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Bill Quiseng

We don’t offer customer service training. And the job of employees is to serve to satisfy the customer. In the end, training instructs students on how to TAKE CARE of the customer. Instead, enroll in Customer CARE University.

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The State of B2C Complex Customer Care

Blue Ocean

When it comes to complex B2C customer care, the customer is anything but a faceless number in a sea of consumers. B2C brands had their worlds turned upside down by the pandemic, but what does complex customer care look like now things are leveling out?

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Customer Care Outsourcing Amidst Uncertainty: A Pandemic Resource [eBook]


For companies who outsource (or are thinking about outsourcing) their customer care, there is simultaneously a large degree of uncertainty and urgency. Change at an already tumultuous time is risky, but the need to serve your customers well is critical.

What is the difference between customer care and customer service?


An overview of customer care the role it plays in the overall customer experience. Articles

Drive Employee and Customer Satisfaction with SLAs

Speaker: John Goodman, Vice Chairman, CCMC, Customer Care Measurement & Consulting

Let's start making tech serve us rather than be a substitute for us. Let's empower our employees and give them the tools and strategies that will make even the angriest customer a loyal customer. Join John Goodman, Vice Chairman of Customer Care Measurement and Consulting and author of Customer Experience 3.0, and master customer rage for an insightful webinar on Wednesday, September 23, 2020.

It’s time for a Customer Service Culture Transformation to Customer CARE

Bill Quiseng

Is customer service the frontline? Are we called to duty on the frontline battling customers? They care. So shouldn’t customer service be customer care? We are the Customer CARE team. We ENRICH the lives of every customer.

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This is our time for a Customer CARE revolution!

Bill Quiseng

These “Profits over People” traditionalists care about revenue dollars, market share, the stock price, bottom-line profits, even their competitors, more than their people. These traditionalists cared more about profits and didn’t care much about employees or customers.

2022 88

Social Customer Care: What Every Marketer Needs to Know

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

We get asked a lot about how to help customers in the 24/7 always-connected world we live in. Customers turn to social media to get questions answered quickly, report issues about products, praise great service and much more. It’s easy to “set up” a social media presence for customers and then just sort of forget to maintain it. Social customer care is going to be with us forever. Why not get better at how you’re serving customers there?

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Unraveling the Tangled Vines of Omnichannel Customer Care


Competitive pressures, customer expectations, and emerging technologies are some of the key factors pushing leaders to elevate and evolve their customer service approach. We often talk about omnichannel as the ultimate goal for any and every customer service solution.

Are You Using 1999 Metrics to Measure 2019 Customer Care?


Those metrics were born in an era when customer service was a race, where whoever got to the finish line first (i.e. off the phone) – upsetting the least number of hurdles, extra points for a graceful gait – was the champion, the most successful, the most likely to win “customer service agent of the year.”. How do we use that data to improve the customer experience? Changing this approach and perspective is the first step in becoming a brand that your customers love.

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Why you should care about customer care


Proper customer care will produce referrals, increase traffic and cause money to flow. The post Why you should care about customer care appeared first on CustomerCount. It minimizes complaints and creates efficiencies.

Behind the Scenes of Government Social Media Customer Care

Russel Lolacher

In BC, I’m the public service director responsible for the government social media customer care for our ministry, but my dad still doesn’t understand what I do. Our strategy is about putting the customer first.

Social Customer Care Cannot Be Ignored


So, what does a social media marketing conference have to do with customer service? It’s been said that customer service is the new marketing. If that is true – and it is – then social media customer service is the updated version of that. And, if you’ve been following my work, you’ve heard me talk or write about how social media is a viable way to deliver amazing customer service. Customer service done right is one of your best marketing strategies.

The Customer Care, Success, and Experience Continuum

Andrew Mcfarland

When asked to explain the difference between customer care, success, and experience I explain my perspective in terms of a continuum. Customer care (or service) relates to a company’s ability to respond appropriately to customer inquiries. When a customer raises. Customer Experience What Is Customer Service? Continuum Customer Care Customer Success

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Why customer care centers are your competitive advantage in 2021

Hello Customer

Organizations have multiple touchpoints which define their level of customer centricity. Since it plays a critical role in defining the level of customer centricity within the organization it can’t be overlooked. Customer Experts.

3 Reasons to Take Millennials Customer Care Seriously

Russel Lolacher

Jokes about call centres, humour about customer interactions… and one making a joke about how millennials would be easier to serve if they would just stop starring at their screens. 1) If They aren’t Your Customers Now, They will Be. Millennials aren’t your enemy.

The 3 Hottest Trends Impacting Outsourced Customer Care


The only constant in the customer care world is change, and if you don’t keep up, you’ll be left behind. That’s why we’ve compiled these must-read articles to keep you updated and give you some food for thought as you think about the future of your outsourced customer care. This is especially the case in the contact center, where your outsourcer handles critical interactions with your customer base. The Role of Chatbots in Customer Care. “

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Validating Your Outsourced Customer Care Partnership: Is Your Incumbent “Still the One”?


For clients with complex care scenarios – whether that is enterprise customer success management or providing critical support direct to consumers – change is never taken lightly. Total Value Returned Rate is a key metric that also has to be tied to customer retention.

2020 156

From RFP to Go-Live: A Roadmap for Implementing Your Outsourced Customer Care Program


But you’re ready to implement and transition into your new outsourced customer care program so you’ve got to buckle up and buckle down. Here are the milestones you can expect along the way of implementing your outsourced customer care program.

Are Your Customer Care Metrics Customer-Centric?


Are Your Customer Care Metrics Customer-Centric? Customer care metrics are a barometer of performance across a variety of customer interactions such as chat, text messages, email, social media and communities. CRM put another dimension on customer care metrics with profit-center orientation , intended to up-sell and cross-sell, increasing share of customers’ budget. Customer wait time during chat.

txt.me Omnichannel Live Chat Customer Care App

CSM Magazine

Customers don’t call you to say goodbye when they’re fed up with your service – you could be losing them every day without knowing it, thanks to a poor customer care system. Benefits of the app include: Customer retention. Customer reviews.

Up Where Expectations Soar: Customer Care in the Age of Entitlement


The trend of personalized customer experience has since transformed almost every industry as we know it. From the retail experience to social media connections to issue resolution via the contact center, customers want their individual needs known and reflected in the interactions, services, and products they pay for. The dark side is that for many customers, the expectation of personalization can be a direct path to a sense of entitlement.

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60 Customer Care RFP Questions for the Contact Center of 2020


You may have pushed pause on your decision to find a new customer care outsourcer, but now’s the time to dive back in. Our updated list of customer care RFP questions keeps these facts top of mind. Reporting Customization and Client Access.

2020 156

Customer Care Versus Gossip – Tip #8

Steve DiGioia

The other day I heard some people complaining about poor customer service. One person complained that the store’s workers spent too much time talking to each other and seemed to not care that she was waiting in line. Talk about “customer care”, huh?

Chatbots in Banking: The New Must-Have in Customer Care


Digital transformation has affected almost every industry, as organizations try to gain a competitive advantage and cater to changing customer demands. For years, customers have been demanding more from their financial institutions. AI AI Chatbot Customer Service

Customer Care Vs. Customer Service Vs. Customer Experience: Explained

Advantage Communications

All businesses want to keep their customers, and prospects, happy. Satisfied customers are the difference between a successful and highly-profitable company, or a business that is struggling to compete with its competitors. Customer Service Trends

Crisis Reveals Character: Launching an Outsourced Customer Care Program in a Pandemic


And, of course, your company’s plan to launch a new outsourced customer care program. Your customers are already struggling with the times, and now you’re thinking about overhauling the customer care process? The pandemic has put a thousand things on hold.

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Hitting the Brakes or Pedal to the Metal? Selecting an Outsourced Customer Care Partner Mid-Pandemic


Situation: You’re tasked with choosing a new outsourced partner for your organization’s customer care program. Did the pandemic expose cracks in your current customer care solution, whether that is in-house or outsourced? Evaluating Your Customer Care RFP Responses.

2020 156

Free Webinar: Supercharging Customer Care and Optimizing Experiences

CSM Magazine

Reuters Events are excited to announce the final service & experience webinar of 2021: ‘Supercharging Customer Care: Optimizing Experiences to Drive Business Growth’ featuring senior leaders from EXPO2020, Hootsuite, Getaline Ecommerce & Customer Service Culture!

What is Involved in Social Customer Care for a 1 in 500 Year BC Flood

Russel Lolacher

As the public face of digital communications for more than a decade, our team has built a successful social customer care program to inform, educate, engage and build trust with the public.

2021 83

How a Major US-Based Sports Association Launched a New Customer Care Program in the Middle of a Pandemic


The Solution: Our solution was contingent on establishing a clear view of what success would look like for our new client and a carefully crafted Statement of Work. Case Studies Contact Center Outsourcing Customer Service Outsourcing Kim Campbell

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Free Webinar: Top Customer Care Trends for 2022

CSM Magazine

Is your customer care strategy prepared to meet the demands and overcome the challenges of 2022? Shifting Customer Expectations – Top Customer Care Trends for 2022’ features insights from senior leaders from Nationwide, PVH Corp & Hootsuite!

2022 52

AI for Customer Care Automation

CSM Magazine

Diversity of communication tools drives companies to develop omni-channel flexibility to stay in touch with customers and employees. Therefore, 5 years ago we decided at Dynamic AI to fully automate repetitive work in customer care in real-time. Customer Service Articles

How To Achieve Your Goals For Customer Care In 2022

CSM Magazine

For customer service managers, the answer is simple. We want to accomplish three big goals: First, we want to support our people with care and consideration. Care and Consideration. In customer contact centers, it’s all about our people.

2022 52

Flat Customer Care Budget? Outsourcing May Be the Answer

Blue Ocean

Today we look at how this last consideration applies to the way companies are investing in customer care. Regardless of a company’s intent and capability to invest budget in their customer care departments, there are some specific areas they will continue to prioritize.