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Survey fatigue: What it is, why it happens, and how to avoid it


Once you discover the power of surveying customers and implementing their feedback, it’s easy to want to scale your feedback program to send more surveys, more frequently. But if you see response rates drop and a lack of customer engagement with your surveys, your audience might be experiencing survey fatigue. Surveying at the right frequency, with the right survey design, is what keeps your customers responding and free of survey fatigue.

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A Positive Emotional Experience = Good for Customers, Profitable for You

Heart of the Customer

Having the best customer experience pays. But what is the value of having the best customer experience? There’s plenty of data that shows that customer experience pays. The most compelling is Watermark Consulting’s tracking of stock prices. The company simulated purchasing the stock of CX Leaders (the ten top-performing companies in customer satisfaction on annual […] The post A Positive Emotional Experience = Good for Customers, Profitable for You appeared first on Heart of the Customer.


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The Power of Real-Time Visibility


Disconnected service experiences are the root cause of many customer support woes: Real-time visibility provides a seamless solution that benefits everyone. The post The Power of Real-Time Visibility appeared first on Glia Blog | Digital Customer Service Explained.

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Instructional Designer vs. Customer Success Manager: Who Knows Your Customers’ Better (and Does It Really Matter)?


Customer Success is paramount in driving product adoption. From a report, Gainsight found that 67% of respondents are using Digital Customer Success to effectively onboard and grow customer advocacy for their products. But how do you ensure that your customers not only get on board with your product but also leverage it to its full potential? The answer: Digital Customer Education (CE).

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3 Ways Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Can Improve Customer Experience

Today’s digitally savvy customers have high expectations of retailers for convenience, responsiveness, and ease of doing business both in-store and online. Our recent survey of over 2,000 US consumers found that retailers that can drive a seamless, omnichannel customer experience (CX) – across physical and digital channels – have huge benefits for brand relevance, profitability, and customer loyalty.

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Empowering Customers: The Value of Self-Service Support in Manufacturing

Team Support

In manufacturing, effective customer support requires technology that spans geographical boundaries and provides a wealth of knowledge. From the production of everyday goods to the development of new technology, precision and efficiency are a top priority. Empowering customers to find answers to their questions independently can lead to quicker resolutions, and establish a deeper understanding of customer needs.

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Top 10 Healthcare Call Center Companies in 2024


Healthcare call center outsourcing operates with a quite peculiar pulse. Whether medical professionals venture into private startups or join the board of public healthcare institutions, they quickly realize that expertise in wellness alone isn't enough. They must also provide a high-end customer experience to all patients/customers to achieve business development.

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Privacy vs. Personalization: Striking the Right Balance to Drive Success

Beyond Philosophy

Personalization is an excellent tactic for your marketing efforts. However, only some people like this personalization; some feel they’re being watched. Therefore, it is important to remember that context and who’s doing the personalizing matter. Picture this: Colin’s at his go-to fishing store, Discount Tackle. The manager knows him, we chat, and he recommends a lure.

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What’s new with ChurnZero: product release notes for Q1 2024


Just as customer success is always evolving, so is ChurnZero’s customer success software. Catch up on what’s new from Q1 2024, and see how it makes a difference, in our quarterly roundup of ChurnZero product release notes. Feature Update : Chart and table enhancements for Customer Journeys What’s new : Your Journey Milestones and Tasks just got a facelift!

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Subtle Shifts, Major Milestones: Centercode's Email Evolution


Go behind-the-scenes of our major email overhaul and get the inside scoop from the developers who worked on the project.

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Manual Call Reviews? There's a Better Way!

Speaker: Laura Noonan, Chief Revenue Officer at CallFinder + Angie Kronlage, Director of Program Success at Working Solutions + April Wiita, Vice President of Program Success at Working Solutions

Are you still manually reviewing calls? 🤔 If so, this webinar is for you! What was once a common practice in the call center is now a barrier to success. Manual call monitoring is no longer an option if you want to proactively coach your agents to ultimately improve the customer experience using data-driven insights. Join this webinar with Angie Kronlage and April Wiita of Working Solutions to discuss how you can modernize outdated, manual call review processes through the power of autom

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Disconnected Messaging Breeds Mistrust

Forrester's Customer Insights

This blog post is a brief overview of the 2024 B2B Summit North America session, "Building a Connected Messaging Team That Drives Alignment," where VP, Principal Analysts Barry Vasudevan and Ian Bruce will discuss current state of B2B messaging, companies that get it right, and how to build your connected messaging team.

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