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[Experience Action Podcast] When Loyalty Programs Go Wrong

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

Ever found yourself excited about a loyalty program only to be let down by the redemption process? You’re not alone, and this episode is dedicated to unraveling the complexities of these programs that can enhance or hinder the customer experience. Don’t miss the next episode!

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Reimagining Customer Loyalty Programs


This episode of  Amazing Business Radio with Shep Hyken  answers the following questions and more:    What are the latest trends in loyalty programs? How has the traditional concept of loyalty program evolved? How do loyalty programs impact a customer’s purchasing decision?


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Building a Better Loyalty Program (and the Reward for Getting It Right)


loyalty programs on average. If, for example, you’re a member of Nordstrom’s loyalty program, Nordy Club, you’re among a group of customers who are likely to spend three to five times more than non-members, and are consequently driving two-thirds of Nordstrom’s sales. The Downlow on Loyalty: Reciprocity is Key.

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Are Kum & Go and Del Taco Doing Loyalty Programs Right?


Loyalty programs can take many forms. From a punch-card style program where customers eventually get an item after a certain number of purchases to subscription-based models where members get exclusive perks. But across each model, the consistent theme is additional value for customers.

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Loyalty programs: should you issue your own points or miles?

Currency Alliance

Many people assume that operating a loyalty program necessarily implies issuing your own loyalty points or miles. Points and miles are a dominant and popular form of loyalty value. The golden benchmark is about $25 USD per year in loyalty value. This actually is not true.

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Guest Post: How Next-Generation Loyalty Programs Elevate Customer Experiences


She writes about next-generation loyalty programs and how they can enhance customer experience. These programs revolutionize how businesses engage and retain customers by incorporating elements such as gamification, personalization, experiential rewards, and social loyalty.

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Customer Loyalty Program: The Ultimate Guide

ProProfs Chat

If you find yourself sharing the same concern frequently, then you need to build a customer loyalty program. But with the awesome customer loyalty programs in place, they’ve successfully ensured that customers return to their store to make a purchase and earn more points. What is a Customer Loyalty Program?