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The Benefits of Having Human Customer Service Representatives in the Shipping Industry

CSM Magazine

Although digital customer service solutions can be quick and efficient, they often offer generic and automated responses that are not personalised to individual customers. By providing a human touch, you can help build and foster transparency and loyalty within customers which digital solutions are unable to do.

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Customer service representative

Very Best Service

Photo by Maria Lindsey Qualities of a Good Customer Service Representative In today's competitive marketplace, customer service is more important than ever. That's why it's so important to have good customer service representatives.


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Customer Service Representative - Roles and Responsibilities


While it might not be as glamorous as building a new feature or launching a product, customer support is still an important part of every business. And no one is better suited to providing that service than a Customer Service Representative (CSR). But what exactly does the role entail?

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How to Write Customer Service Representative Job Description [18 Descriptions & Titles]

ProProfs Chat

What is a Customer Service Job? What Are the Basic Customer Service Job Responsibilities? What is the Customer Service Job Description? How to Write the Customer Service Representative Job Description? What Are the Different Customer Service Job Descriptions You Can Post?

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7th Annual CX Report by The Northridge Group Uncovers Priority Training Focus

New research reveals 92% of business leaders would like to provide additional training to their customer service representatives. JUST RELEASED! Soft skills training stands out as a priority area of investment and/or improvement.

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Free Soft Skills Training: Best Practices: Customer Service Representatives

Myra Golden

I’m so excited to kick off Customer Service Week with a free soft skills training course! I’ve partnered with Genesys to position Customer Service Representatives to deliver the best possible customer experience and redirect interactions with challenging customers.

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How to Hire a Customer Service Representative in the US

CSM Magazine

The experience of your customer with your product or organization is directly dependent on the kind of service they receive from your customer support representatives. Qualities to look for in a customer support representative. Creativity. Ask them to cite examples of where and how they’ve done this.