February, 2022

5 Things Brands Need to Know About the Gen Z Customer Experience (and Employee Experience)

InMoment XI

If we were to sum up what brands need to know about Gen Z customer experience preferences (and employee experience preferences) in a few words it would go something like this: they’re different. Revolutionary even.

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The ultimate guide to customer service


The top three 2022 priorities for Customer Service teams to thrive in this new era of customer experience. Guides

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5 Lessons from the 2022 CX “Global Gurus” on Future-Facing Customer Experience

Customer Bliss

As we head further into 2022, it’s apparent that companies are picking up steam and looking ahead to the future of their experience practices (customer experience, employee experience, and beyond).

2022 234

How to Turn Customers into Storytellers


Customers always have stories to tell—but at first, they might not realize their feedback is a story that truly needs to be shared. To encourage them to share their thoughts, opinions, and unique perspectives, you need to turn them into storytellers. Customer Experience

2022 207

How to Run a Successful Voice of the Customer Program

The Voice of the Customer (VoC) is the core foundation of any successful customer experience program. Download this guide from GetFeedback to learn how you can launch a successful Voice of the Customer program that drives return on investment!

The Leading Call Center Technologies to Watch For in 2022


In the last few years, call centers have experienced an awakening with pandemic-driven remote work models, increased demand for service, and rising awareness of the benefits of delivering a good customer experience.

2022 109

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Do Companies Recognize the High CX Value of Employee Advocates?

InMoment XI

This article was originally posted on CustomerThink.com. Do companies recognize the high customer experience (CX) value of employee advocates? Shouldn’t they want to cultivate the kind of behavior advocacy represents? That’s my belief.

2022 369

COVID-19 has forever changed CX. Here’s how


The pandemic has driven changes to customer experience that we could never have expected. Learn what’s changed and what’s here to stay. Articles

2022 306

5 Top Customer Service Articles of the Week 2-14-2022

Shep Hyken

Each week I read many customer service and customer experience articles from various resources. Here are my top five picks from last week. I have added my comment about each article and would like to hear what you think too. Are You Asking the Right Customer Experience Questions? by Janelle Estes.

2022 90

How are you going to choose your CX Metric?


Having trouble choosing a metric for your organization’s survey programs? You’re not alone. Customer Experience User Experience

2022 207

How Mature Are Your Digital Experiences? A Step-by-Step Guide to Improved CX

Read about Verint’s Digital Maturity Model, where we share real tactics and strategies to improve CX, based on what has worked for our clients around the world.

How do I assist a customer I suspect is dealing with mental illness?

Myra Golden Media

I facilitated five live digital De-escalation workshops last week. A student in one of my sessions spoke up during Q & A: “I have a question for Ms. Myra Golden. “How would we be able to handle a situation when we know or suspect that members are dealing with mental health?”

2022 110

This is our time for a Customer CARE revolution!

Bill Quiseng

For many years, there has been a stranglehold of the “Profits over People” mentality for business leaders. These “Profits over People” traditionalists care about revenue dollars, market share, the stock price, bottom-line profits, even their competitors, more than their people.

2022 88

Three Steps You Should Take Before You Send a Customer Experience Survey

InMoment XI

Customer experience surveys have served us well when it comes to collecting customer feedback data. When we have questions about the experience, there’s no better way to get answers than asking our customers directly, right? Before you answer this question, let us present you with a few facts.

2022 355

The ultimate guide to customer service


The top three 2022 priorities for Customer Service teams to thrive in this new era of customer experience. Guides

2022 195

5 Elements for Building a World-Class Agent Coaching Program

Speaker: Francoise Tourniaire - Founder of FT Works and Omid Razavi - Chief Advocacy Officer at SupportLogic

In this presentation, we will discuss the five elements of building a real-time coaching program using AI-infused workflows that will allow managers and agents to continuously engage and drive more constructive dialogue, resulting in reduced agent burnout and increased employee satisfaction and retention.

10 Innovative Ways Companies are Winning with AI Today


It seems like everywhere you look, AI is trending. Investors are throwing more money into AI startups than at any point in history. In the first ten months of 2021, AI startups worldwide raised more than $50 billion across more than 2,000 deals — surpassing 2020 levels by 55%.

2022 109

5 Effective Strategies for Building Customer Loyalty


Every business wants loyal customers. As it’s less costly to keep existing customers than to acquire new ones, increasing the value of your existing customers is a great way to drive growth and maintain profit margins. Customer Experience

2022 130

Make Your Customer Smarter: Create an Educational Experience

Shep Hyken

It’s natural that you would gravitate toward a person you perceived as an expert. When someone demonstrates a level of expertise and shares information you didn’t know, you tend to trust them. That expertise creates confidence. .

2022 97

Three Steps to a Winning B2B Customer Experience Plan


Delivering a satisfying B2B customer experience is key to staying competitive in today’s SaaS market. Here, we’ll outline a strategic roadmap to developing a winning B2B customer experience strategy. First, we’ll take a look at what B2B customer experience is and why it’s an important priority.

2022 92

How woom bikes Takes an Employee-First Approach to Grow Its Customer Base

Are your employees an untapped source of customer feedback? Watch this on-demand webinar featuring woom bikes to learn how their team improves employee and customer experiences in tandem.

What’s On Your Customer Experience Governance Checklist? Three Must-Haves

InMoment XI

The term “ customer experience (CX) program ” refers to an immensely broad concept. But at the same time, a “customer experience program” encompasses countless daily actions and processes. How do you keep track of all your efforts? And what do you need to do to keep them going?

Why should you invest in CX? Experts weigh in


A recap of customer experience experts Shep Hyken and Dan Gingiss’ session at the 2nd Annual CX Impact Summit. Articles

2022 195

Don’t offer customer service training. Develop your people with customer service education.

Bill Quiseng

Don’t offer customer service training. Training is finite, usually only one to several days. Training is one-way, “I know everything, you know nothing” instruction. Training is the how and what of service. Training is what employees do to develop the business.

Driving Innovation and Collaboration in the Autodesk Research Community


Autodesk, Inc. is an American multinational software corporation ??with with a diverse portfolio of software products and services for the architecture, engineering, construction (AEC), manufacturing, media and entertainment, and education industries. Customer Experience

2022 130

Top Industry Secrets for Successful Contact Center Scripting

Speaker: Colin Taylor, CEO & Chief Chaos Officer at The Taylor Reach Group, Inc

Scripts have been around as long as contact centers. Scripts attempt to set out an ‘ideal’ path to success on the call, whether that's a sale, a resolved inquiry, or a closed case. While some scripting attempts have failed, AI and Agent Assist technologies can help.

How AI Technologies Can Facilitate the 5G Rollout


The next generation of wireless technology – 5G – promises to impact our lives by delivering a network that is 100 times faster than smartphone cellular connections and ten times faster than the speediest home broadband service.

2022 109

Mapping Your SaaS Customer Journey in Seven Steps


Your SaaS customer journey map lays out optimized outcomes that lead to customer renewals, upsells, and referrals. Here, we’ll show you how to create your path to customer success.

2022 94

Natural Language Processing 101: Three Tips for Optimising Your Text Analytics Software

InMoment XI

When it comes to experience programs, text analytics software has been revolutionising data interpretation since the capability arrived on the scene. I’m Siobhan May Jones, one of InMoment’s Customer Success Directors, and over my career, I’ve seen this transition up close.

2022 348

3 Key Trends That Are Transforming the Customer Service Industry

CSM Magazine

As technologies and consumer expectations develop, the customer service landscape is evolving at an accelerated rate. Megan Neale and Roger Beadle, Co-Founders of Limitless , explore future trends. Arguably, in 2021 the industry experienced a seismic shift.

2022 83

Why the Future Success of Retail Lies in Customer Experience

Retail’s post-pandemic future: Are you prepared? Download this article by Harvard Business Review (brought to you by GetFeedback) to find out why the future success of retailers will ultimately depend on creating a cohesive customer experience, both online and in stores.