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12 game-changing tactics to boost travel agency marketing


The travel industry has undergone remarkable transformation over the past few years. While online bookings are still popular, curated travel experiences are also gaining traction. Travelers are increasingly seeking off-beat destinations with guided tours. How do you market your travel agency?

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The Evolution of Customer Experience in the Travel Industry


Few industries are quite like travel. Everyone has a horror story about their travel experiences, be it a brutal delay or a missed flight. It’s no wonder that today, against the backdrop of COVID-19 and societal upheaval, travelers are more concerned than ever with their personal safety. What do I need to embark on my journey?

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Have Dog, Can Travel

InMoment XI

Lessons for engaging customer feedback programs from an international flight I recently traveled from India to the United States on Lufthansa Airlines with my dog Zuri. She was going to be alone for almost 24 hours, traveling in the cargo hold. I had a sinking feeling when I kissed her goodbye before our journey.

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How improving travel CX can increase customer loyalty


Evelyn Hamilton discusses the ways in which customer data can streamline the customer experience of travellers, and in doing so, enhance customer loyalty.

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5 Essentials for a Happy Business Travel Experience

Experience Investigators by 360Connext

I’ve been traveling a lot in the month of March. I’ve been thinking about what it means to be a business traveler (who happens to be a woman) on the road. But I enjoyed some little touches and thought I’d praise those companies who thought about the experiences enough to make my travels a little more enjoyable.

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Elevating Guest Experiences in Hotels with Integrated CX

InMoment XI

Out of nowhere, citizens were flocking in droves to distant lands, as travel by plane, sea, and car surged. The coming year is no exception, as consumers across the globe plan to make travel a priority, despite ongoing economic uncertainty. Each traveler is different, with unique needs, preferences, and motivations for travel.

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Journey to Excellence: Elevating Online Travel Customer Experience


Changes in human psychology, specifically communication through messengers and online platforms, including the transition to complete digitization in various fields have significantly transformed the online travel customer experience (CX).

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