Xpedition and Voyado Partner to Help Boost Loyalty and Retention for Fashion Brands

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The collaboration will deliver faster time to benefit in an era of unprecedented change in fashion retail. . Together Xpedition and Voyado will empower fashion brands to forge a loyal following and increase revenues rapidly.

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15 Fashion Influencers to Watch from London Fashion Week 2019


London’s Fashion Week was, of course, an online sensation. And that’s because those involved in the Fashion Week are promotional pros, with powerful influencers among them. So, in entirely random order, we’re sharing 15 notable fashion influencers who understand the art of audience engagement. To kick it off, we noted that many of these fashion-forward folks are advocates for larger issues around social change, of which there are sub-categories.


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Today we enter the fantastic world of a fashion store. When it comes to fashion retail , there are so many and different touchpoints. Fashion industry is an overstocked market, therefore the only way brands can differentiate themselves is by delivering an ultimate customer experience aligned with their own identity and values.

Social Analytics Research Supports Eco-friendly Fashion


Leading retail brands are using social analytics research to support new eco-friendly fashion offerings. Eco-friendly Fashion: The Fast Fashion Cure. And “fashion” consistently registers as having negative connotations in the sustainability context: It makes sense – Fast Fashion is a main focus for activists, because it’s a huge waste creator. What is Fast Fashion? What is sustainable fashion though? They want fashionable, sustainable choices.

Implementing Virtual Agents: Where to Start, and How to Finish

Speaker: Brian Morin, CMO, SmartAction & Aarde Cosseboom, Director of GMS Technology and Product, TechStyle Fashion Group

Join us for this in-depth conversation with TechStyle Fashion Group, as they openly discuss their decision to go virtual, and the challenges they faced along the way as they dabbled with both building the omnichannel self-service platform themselves, and outsourcing the design to a partner.

The rise of chief digital officers in fashion, luxury and beauty retail


Similarly, luxury fashion group LVMH filled the role of CDO with an Apple exec. When Nike hired its first chief digital officer just over a year ago, it wasn’t just to lead a couple of projects. Reporting to the president, the CDO took charge of all products and services across Nike.com, Nike+ as well the brand’s other digital platforms. Already considered a digital innovation leader, Nike’s decision to hire a CDO was seen by industry experts as a big move.

COVID-19 Response Triggers Fluctuating Passion for Beauty & Fashion Brands


With salons and boutiques alike forced to shut their storefronts amidst COVID-19, and so many people working remotely and rarely leaving their homes, beauty and fashion are falling from consumers’ priority lists. H&M was one of the last fashion giant stores to close their stores.

How we encourage belonging among employees: eCommerce fashion brand Myntra


Myntra, India’s leading e-commerce destination for fashion and lifestyle products, is already progressing on its journey to cultivate a sense of belonging among its employees. The post How we encourage belonging among employees: eCommerce fashion brand Myntra appeared first on Qualtrics.

How to Prevent Fashion Influencer Fraud with Social Listening


Fashion influencer fraud is a troubling trend in the industry. Currently costing brands more than one billion each year, fashion influencer fraud is big business. Social listening captures relevant intel around these influencers in relation to your brand and the fashion industry in general. Brands can explore the Fashion conversation stream for clues around what people are talking about in the category and potentially stumble upon some influencers there.

How Brazilian Fashion Retailer Passarela Uses Data for Better CX

Smarter CX

Here’s what we learned about Yasmini and the innovative work she and the Brazilian fashion retailer are doing in customer experience. In 2005 we’ve started Passarela.com, which was the first store to sell women’s fashion shoes in Brazil. Passarela is one of the biggest fashion retailers in Brazil, with more than 40 stores in 12 cities in the state of São Paulo and a distribution center of 16 thousand square meters.

The Post-Covid CX Powered by AI

Speaker: Brian Morin, CMO, SmartAction & Aarde Cosseboom, Director of GMS Technology and Product, TechStyle Fashion Group

Adapting to a post-Covid world means recession-proofing your contact center with AI that reduces reliance on live agents with virtual agents that are always on, perfectly trained, and at a fraction of the cost. Most companies looking to ditch a "Press 1" experience struggle with where to start and how to infuse natural language into their existing technology stack. Join this webinar with TechStyle Fashion Group who recession-proofed their contact center with personalized and frictionless experiences to customers who prefer self-service. Also joining is SmartAction who manages the AI-powered CX for more than 100 brands.

Growing Business the Old-Fashioned Way

Customers Rock!

Here is a blast from the past, a classic Customers Rock! post on taking care of your current customers. Thanks to @Foundora for bringing it back to my attention. Enjoy! Many companies spend a lot of time and money on attracting new customers to their product or service. Much of the marketing budget is spent on mass approaches such as advertising and direct mail.

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In Vogue: The New World of At-Home Fashion

Brandwatch CX

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Glossy Summit: Future of Fashion and Luxury


The post Glossy Summit: Future of Fashion and Luxury appeared first on Optimove. events

Campaigns We Love: “Coach – Defining Modern Luxury”

Gravy Analytics

Coach’s new advertising campaign continues to evangelize its modern luxury leather goods to fashionable, younger buyers. In recent years, Coach acquired brands Stuart Weitzman and Kate Spade , expanding its reach in the luxury fashion market, and underscoring its focus on superior craftsmanship and innovative, thoughtful design. The company’s handbags, clothing and accessories take center stage in spots featuring actor Selena Gomez , the current face of Coach.

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Quality Vegan Fashion Items Are Hard to Find. How Can Brands Help?

Brandwatch CX

Bad Data Series: Fashion Café Flops Fantastically


To continue our series, let’s see how Fashion Café fantastically flopped, and how social analytics could have saved them! What is Fashion Café and Who Are Those Karens ? Fashion Cafe was an international restaurant chain that was based in New York City which featured fashion models (more on them in a second) and had locations in the United States , United Kingdom , South Africa , Mexico , and Spain. Social Insight for a Fashionable Win.

Bad Data Series: Fashion Café Flops Fantastically


To continue our series, let’s see how Fashion Café fantastically flopped, and how social analytics could have saved them! What is Fashion Café and Who Are Those Karens ? Fashion Cafe was an international restaurant chain that was based in New York City which featured fashion models (more on them in a second) and had locations in the United States , United Kingdom , South Africa , Mexico , and Spain. Social Insight for a Fashionable Win.

3 notable trends in the retail apparel industry


But regardless of the reasons for the shift in shopping habits, the remaining apparel and fashion companies are facing a retail landscape that’s more competitive and cutthroat. Innovation Customer Experience retail fashion apparelApparel companies are hanging by a thread as consumers spend less money on stocking their closets , preferring to express themselves through social media rather than by what they wear and favoring weekend getaways over new clothes.

In the fiercely, competitive struggle of fashion and service, Burberry does it well

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Chief creative officer Christopher Bailey made sure only one central location would be responsible for the Burberry theme; thus concentrating on design and the ‘brand’ which is inexorably fashion. With the expert incorporation of social media, Burberry has more than 10 million Facebook followers, but even Twitter was not to be the final public method of expanding the younger consumer desire of fashion and function communication.

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Running a Customer Success Team in the Fashion Industry

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The Customer Success Manager is a relatively new job title in the fashion industry that has become necessary due to the growing demands of customers and clients. Look at other companies in the fashion industry such as Azazie bridal gowns for a good examples of how customer processes can be effectively managed. Information gathered will also help you gain insight into the real world applications of your fashion products and services.

“Oh when you smilin’, when you smilin’ The whole world smiles with you” – do happy customers = better customer experiences?


I make no secret of the fact that I am a fan of ‘old fashioned values’ in the delivery of great Customer Experiences. Vickie was lovely – in fact a joy to talk to – our being nice to her (displaying simple old-fashioned values) made our customer experience far better than normal – in fact it made our experience memorable. Nine times out of ten, good old-fashioned values from the customer will be returned in spades from an employee.

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eCommerce Will Account for 36% of Global Fashion Retail Sales by 2022

Forrester's Customer Insights

Fashion is the second largest retail category after grocery. A quarter of clothing, accessories, and footwear (fashion) spending already occurs online and is still rapidly growing. In our recently published Online Fashion Retail […]. The eCommerce shift is a significant, palpable movement in most economies. Brick-and-mortar and eCommerce retailers are vying for shoppers’ attention and dollars. B2C ecommerce ecommerce global ecommerce

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Five Huge Fashion Industry Trends for 2020

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9-1-1 Telecommunicator Lauded for Good Old-Fashioned Detective Skills

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Good old-fashioned detective skills typically aren’t part of the job description, but this year’s PSAPs’ Finest Telecommunicator of the Year was able to apply her quick thinking and sleuthing to help police nab the bad guy. What does it take to be a successful 9-1-1 telecommunicator? Certainly, solid listening and communication skills are key, as well as a certain ‘thick-skinnedness,’ calm under pressure, manual dexterity and multi-tasking abilities.

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3 ways to enhance your digital transformation efforts + evolve your experience management program with DIY feedback


Having the ability to create, target, and deploy experience feedback channels in a rapid fashion is essential to delivering on the heightened demands of your customer base.

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NY Fashion Week Themes Reflect Social Analytics Insight


New York Fashion Week just ended and it took online by storm, naturally. Though unfortunately, it’s where the insight stops for fashion brands that are using other sentiment analysis tools. Fashion Week Theme Discovery. ‘I can’t try that on because I’m not made like that,’” she said in a post-show interview with Business of Fashion. And S by Serena was seen taking up the charge as well , offering fashions for a range of body types.

Service Untitled» Blog Archive » Abercrombie & Fitch Customer Service

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One of the favorite stops for her daughter is Abercrombie and Fitch; of course, it caters to the fashionable, modern collegiate lifestyle. Service Untitled The blog about customer service and the customer service experience.

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Three Steps to Proactive Customer Service

Bill Quiseng

Too often, businesses focus solely on the negative feedback from their customer surveys in CSI fashion, identifying the pain points and taking the steps to eliminate them.

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Why Apprenticeship is Becoming the New College Degree

The DiJulius Group

Apprenticeships, once considered an “old-fashioned” training pathway limited to very specific trades, are gaining ground today as a highly effective and efficient route to a rewarding career. This guest article is brought to you by Mark C. Perna, speaker at the 2019 Customer Service Revolution. According to a recent survey, 62 percent of Americans believe apprenticeships. Read Full Article. The post Why Apprenticeship is Becoming the New College Degree appeared first on The DiJulius Group.

Q&A with Olivier Mourrieras, Vice President, Customer Experience Centre of Competence, E.On, Part 1

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Here''s an objection I sometimes hear when I talk to people about how improving customer experience can boost business performance: "Sure, it sounds great for glam industries like automotive or fashion. But I sell widgets.". There’s more… To read the rest of this blog posting click here or visit www.1to1Media.com/weblog. Customer Engagement Customer Experience Customer Loyalty Customer Service custmerexperiencecenter eon forrester

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Customer-Centric Roundup: August 2017


Wearing white is now somewhat of a taboo (yes, some believe wearing white after labor day is a fashion no-no). The summer holidays have come to an end. Everyone is now back at school. Also with this came a whole bunch of new stats and stories about the customer experience to pour over. So let’s dive right into it. Customer Experience

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Customer Feedback Is No Longer Just a Luxury for High End Retailers


Though considered a niche category by some, luxury goods—including high-end fashions, accessories, footwear, and beauty products—are a hot commodity.

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The Parallels Between Customer Experience and a Rolls Royce

Michel Falcon Experience

Has your company designed your customer experience in a similar fashion to how you mapped out this year’s marketing efforts? In 2013, BC Business, a leading business publication in Vancouver, published a study that my team and I had produced.The study revealed that 87% of executives believed that their company was… Read More». The post The Parallels Between Customer Experience and a Rolls Royce appeared first on Michel Falcon Customer and Employee Experience Expert

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Employees Want You To Brush Up On Your Email Etiquette

Russel Lolacher

Email should be responded to in a timely fashion. Email. People hate it. Yet people prefer it because it’s what they know. After a quick Google search of email as an internal communications tool, I found lots of articles about how it should be ditched as a way to engage employees.

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