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Shopify Telephone Support: How BPO Services Can Help

Magellan Solutions

Hey there, fellow Shopify merchants! With over 1.75 million online stores on Shopify , excellent customer service is crucial to standing out. Top-notch telephone support is essential for building brand loyalty and boosting sales for your online business. With Shopify telephone support, you can elevate your customer experience and ensure shopper satisfaction, making your store a preferred choice among millions of others.

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How to Tap into Your Customers’ Hidden Motivations To Gain True Success

Beyond Philosophy

Learn more about Colin Shaw : Join over 80,000 people on our LinkedIn Newsletter list or visit our website for more great podcast episodes. Listen to the podcast: One of the things I talk about a lot with clients is customer emotions. The reason I do is because over half of any experience is highly influenced by customer emotions, which, among other things, motivate customers to act.

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Sabio Group’s New E-Book Redefines the Role of CRM in Customer Experience Transformation

CSM Magazine

Sabio Group, the digital experience transformation services specialist, has launched a new e-book which takes a deep dive into the role that Customer Relationship Management (CRM) systems play in shaping and orchestrating modern customer journeys. The eBook – entitled “ Harnessing the Power of Salesforce ” – is a comprehensive guide that focuses on the importance of organisations having a centralised data strategy to complement any Salesforce implementation.

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From Reactive to Proactive: Strategies for Anticipating and Addressing Customer Needs in Manufacturing

Team Support

Within global commerce, the manufacturing industry is a foundational pillar driving innovation, growth, and progress. Manufacturing involves the process of transforming raw materials into finished products across industries and geographies. This encompasses diverse and significant complexities to accomplish tasks ranging from automobile production to chemical refinement.

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3 Ways Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Can Improve Customer Experience

Today’s digitally savvy customers have high expectations of retailers for convenience, responsiveness, and ease of doing business both in-store and online. Our recent survey of over 2,000 US consumers found that retailers that can drive a seamless, omnichannel customer experience (CX) – across physical and digital channels – have huge benefits for brand relevance, profitability, and customer loyalty.

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The Art of Negotiation: Winning Strategies in the Real Estate Marketplace

CSM Magazine

Navigate the intricate world of real estate negotiation with strategic expertise and discover the secrets to securing lucrative deals. When mastering the art of negotiation in the real estate marketplace, understanding the importance of strategy is critical. Knowing how to navigate the complexities of deals and counteroffers can make all the difference in securing a successful outcome.

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3 Ways AI Improves Agent Experience

Upstream Works

Our latest blog post outlines three practical applications of AI that will improve the agent experience and, in turn, improve CX. The post 3 Ways AI Improves Agent Experience appeared first on Upstream Works.

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Streaming Wars: The Most Common Customer Pain Points

Brandwatch CX

Unhappy customers can quickly become churned customers. What are consumers' pain points with video-on-demand streaming services? We looked at online data.

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Discover the Future of Clean Energy: Uplight Customer Connect (UCC) & Devcon


We’re excited to announce two upcoming Uplight-hosted events: the annual Uplight Customer Connect (UCC), and an inaugural event designed for developers and technical professionals in the energy industry, Uplight’s Developer Conference! Taking place in Denver, CO, these concurrent events bring together energy industry thought leaders, experts, and innovators to collaborate, and illuminate the path to Read More The post Discover the Future of Clean Energy: Uplight Customer Connect (UCC) 

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Navigating the Dynamic Future of Qualitative Research

2020 Research

Join Isaac Rogers, President of Sago, as he explores the dynamic landscape of qualitative research and the forces shaping the industry today.

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Manual Call Reviews? There's a Better Way!

Speaker: Laura Noonan, Chief Revenue Officer at CallFinder + Angie Kronlage, Director of Program Success at Working Solutions + April Wiita, Vice President of Program Success at Working Solutions

Are you still manually reviewing calls? 🤔 If so, this webinar is for you! What was once a common practice in the call center is now a barrier to success. Manual call monitoring is no longer an option if you want to proactively coach your agents to ultimately improve the customer experience using data-driven insights. Join this webinar with Angie Kronlage and April Wiita of Working Solutions to discuss how you can modernize outdated, manual call review processes through the power of autom

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Intel Bets On AI Everywhere And Demand For Smaller, Targeted LLMs

Forrester's Customer Insights

Tech leaders are rethinking their strategic partnerships because silicon matters again. Whether your infrastructure is in the cloud, on-premises, or at the edge, or any combination thereof, the accelerators and specific features in your silicon can make an enormous difference to what you can do with AI and how quickly you can roll it out.

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Stop Churn Before It Happens: Embracing a Two-Pronged Approach to Boosting Retention


Let’s work to better understand the warning signs of customer churn before exploring how to tackle it.

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Building A Zero Trust Roadmap: A Practical Guide

Forrester's Customer Insights

ZT strategies are often undermined by overly ambitious or haphazard implementation plans that ultimately become incomplete projects and end up stalling or getting scrapped. Successful zero trust implementations tackle fundamental organizational and technology problems before embarking on ambitious transformation projects.

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Unleash the Power of Community: How a Team of One Created a Self-Sustaining Online Community


Across industries, executives tend to focus on one thing: scaling. They want to know how they can do more without spending more. Particularly when the focus is on community and building customer knowledge, scaling can be tricky. There are always more questions coming in than there are hours available to answer them. The only way to truly scale community is to make it self-sustaining, the way Danny Pancratz, Director of Customer Experience Programs at Unqork did.

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What Does it REALLY Mean to Put CX First?

The 5 Essentials of a CX-First Platform Customer experience was once considered a soft metric, or a “nice to have.” But it is now a board-level priority for many brands. The experience you provide your customers is a defining way to differentiate your business from the competition. But how can you really make CX a priority when you have competing budget and resource constraints?

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Digital Customer Success: A Getting Started Guide – Part 1


Every customer success leader I know is being asked to do more with less. I could go on and on about the macroeconomic factors, the cycle of overhiring and layoffs, and the “new normal” for spending justification that’s causing this, but I won’t. Instead, I’ll just focus on that reality. Being asked to do more with less has turned the concept of digital customer success from a nice-to-have to a must-have.