Topics for Blog Authors

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Hi MaritzCX creators of awesome, We at the CX Café blog need some help. We’ve come up with some really cool ideas for blog posts, but we need to get them written. Please take a look below at the topics and titles we’ve suggested, and let us know (at if any of them catch. View Article. General

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Topics for Blog Authors

InMoment XI

Hi MaritzCX creators of awesome, We at the CX Café blog need some help. We’ve come up with some really cool ideas for blog posts, but we need to get them written. Please take a look below at the topics and titles we’ve suggested, and let us know (at if any of them catch. View Article

2005 200

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How to Find the Best Keywords for YouTube?


Since launching in 2005, YouTube has seen exponential growth on all of its fronts. Content Marketing

2005 66

68 Customer Support Email Address Name Ideas

CX Accelerator

Jenny began her call center customer service journey on the front lines back in 2005. Written by Jenny Dempsey, 5.25.2022 You don’t actually want to contact customer support. If you have to, this means you have a problem or an unanswered question.

2022 243

How ESPN Built a World-Class Customer Service Team From Scratch

Stella Connect

In 2005, Micah Citti received an offer he couldn’t refuse. Micah had begun his career in the early ‘90s as a customer service agent. He eventually worked his way up […]. The post How ESPN Built a World-Class Customer Service Team From Scratch appeared first on Stella Connect. Agent Engagement

Four of the Most Successful Employee Engagement Strategies Also Drive Customer Experience

CX University

A 2005 study concluded that work engagement is linked to performance and customer loyalty (Salanova, Agut & Peiró, 2005). 2005). There are hundreds of best practices for employee engagement, and all of them are being practiced by firms across this good, green Earth: at some growing businesses, at some failing businesses too. My question is, “How do we know which best practices will most benefit our employee engagement initiatives? Which should I apply in my business?”.

2018 175

Five Low-Cost Ways To Improve Your Customer Service And Customer Experience

Micah Solomon

Perhaps in 2005 it was okay to take 24 hours to respond to a customer email. [Originally published in The author, Micah Solomon, is an author, consultant, influencer, keynote speaker, and trainer in customer service, customer experience, customer service culture, and hospitality. Here are three ways to reach Micah: email, chat, web).

2018 229

Beat Customers to the Customer Service Line with Artificial Intelligence

CSM Magazine

Daniel Fallmann founded Mindbreeze in 2005 and as its CEO he is a living example of high quality and innovation standards.

2021 83

Quora Group Grows with BigChange

CSM Magazine

Founded in 2005, Quora Group works nationwide with a range of clients across the public and private sector. A leading provider of mechanical and electrical building services says a new job management system is helping it to win more business.

2022 52

Amazing Business Radio: Daniel Fallmann

Shep Hyken

” About: Daniel Fallmann founded Mindbreeze in 2005 at the age of 23, after he finished his studies in computer science. A Holistic View of the Customer. Empowering Customer Service Agents with Knowledge.

2021 69

Remembering the extraordinary life of Dr. Henk F. Moed (1951-2021)


These include Handbook of Quantitative Science and Technology Research (2004), Citation Analysis in Research Evaluation (2005), Applied Evaluative Informetrics (2017), Handbook of Science and Technology Indicators (edited with W.

2021 87

5 Top Customer Service Articles of the Week 2-21-2022

Shep Hyken

The ACSI (American Customer Satisfaction Index), shows a decline in customer satisfaction to the lowest level since 2005. Each week I read many customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Here are my top five picks from last week.

2022 62

How to Protect Your Customers’ Data From Cyber Attacks

CSM Magazine

Ashley Lukehart has been writing about the impact of technology and IT security on businesses since starting Parachute in 2005. These days, many small business owners use digital tools to manage virtually every aspect of their company, including key pieces of customer data.

2022 52

Best of the Podcast 2018: Build Power Moments in Your Customer Experience

Customer Bliss

One proud geeky moment for Dan was his victory in the 2005 New Yorker Cartoon Caption Contest, beating out 13,000 other entrants. “Our lives as human beings are made up of moments,” said Dan Heath in my interview with him earlier this year. As business leaders, if we can understand and think about this, we can really work to identify moments in an operation where you can stand out and be memorable.

2018 131

Winning a Confirmit ACE Award - Bupa Global


The ACE (Achievement in Customer Excellence) Awards program was established in 2005 to recognize outstanding achievement in customer experience. In this video, James Elliot, Bupa Globa l talks about winning a 2018 Confirmit ACE (Achievement in Customer Excellence Award) Award. He highlights the importance of Voice of the Customer to the company, and talks about why being recognized as a Customer Experience leader was a powerful motivator to his team.

2005 40

Fizzback is Now a Part of NICE!

Customer Interactions

For me was it early 2005 when I recognized the dramatic changes ahead for customer service, and asked whether we could build a business we could be proud of, around this problem. We all have pivotal moments in our lives. Fizzback was born as we started to look in detail at the issue. Traditionally the industry measured and monitored satisfaction of customers with very small samples, very slowly and without getting at the root causes of issues.

2005 28

Why Too Many Organizations Do Not Take Customer Complaints Seriously

Beyond Philosophy

My second book was Revolutionize Your Customer Experience (Palgrave MacMillan, 2005), about customer-centricity. As you might know, my podcast does an “I’m in a Pickle” feature where business people send in their business problems with customer strategy for our consult.

2022 78

How to Deliver Individual Experiences on a Global Scale: Tips from a Borderless Brand


Before Payoneer was founded in 2005, the world primarily transacted on paper and land lines. Despite the Internet’s rising popularity, companies were often limited by geographic and market constraints. Payoneer, a borderless payment platform, changed that. The brand operates across 200 countries, connecting 4 million users in over 150 currencies and 70 languages by making global transactions as easy as local ones.

2019 82

Why You Should Collect Your Customers’ Digital Profiles

Martin Hill-Wilson

From six in ten in 2005 to almost nine in ten today. People in the UK spent an average of 20 hours and 30 minutes online each week in 2014, over double the amount in 2005. From 30 minutes in 2005 to nearly two and a half hours in 2014. Nearly all mobile phone users are sending text messages ( 90% in 2014, compared to 70% in 2005). OK, this post has an interesting origin. I was doing a webinar (Go Digital!

2015 56

Augmented Service

Customer Enthusiast

Amazon has been an early adopter of this practice beginning in 2005 with the release of Amazon Prime, a paid subscription service that gives users access to free two-day delivery (one-day in some areas), streaming music and video, and other benefits. I was recently asked, “What are your predictions concerning advances in customer service in the near future?”. While I’m not a futurist, I will tell you that, as a customer, I’m seeing the proliferation of augmented service.

2018 45

Magellan Solutions is here because of its people. – Fred Chua, Magellan Solutions CEO

Magellan Solutions

Its formal operations started in August 2005 as an inbound call center with just 14 agents and 1 team leader from its first office. This September 2016, Magellan Solutions is celebrating its 11 years in the BPO industry. It is 11 years of helping SMEs and large corporations deliver great customer experiences around the world. “We work as one,” said Fred Chua, Magellan Solutions CEO in his closing speech during the Magellan Solutions 11th year anniversary party.

2016 67

Is Your Decision-Making Approach Holding Back CX?

Daniel Group

Organizational Development and the Strengths Revolution: A Guide to Leading Change and Transformation, Wiley and Son, 2005). A good friend and client sent an email last week with links to information about “appreciative inquiry (AI).” In short, AI is about the search for the best in people, their organizations, and the strengths-filled, opportunity-rich world around them.”(Organizational

2019 59

Guest Post: How Good Customer Service is Defined by 4 Different Generations


Gen Z- born from 2005 to present. This week we feature an article by Pem Brooke, Marketing Manager of SuperStaff. Pem discusses the importance of shifting customer service tactics in order to cater towards customers from each generation.

2020 100

Health care mergers and acquisitions: Why patients and employees should come first


When Procter & Gamble acquired Gillette in 2005, for instance, both companies focused on consumer needs, relying on each other’s strengths and expertise to deliver more innovative products to the market. In a recent interview with Fox Business Network, Cleveland Clinic CEO Toby Cosgrove, MD, shared why health care will see more consolidation in the next few years.

2016 125

Guest Post: How Good Customer Service is Defined by 4 Different Generations


Gen Z- born from 2005 to present. This week we feature an article by Pem Brooke, Marketing Manager of SuperStaff. Pem discusses the importance of shifting customer service tactics in order to cater towards customers from each generation.

2020 92

From Gen Z to the Silent Generation: How Consumers Are Tackling Holiday Shopping This Year


The rise of the online holiday shopping experience even lead to the introduction of Cyber Monday –Black Friday’s digital counterpart–in 2005. Holiday traditions like Black Friday continue to engage shoppers across generations. However, where malls and parking lots were once the only congested places, now online waiting rooms contain consumers hoping to check big-ticket items off their lists.

2018 63

2018 Oscars: Will Women Tune In?

QuestionPro Audience

A film with a female perspective hasn’t won Best Picture since Million Dollar Baby in 2005; four of the nine movies nominated for Best Picture this year have a female perspective. The 2018 awards season comes to an end this Sunday at the 90th Academy Awards. At the shows leading up to the Oscars, womens movements like #MeToo and #TimesUp have been hot topics, highlighting the importance of female representation and gender equality.

2018 76

The Best Natural Language Processing (NLP) Solutions Providers

CSM Magazine

It’s a US-based company that was founded in 2005. Over the years, the demand for Artificial intelligence has steadily increased since more organizations are seeking digital frameworks to make them stand out in the business landscape.

Is Customer Experience Dying? The Three Pioneers of The Movement Debate

Beyond Philosophy

By 2005, I had undertaken research to determine the 20 emotions that drive or destroy value , to prove that incorporating customer emotions into experiences provides an ROI.

2021 78

Using consumer insight for rebranding: Q&A with Price Chopper’s Sam Trimboli


Since then (2005), I’ve held different positions in customer service and marketing, both in-store and at head office. Founded in 1932, the New York-based grocer Price Chopper (known as Market 32 in some regions) operates 135 stores in the American Northeast. To accomplish a goal of elevating customer experience , the company engages with 5,000 customers through Food For Thought, a Vision Critical insight community first launched in 2012.

2016 133

Lessons for How to Swim in a Blue Ocean from the Girls Auto Clinic

Michelli Experience

In 2005, W. Often entrepreneurs reach out to me to discuss “customer-centricity” and the likely viability of their innovative products or services. To give you a sense of some of the key filters I use to evaluate the probable success of various ideas presented to me, let me offer an example of a small business that I think does a brilliant job of innovative customer-centric design. The company is called Girls Auto Clinic (GAC) located at 7425 W Chester Pike in Upper Darby, Pennsylvania.

2017 87

The 2020 Confirmit ACE Awards are Back, Bigger and Better!


A lot has changed in the world of CX since the ACE Awards first launched in 2005. We’re celebrating the 15 th anniversary of the ACE Awards this year. Not least, its name! It was all about customer feedback then.

2020 52

Much to gain for SAP with Bob Stutz Joining their CRM Team

Forrester's Customer Insights

Stutz’s tenure ended after it was acquired by Oracle (2005), and he moved to SAP to […]. Bob Stutz and CRM have always been synonymous. Stutz started his CRM career at Siebel, in 1998, in the early days of IT-driven, on-premise CRM. Siebel was a powerhouse in its time, peaking at 45% market share in 2002. age of the customer customer relationship management (CRM) CRM; CX

2002 26

Nielsen’s Lynda Clarizio shares her perspective on the evolving media landscape


After 15 years at AOL, her next big decision was to raise her hand to become president of one of AOL’s subsidiaries,, in 2005. “It Lynda Clarizio has seen the world of advertising evolve from several vantage points thanks to a varied career that goes back to the early days of the commercial Internet. Now president of U.S.

2017 100

2019 Confirmit ACE Awards – The Clock is Ticking!


We’ve been running them since 2005 and lots of Confirmit clients have entered for several years. The time has come! The 2019 Confirmit ACE Awards are open and the judges are looking forward to cracking on with reviewing some submissions. I think they’re going to be busy. We’ve had quite a flurry of early nominations in already so we’re set for an exciting year. Many of you will be very familiar with the ACE Awards by now.

2019 40