29 Customer Service Training and Coaching Tips

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Customer service coaching refers to the practice of ongoing communication between the agent and their manager to hone in on how to improve on specific skills, achieve specific goals, and develop their craft so they can handle even the most difficult customer interactions.

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6 Customer Service Training Ideas for Improving Agent Engagement

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Customer service is one of the most significant differentiators between your brand and the competition, but its success solely depends on the performance of agents on the front lines — which is why your training program needs to include initiatives that improve agent engagement.

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Why Customer Service Training Is Essential

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Customer Service Training is Not What You Think it is


Many companies have a great focus on providing an excellent or, as I like to call it, amazing customer service experience. They do customer service training during the onboarding process. Communication is a big part of keeping the “magic” going, and to do that you must consider ongoing training. However, the key to sustaining this type of training can be as simple as constant reminders and reinforcement.

Guest Blog: Customer Service Training Ideas to Help Build Brand Advocacy


This week we feature an article by Kristin Erikson writes shares great customer service training tips and ideas that will help your company build brand advocacy. Remember customer service training is not something you di, it’s something you do. – Shep Hyken. What is the most important thing you can do to improve relationships with your customers? The answer is as obvious as it is overlooked: improve customer service.

The need for excellent customer service training

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Amongst all the hype of customer experience, AI, chatbots and real-time personalisation, don’t forget that staff still need excellent customer service training – no matter how successful your company is right now! When customer support representatives start at a company, they usually get a bit of training upfront. They learn about a company’s support software, its products and services, and how to communicate and be empathetic in interactions.

7 Best Customer Service Training Ideas for a Remote World

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Customer Service Training: When you’re done… you’re not done!


As a customer, you interact with good people who don’t seem to deliver great customer service. They are nice, even knowledgeable, but they don’t seem to be what I call customer focused. So, I took a few minutes to talk to several people about how they were trained. I asked them what kind of customer service training they received from the companies they worked for. It turns out that when she was hired, she went through training.

3 Ways to Add Magic to your Customer Service Training

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What do customers talk about after interacting with your company? Or…they tell their friends how happy they were with the service of such an exceptionally helpful, friendly representative for your company. The post 3 Ways to Add Magic to your Customer Service Training appeared first on Customer Experience Consulting. Blog Culture customer service Featured Customer Experience employee engagement leadership linkedin management training

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How to Improve Customer Service Training with Simple Metrics

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For most businesses, improving customer service is a constant aim, as it is one area where they can separate themselves from competitors. It is, therefore, little wonder that many company bosses invest heavily in their efforts to improve customer service training, in order to bring staff members up to scratch. The post How to Improve Customer Service Training with Simple Metrics appeared first on Customer Experience Consulting.

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The Complete Customer Service Training Guide

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Did you know that 56% of people around the globe believe that companies need to take action on feedback provided by their customers? Well, customer feedback is exactly what’s going to help your business improve its customer service process efficiently. One-Time Training.

PRESS RELEASE: Free Customer Service Training for Small Businesses Affected by COVID-19

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The DiJulius Group, one of the world’s leading authorities on customer service and customer experience, is giving small businesses, that have been affected by the quarantine, free customer service training for all their employees. State Of Service

How Customer Service Training Is Like a Hollywood Love Story

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29 Customer Service Training and Coaching Tips

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If you’re in a contact center performance management role, you’ve probably invested a lot of time and energy in your customer service training and customer service coaching programs. You’re determined to build a team of brand experts who can connect with customers, resolve issues, and drive sales with ease. These are the top- and bottom-line benefits your coaching and training programs should deliver. Coach your service team strategically.

9 Customer Service Training Ideas That Work

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Customer Service Training With Knowledge Management


Customer Service Training With Knowledge Management. Customer Experience Decision Trees Knowledge Base Knowledge Management Omni channel customer support Picture Guides agent experience Agent Learning

Our Online Customer Service Training Can Ease Your Pain!

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Customer Service eLearning to Help Your Employees Speak and Write with Friendliness and Empathy, and to Handle Difficult Customers with More Ease – with Interactive Scenarios, Progress Reports, Knowledge Checks, and SCORM option. Customer Experience Design

The Critical Role Of Customer Service Training In Successful Customer Engagement

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To develop a strong and lasting relationship with customers, you must first strengthen the camaraderie within your organization. To keep the customers satisfied, you must first create a great corporate culture. And finally, to ensure a meaningful customer engagement, you must first teach and expose your employees the ins and outs of customer service. Start with the basics — customer service training. Customer engagement starts within.

Customer service training, or service education. What’s the difference?

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Many companies provide customer service training for some or all of their employees. But soon after the leaders of these same companies ask why everyone in the organization hasn’t embraced a true understanding of – and commitment to deliver – service excellence ? To address this gap and answer this question, we must understand the difference between customer service training and actionable service education.

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How to use customer service training videos to improve your business

ViiBE Blog

What is a customer service training video? Some people are a natural fit for customer service. Still, not everyone has the knack for anticipating customer needs and maintaining a professional composure even in stressful scenarios.

How to use customer service training videos to improve your business

ViiBE Blog

What is a customer service training video? Some people are a natural fit for customer service. Still, not everyone has the knack for anticipating customer needs and maintaining a professional composure even in stressful scenarios.

How to integrate customer feedback into customer service training


Your team hears more direct customer feedback than anyone else in the company—their interactions make up the bulk of the customer experience. Whether they're helping a customer solve a problem, walking through a difficult process or following up on billing, each interaction makes an impact. customer service Customer Experience

10 Educational, Funny & Thought-Provoking Customer Service Training Videos You Won’t Have Seen Before


As a manager or trainer of a customer service team, you’ll know that excellent customer service teams aren’t born that way. Learning and training are at the heart of teams who are united in vision, strive for excellence and deliver the best customer experiences. And when training your team to become the best, excellent training materials are essential to help your team experience those paradigm shifts that fuel greater understanding of your customer.

Guest Blog: How to Build a Comprehensive Onboarding Module for Customer Service Training


This week we feature an article by Anand Srinivasan who writes about how important it is to have a properly trained customer service team to ensure business success. – Shep Hyken. Customer service is one of the primary drivers of growth in many organizations. For instance, a Dimension Data report found that nearly 84% of organizations that worked towards improving customer experience saw a corresponding increase in revenue.

Bring the Skills of the Theatre to Your Face-to-face Customer Service Training

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To deliver the best Face-to-Face service you must think like a customer. You need to be aware of your body language and your tone of voice and how both are affecting the perception customers have of you and your company. Hendrix Training runs an innovative, fun but also technical customer service workshop for a range of clients, including in retail, hospitality and the public sector, to boost employee confidence and lift the spirits of staff and customers.

Implementing a Robust Customer Service Training Program

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Delivering a great customer experience is of utmost importance to any business, small or large, as it affects the profit margins and the company’s goodwill significantly. A study published by Harvard Business Review found that customers who have a positive experience with a company are likely to spend as much as 140% more than average. Also, these customers tend to stick with a business six times longer than those who have had a negative experience from the same business.

Creating Customer Service Training Videos to Onboard New Recruits


Since onboarding involved understanding the inner workings of Kayako and how to best deliver customer support for a SaaS product, I needed my team to teach me the ropes. Unfortunately, there was no meeting room where I could sit down for training sessions , or 24/7 mentors who can walk me through the topics in my onboarding sheet. When I had to face the queue, I couldn’t always get an immediate answer if I had questions about a customer’s issue or a product feature.

Creating the Perfect Customer Service Training Plan


The lack of proper customer service training plan can lead to a bunch of support problems. If you don’t train agents properly, you can’t expect good customer service results. Agents that are not trained will often feel that their skills are not that valuable, leading to higher turnover rates. High turnover rates mean that you need to train more and more people each month. What really is customer service training.

20 Customer Service Training Ideas and Activities for Busy Teams


Whether you’re planning a training course or using external courses, it’s important to take a break and have some fun in order to keep your team members engaged. Planning activities can take a lot of time that your training instructor might not have to spare. Take a load off and use the following activities when planning your next training day or session. This activity is adapted from 10 Customer Service Activities To Supercharge Your Team.

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Brooklinen’s Winning Formula for Customer Service Training and Performance Management

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In doing so, Rich set the tone for Brooklinen’s exceptional customer experience and inspired a unique approach to customer service training and performance management. Hands-on Customer Service Training: Building Excitement, Knowledge, and Trust. The Brooklinen team includes a project manager, two supervisors, two team leads, two SMEs, and about 30 customer service agents. Jack Lorentzen, Senior Associate, Customer Experience.

How to Pick the Right Customer Service Training Software

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Customer support is a critical interface with a huge impact on customer satisfaction and customer retention and, thereby, on business performance and profitability. It is therefore important for all businesses to ensure that customer service training equips teams with the tools, skills and competencies to consistently delight customers. Here are a few fundamental must-haves for any prospective online customer service training solution.

Karen Hertzberg: Improving Customer Retention Through Great Customer Service

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Customer loyalty is not by offering discounts, upgrades, or subscriptions to repeat customers. Real customer loyalty is built on service so great that customers return again and again, raving to others along the way. What’s better than gaining a new customer?

3 Fantastic Things About Our Online Customer Service Training

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Here’s what our current customers tell us are the three most fantastic things about our customer service eLearning. Custom website and branding. When your employees log in to their training, it feels like they are taking the training within your company because we give you a unique URL and upload your logo. Our training is interactive. Operations Manager, Shared Services Training & Development.

3 Customer Service Training Secrets You’ll Wish You’d Known 5 Years Ago


Every year, businesses lose over $75 billion in potential revenue thanks to one thing: poor customer service. And while studies show that about 1 out of every 26 customers complain about poor customer service, over 90% of those dissatisfied customers simply stop working with your business — and never come back. Be honest with yourself: How confident are you, really, with your current level of customer service?

[Interview] Improve Your Customer Service Training with This Expert Advice


A lot of different concerns crop up when you consider the best way to train your team in customer service. It’s enough work to consider all of your options and find the best course ; you also have to learn how to implement the training to get the highest ROI. With over two decades of experience in the customer service training industry, Ray knows what it takes to get your staff focused on the customer experience. Customer Service

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