Customer Success community, which we believe will help us plan more effectively and make better decisions. READ our Customer Success BLOG.

The Value of Customer Success

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On the thirteenth episode of the 1 to 10 podcast, we sat down with Irit Eizips, CEO and Customer Success Evangelist at CSM Practice. What would it be like if you were the customer in your business? But when was the last time you took a look at not just your customer service, but the customer experience. The time that a customer or client spends with you – or customer journey – is a dynamic experience. Four Goals of Customer Success.

Customer Success Executives Roundtable: Customer Lifecycle Journey

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CSM Practice conducts Customer Success Executives Roundtable every third Tuesday of the month where you can connect and exchange strategies and tactical advice with your peers. At VitalSource, they mainly use the customer journey map as an internal document.

How to Build Your Customer Success Forecasting System with Eleanor O’Neil

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I’m a big believer in that,” said Eleanor O’Neil, regarding her decision to create a customer success forecasting system. Eleanor is the Chief Customer Experience Officer at Workshare , a B2B company that manages document productivity and security software for legal firms. With this experience and insight, she knew she’d be able to scale the business and focus on how Workshare’s services can truly benefit the customer.

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How to Create a Customer Success Adoption Plan


This experience of value is critical to the health of your customer relationship, so you need a customer success adoption plan. Breaking down the customer journey into modular stages sta helps to operationalize customer success strategies. At each stage, you can apply goal-based, outcomes-driven engagements that keep your customers on the path to value and growth. The customer journey can be divided into four main stages.

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Implementing Customer Success in non-SaaS Businesses

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You’ve likely heard that Customer Success was born out of the subscription economy, and new market needs of subscription customers. I challenge you to think of an industry in which helping customers succeed isn’t beneficial. Non-SaaS businesses are hopping on board the Customer Success train to meet market demand and consumer expectations. But it won’t only benefit your customers, it will benefit your business too!

6 Best Practices to Ensure Customer Success During COVID-19

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To those of us in customer success, it is even more clear that the pandemic has caused an unprecedented shift that is already affecting our customers, their journeys, their expected business outcomes , and our ability to fulfill them. Customer success managers now need to find creative ways to engage customers while thinking deeply about what their new needs might be. 1. Be Customer-Centric. 1. Communicate with Your Customers.

Customer Success Performance Indicator

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This summer, I received a call from one of my favorite customer success community leaders, Dave Blake who is the CEO for Client Success. Dave asked me if I might be interested in taking part as a judge for The Customer Success Innovator of the Year Award that takes place each year during CS100 Summit. As a judge, assessing the finalists included meeting with 5 forward-thinking brainiacs, who all shared fascinating new approaches to doing customer success better.

Customer Success Performance Indicators

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. This summer, I received a call from one of my favorite customer success community leaders, Dave Lake who is the CEO for ClientSuccess. For those of you who never attended, CS100 Summit is one of the most coveted customer success executive exclusive events (mainly because the ClientSuccess team makes everyone feel more like they are at an awesome retreat than at a boring conference). The Customer Success Performance Index™. Conquer Your Success.

5 Ways Customer Success Automation Can Maximize Your CS Team’s Time


The challenge of the digital marketplace is to make every customer feel like they are your only customer. Thankfully, the same advances that helped build that digital market also make it possible to provide every customer with personalized service.

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What Can Customer Success Learn From Marketing?

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If you’re trying to build out a Customer Success strategy in your business, you don’t have to start from scratch. There are a ton of resources you can take advantage of in order to set up a Customer Success department, but one of the most useful resources is right there in your own building: your marketing department. Aside from you, no one else knows your customers like your marketing team does. CS can learn from marketing how to talk to those customers.

Customer Success vs. Customer Support


In today’s B2B technology world, it seems common that the phrases “customer success” and “customer support or service” are often intertwined. After all, they’re both about serving the customer and ensuring they’re finding success with your product or service, right? But by using these phrases interchangeably, it can cause confusion both to your customer, as well as to your internal team as to what the job responsibilities include.

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