The Role of a Chief Customer Officer


The role of a Chief Customer Officer (CCO) is a fairly new addition to the C-suite, but it has been on the rise over the past several years as companies are better understanding the importance of creating a customer-centric culture within their organizations.

Audience Q&A: 5 Questions for Yamini Rangan, Chief Customer Officer of HubSpot

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Recently, I was joined by Yamini Rangan, chief customer officer of Hubspot for a LIVE version of my podcast, the Chief Customer Officer Human Duct Tape Show. Customer centricity requires that your go-to-market functions work in sync.


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How to Become the Chief Customer Officer (CCO)? A Guide for CS Professionals


This is the age of the customer where we are living in. While making the purchase decision, customers are now looking for positive experiences over price. . But the question is still: What exactly do CCOs (Chief Customer Officer) in this relatively new executive position do?

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10 mindsets for change from Australia’s chief customer officers and experience leaders


Last week, 120 experience leaders in innovation, insights, customer operations and digital transformation gathered for the Chief Customer Officer Summit at the Park Hyatt Melbourne to discuss the state of customer experience (CX). According to many of the speakers, creating empathy within your organization for employees and customers will guide you on a path to create better customer experiences. Build customer intimacy.

Chief Customer Officer: Roles and Responsibilities of the Modern CCO


When it comes to customer success, there are various roles in an organization. But this blog is specifically about Chief Customer Officer (CCO). Chief Customer Officer (CCO) is the highest position in the customer success department in any organization.

The Impact of the Chief Customer Officer, Part I

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Today''s customers require access to a company''s offerings through many forms of media in order to meet their preferences and lifestyles. Furthermore, they also require a consistent customer experience across these channels since they can easily choose to change vendors if they do not receive support that meets their expectations. This still-emerging and evolving role can be defined as: the executive responsible for the total relationship with an organization''s customers.

Is the Chief Customer Officer a Worthwhile Addition to the C-Suite?


How do you approach customer happiness in your company? Do you just give all employees the generic “the customer is always right” speech, or do you actually have a customer-centric process in place that’s overseen by a professional who understands how customers think and feel, and who knows how to get that point of view across to other employees too? But taking customer satisfaction lightly can be dangerous too. CCO stands for Chief Customer Officer.

The Impact of the Chief Customer Officer, Part II

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Last week, I described recent research conducted by the CCO Council into the impact of the chief customer officer on company financials. Customer Centricity is a two-year investment. Developing and improving customer strategy is a profitable but longer-term investment. Recommendation : The CCO must "bank" customer trust and loyalty to protect customers against hard times. Everyone says they are customer centric.

Chief Customer Officer vs. Head of Customer Success: What’s the Difference?


What stays common between each member of your customer success company is the need to satisfy a hungry customer. Now many such designations and roles are designed to look after the specific needs of a customer. Establishes metrics for defining the relationship with customers.

The Rise Of Federal Chief Customer Officers


Hundreds if not thousands of leading corporations have created chief customer officer (CCO) positions in recent years to help them become more customer-centric. For more of my federal CCO research, check out my Executive Q&A: Federal Chief Customer Officers report on or my blog post on the subject. Customer Experience

A Conversation about Oracle’s’ Chief Customer Officer Experience, With Jeb Dasteel – CB015

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Jeb Dasteel is the Chief Customer Officer at Oracle. That was a role that evolved over time, but he is still one of the longest-tenured customer-facing executives in the tech sector. . In our conversation, Jeb discusses how the role has evolved, how he has built the team, and how he engages engineers and a very action driven culture to care about and improve customer experience. Individual customer experiences cannot be acquired any other way.

How Liberty Mutual Engaged the C-Suite & Built their Customer Room, With Chief Customer Officer Margie Dillon – CB2

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In this episode, I speak with Margie Dillon, the EVP and Chief Customer Officer for Liberty Mutual , about her unusual path from Chief Financial Officer to Chief Customer Officer. Finally, Margie and I discussed the build-out and results coming from their new and quite extensive customer room. This will be quite interesting for those of you wanting to pursue your own customer room. Podcast customer room podcast

Putting customers at the heart of strategy: Q&A with Vision Critical Chief Customer Officer Kelly Hall 


The role of chief content officer is becoming increasingly important as organizations seek to unify goals, deliver valued customer experiences and accelerate change. But putting customers at the forefront of strategic decision-making isn’t always easy. Balancing budget constraints, departmental priorities and revenue growth against customer success can be a challenge, even for the most seasoned of executives. It’s simple; we are nothing without our customers.

Totango Attends Chief Customer Officer Fall 2018 Conference


The C hief Customer Officer Fall, 2018 (CCO), held September 12th-13th in San Diego, is an interactive peer-lead conference attracting senior-level customer focused professionals. Totango is in attendance at this year’s conference where the topics consists of best practices and strategies that go beyond the CCO business case, driving C-level accountability for customer centricity. The Customer Success Buzz at CCO.

The Evolving Chief Customer Officer: Identifying Value, Authority, Scope, Responsibilities, and Strategic Direction Within the Enterprise

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In the past decade, we’ve seen the number of companies with an individual in the role of Chief Customer Officer (CCO) – nicely defined by Wikipedia as “the executive responsible for the total relationship with an organization’s customers” – grow from under 100 to thousands today. They are; Customer Experience and Value Optimization. Customer Insight, Data and Action Generation. Customer Relationship-Building. Michael Lowenstein, Ph.D.,

The Rise - and Flutter - of the Chief Customer Officer

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Corporate leaders are beginning to recognize that the lines have blurred between the brand and the customer experience. This revelation is prompting a growing number of companies to establish a Chief Customer Officer (CCO) role and bring a more unified approach to customer centricity. According to The 2014 CCO Study conducted by the Chief Customer Officer Council, 22 percent of Fortune 100 companies have adopted the role.

Two roles of a Chief Customer Officer

Zeisler Consulting

The concept of a Chief Customer Officer (CCO or, sometimes, CXO) is still pretty fresh for a lot of organizations. Depending on your Customer profiles, this may be a huge part of this aspect of the work.

3 Leadership Behaviors That Prove Your Commitment to Customer-Driven Growth

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As a customer experience leader, you need to have a good understanding of your organization’s culture. ” It’s decisions made and actions taken that prove that the customer commitment is real and not lip service. Actions must be congruent with our stated commitment to customer-driven growth. “Customer Culture” is talked about by many leaders but misunderstood by most organizations.

Measuring ROI of Customer Centricity-Historical Correlations

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A common challenge of chief customer officers and other customer executives is the need to prove the ROI of customer centricity. To effectively demonstrate value, customer executives need to show how their customer initiatives impact one or more of these key factors. Are there holes in the customer or loyalty data? Or worse, an inability to measure revenue/profit of an individual customer or segment?

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Measuring ROI of Customer Centricity-Changes in Customer Value

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Customer executives are regularly challenged to prove the value of their initiatives. To effectively demonstrate value, customer executives need to show how their customer initiatives impact one or more of these key factors. In my previous post I described the historical retrospective approach whereby incremental per-customer or per–segment revenue gains are correlated with increasing loyalty and engagement.

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7 Tips and Resources for CCOs and C-Suite Customer Experience Leaders

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Last year, Walmart added a chief customer officer role to better align its digital and brick-and-mortar business, especially as competition from Amazon continues to increase. Their goal is to keep the customer at the center of its operations. Mastercard, Neiman Marcus, and many others have added this high-level position to their C-suite as well, increasing their focus on customer growth and relationships. If you want happy customers, you need happy employees.

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WHEN Do You Need a Chief Customer Officer?

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I am often approached by senior level executives and asked whether their company really needs a chief customer officer. Hiring a chief customer officer is not an issue of if, but of when. Does top leadership have an appetite for developing customer centricity? Customer centricity is often viewed as a "nice to have" rather than a strategic business imperative. Can metrics be created that tie customer activities to revenue?

Transform Your B2B Company From A Product-Centric Culture to Customer-Centric Culture with Sami Nuwar – CB79

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How do you transform the culture and operations of your company to benefit the lives of your customers? In this episode, I chat with Sami Nuwar , the vice president of customer experience transformation at American Bath Group , about how his newly established role at ABG allowed him to create processes and operations that switched the company focus from being product-driven to being customer-driven. Determine What Your Customers Value and What Makes Them Happy.

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Make Customer Delight About Delivering Value with Jon Herstein of Box

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Customer delight is incredibly important, but it’s also insufficient,” says Jon Herstein , Chief Customer Officer at Box , a cloud content management company that serves about 90,000 customers. Jon goes on further to say that delighting the customer is insufficient if they’re not receiving value from their investment in your product or service. Delivering value is ultimately the key point of B2B customer success and delight.

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The Importance of Closing the Feedback Loop: A Discussion with Dropbox’s CCO

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“I am a bridge builder and I really like that aspect of my role,” says Yamini Rangan , chief customer officer at Dropbox , a SaaS company that offers file storage and collaboration solutions to both individuals and companies. With a background in sales and marketing, Yamini spent a lot of time talking to customers, mentioning that it was one of her favorite aspects of her job. Her love for being customer-focused was what helped drive her success at Dropbox, .

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VP Customer Experience Role for Growth


VP Customer Experience Role for Growth Lynn Hunsaker. The VP Customer Experience role is evolving as companies shift to embrace the “purpose of business” proclaimed by Business Roundtable. Anything mis-aligned from the top will undermine your customer experience goals.

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How to make your organization truly customer centric


Date: Wednesday, November 8, 2017 How to make your organization truly customer centric. Author: Olivier Njamfa We all know that today it’s vital to put customers at the heart of your business. How do you become more customer centric? At a recent Gartner event , analysts Olive Huang and Jenny Sussin ran through 10 key areas to help establish customer centricity into your brand. Balancing the human and the digital in customer experience.

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How do you know if a customer-centric strategy is working?

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Many companies talk about having a customer-centric strategy. But if you attempted to apply a customer-centric strategy in 2016 (or even have it on the radar for this year), how do you know if it’s working? You have to view customer-centric journeys and strategy in the context of transformation milestones. A lot of attempts at customer-centric strategy fall down right here. Customer experience takes time.

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7 Leaders in Finance and Tech Share What They Wish They Knew Before Embarking on Their CX Journey

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“I’ve learned that people will forget what you said, people will forget what you did, but people will never forget how you made them feel,” is a great quote from Maya Angelou, that Claudiu Coltea , EVP and Head of Customer Experience for Citizens Financial Group, shared while answering the pay-it-forward question, that I ask in every podcast interview, “what do you know now that you wish you knew then?” Unite the data gathered from all silos who have customer data.

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CX Wisdom You Need to Know From 6 Leaders in B2B Organizations

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If you’re leading customer experience work within an organization, one of the keys to success is to listen to others. In today’s podcast episode, you’ll hear from six customer experience leaders in the B2B industry who share advice about the things they know now, that they wish they knew before they started their work. Invest Deeply in Listening to Your Customers. Listening to the customer never stops. Engineer solutions with the customer mind.

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Reasons That Make Customer Success a Must to be Represented at C-Suite Level


Customer success careers have become the buzzwords in the business environment. The hot topic that is running around in the SaaS industry is the need for customer success to have a seat and a voice at the leadership table. To oversee all customer-facing departments.

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Embedding Customer Centricity: The Customer Experience Jigsaw Puzzle


As I continue to develop my Customer Experience Specialism around the globe, a number of questions are continually raised by the people I meet. How many customer segments should we have? Should we have a Chief Customer Officer. What is fascinating about the questions I am asked, is that more often than not, most organisations have started their journey to becoming Customer Centric.

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How to Bring a Customer Focus Competency to Life

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Delivering a reliable and then innovative customer experience requires adding a customer focus competency to the core competencies of your business (as important as products, finance, marketing or sales). The customer-focused experience needs to be built and honed as a skill. Defining a clear processes for evaluating and understanding what customers need and value in improved or redesigned experiences. Establish a Customer Experience Development Process.

Transforming CX in Financial Services, With Claudiu Coltea – CB53

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Claudiu Coltea is the Executive Vice President and Head of Customer Experience for Citizens Financial Group. He’s a perennial customer experience leader with a background at Gallup, in health care, and in operational roles. He had several interesting takeaways on customer experience management and transforming CX throughout this interview; I’d encourage you to listen to the entire episode when you get some time. Episode Overview.

Customer Centricity Masterclass with Doug Leather

Peter Lavers

Customer Centricity is the eco-system and operating model that enables an organisation to design and deliver a unique and distinctive customer experience”. A group of people representing some of the best brands in Europe gathered at Twickenham Stadium on a warm June day for a special masterclass focused “customer centricity” in companies that are primarily business-to-consumer (B2C). How constant board-level changes damage long-tern customer value development.

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