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Connect Customer Service Success with Customer Experience Excellence

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

Happy Customer Service Week and CX Day, 2022! Customer Service Week is all about Celebrating Service. And we’re celebrating customer experience (CX) on October 4th with CX Day’s theme: CX Drives Success. This type of success relies on super customer service.

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Customer Service Is Like Dating


I like the title of this article, but perhaps a more appropriate title might be: Customer Service Is Like Being Married. The buying cycle for a customer typically includes a little research, talking to a salesperson, making the purchase, and whatever happens after the sale. Connect with Shep on LinkedIn.


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The ultimate guide to customer service


The top three 2022 priorities for Customer Service teams to thrive in this new era of customer experience.

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Can ChatGPT Be Used for Customer Service?

CSM Magazine

Mike Myer, CEO of Quiq, explores the impact of ChatGPT on the world of customer service. One of the first areas recent AI advances will impact greatly is customer service and support – the exchange of information between companies and their customers.

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2021 State of Customer Service Experience Report

The Northridge Group's State of Customer Service Experience report provides a clear message to businesses. Today’s consumers are shopping online more now than ever, but find the service experience inadequate. Download the report for more insights into the latest customer experience trends.

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Customer Service Is a Team Sport


The employees recognized that customer service is a team sport. It’s everyone’s job to make sure the customers leave happy. Unfortunately, I’ve also witnessed the opposite at a restaurant. Get more information on The Customer Focus ™ customer service training programs. I liked what I was seeing.

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Millennial Generation Customer Service – The Ultimate Guide


This penchant for technology has shaped their consumer behavior and preferences, and brands must tailor their customer service strategies to suit Millennials’ attributes. They demand highly convenient and fast service. The key to reaching this powerful demographic is by understanding that technology is central to their being.

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The State of Customer Experience 2023 Report: Part 2

The Northridge Group’s State of CX 2023 Part II research report reveals that nearly half of consumers surveyed had knowingly spoken to a customer service associate working from home—and almost 75% of those respondents felt the associate's location did not impact the service or experience. JUST RELEASED!

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The State of Customer Experience 2023 Research Report

The Northridge Group’s 7th annual State of Customer Experience 2023 report resulted from surveys of 1000 customers and 250 business leaders and features insights that businesses across all industries can use to benchmark their Customer Service and improve the Customer Experience.

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Ramping-up Your Digital CX Strategy: Adaptation of Omni Channel and Conversational Support

Speaker: Michael McMillan - Customer Experience Expert, TEDx Speaker, and Author

Learning objectives: Review and pinpoint challenges in your CX strategy Learn how SaaS products are changing CX and UX Recognize and personalize your customers' needs and preferences Setting your DCX goals Best practices for implementing a customer-centric digital strategy and ensuring seamless interactions across channels The role of conversational (..)

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Customer Engagement 2021: Why the Digital Journey Changes Everything & How to Keep Up

Digital omnichannel customer service. This guide will answer all your digital omnichannel questions and help you to structure your digital customer journey around the needs and preferences of today’s consumers. Haven’t heard of it yet? Your competitors probably have.

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Customer Experience Management: A 3-Legged Stool

In today's business world we know that customer experience management has a huge impact on satisfaction levels, customer loyalty, and even profit. But there's more to it than just customer service - learn more about the 3 legs of CEM.

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Mastering Omnichannel CX: A Success Guide

Companies with strong omnichannel strategies retain 56% more customers than those without them. Read this guide to learn what omnichannel customer service is, if it’s right for your organization, and how to make it successful so you can get a (very large) step ahead of your competitors.

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How to Improve Customer Satisfaction With an Intelligent Virtual Assistant

Speaker: Aarde Cosseboom, Contact Center & Customer Experience Advisor and Co-Host of the Another Cloud Podcast

Join Aarde Cosseboom, Contact Center & Customer Experience Advisor and Co-Host of the Another Cloud Podcast, for this enlightening discussion which will include: What are the benefits of an IVA to a customer service team? How IVAs play into customer satisfaction. Best practices to successfully roll out a new IVA.

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The Conversational AI Journey: What to Expect from Start to Finish

Speaker: Gary Davis, SmartAction CEO

After deploying conversational AI for more than 100 leading brands, we’ve learned a few lessons on what can make — or break –– the automated customer experience. How automating a customer service call isn’t as simple as using a script from a human interaction. The potential ROI when conversational automation is done right.