Wed.May 18, 2022

Interviews Aren’t Dead: How B2B Companies Can Learn More from Their Buyers

InMoment XI

B2B purchasing decisions are complex. They’re financial. They’re political. But more than anything—they’re unpredictable. While B2B firms have more systems in place than ever to predict sales outcomes, they’re still blindsided when prospects choose another vendor. But it doesn’t have to be that way!

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Understanding Call Center Occupancy in the Contact Center and How To Optimize It


In today’s age of customer-centric service, call centers must deliver quick answers, short hold times, and the ability to speak to a live representative on demand. How can Management ensure their call centers are up to par?

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How to Eliminate Friction in Your Customer Journey

InMoment XI

What Is Friction in the Customer Journey? When most folks think of friction, they probably think of middle school science class. But if you’re a customer experience professional, “friction” is probably a term you’ve heard whenever your teammates talk about reducing customer churn.

2022 395

Enthuse Your People to Delight Customers with The Revelation Conversation.

Bill Quiseng

Business leaders are happy because their customers are satisfied. But that’s not good enough. Customers feel that service is good, not better, just average. Nobody raves about average. And satisfied customers will leave once they find something better or less expensive.

2022 83

How eCommerce Fits Into Retail's Post-Pandemic Future

Retail’s post-pandemic future: Are you prepared? Download this article by Harvard Business Review (brought to you by GetFeedback) to find out why the future success of retailers will ultimately depend on creating a cohesive customer experience, both online and in stores.

Knowledge Hubs for the Digital Transformation of Citizen Service

eGain Blogs

In a consumer survey we conducted during the pandemic, 57% of those surveyed reported getting different answers for the same question when they contacted a government agency through different channels and touchpoints.

2022 77

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5 Key Elements to Consider When Looking To Improve Customer Service

CSM Magazine

Improving your customer service can have a whole range of benefits to your business. But which elements should you focus on? Here are 5 key areas of customer service you should consider improving. Email. Are your email addresses easy to find online or on customer documents?

2022 87

The Sales Engagement Landscape And The Case For The Single Pane Of Glass

Forrester Digital Transformation

Sales engagement platforms are playing a leading role in optimizing and improving sales and revenue development, operational efficiency, and outcomes. These platforms and their insights are enabling revenue teams with a single pane of glass to work from.

2022 80

Why Unhappy Customers are a Gift

Middlesex Consulting

Has the number of unhappy customers calling into your business increased?

2022 78

4 Ways AI Chatbots Can Streamline Agent Expectations


Artificial intelligence is making a major impact on customer service and shows no sign of stopping.

2022 66

Customer Preferences: How Community Can Deliver a Simplified Experience

Your customers want a simplified customer experience. Make sure you give it to them with community. Download the whitepaper to learn more!

KKR Invests in Alchemer


Investment to accelerate growth of leading customer experience software provider. NEW YORK and LOUISVILLE, Colo. –

2022 52

70+ eCommerce Survey Questions To Level Up Your Business


With more and more people shopping online, there has never been a better time to start an eCommerce business. Don’t believe us? Wait until you hear the neck-breaking pace at which the global retail landscape is changing-. According to Statista, by 2023, e-commerce will account for more than $6.5

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May 18 – Customer Success Jobs


Role: Senior Director, Customer Success Location: Remote, United States Organization: Coursera As a Senior Director of Customer Success, you will meet and exceed quarterly renewal bookings and revenue growth goals.

2022 83

Episode 086: How to Create Your Signature eXperience & Remove Employee Roulette

The DiJulius Group

Does your company have a Signature eXperienece? A Signature eXperience is a distinct customer experience your customers can only get from you. Creating this kind of experience for your customers requires consistency.

2022 56

A Strategic Guide to Community Gamification

Does creating engaged customers and impacting CS objectives sound interesting? Learn more about how gamification can help your customer success team in our free eBook.

MYC'D UP WITH CX LEADERS episode 4: Nick Macfarlane, Cazoo


"CX leaders. don't be the postman!" " Neil Davey. Wednesday, May 18, 2022 - 14:30. Customer experience management. MYC'D UP WITH CX LEADERS episode 4: Nick Macfarlane, Cazoo. There are CX principles that work across any industry. Engagement

2022 65

15 Ways to Improve Real Estate Customer Service

CSM Magazine

If you’re a real estate agent, then you know that customer service is key. You want your clients to have a positive experience when working with you, so they will come back again in the future.

2022 52

Shape How People Trust You

Forrester Digital Transformation

Our society is coping with unprecedented challenges. Your customers, employees, and partners are all facing growing uncertainties and concerns. Geopolitical tension, income inequality and job insecurity, social unrest, and misinformation and disinformation, you name it!

2022 52

Stratified Sampling: Definition, Formula, Examples, Types


What if you knew all your potential customers from the entire target market? Won’t that be fantastic? All your marketing and sales efforts can go on this small group, as they have the maximum probability of turning into your customers.

The CX Leader Handbook

Whether you’re just starting your CX career or looking to change roles, our CX Leader Handbook is for you. Grab your free copy to learn how to find the right job, thrive as a leader, and strategically plan for the future.

Leadership Change, Not Change Management

Forrester Digital Transformation

Whether you refer to digital transformation, customer experience transformation or sustainable transformation, the most important success factor is often the same, whatever the industry. It is all about the role leaders play in evolving the culture of their organisation.

2022 52

What is Real-Time Personalization? How Can It Improve Customer Experience?


Personalization… Personalization… Personalization…. It has become a buzzword for businesses – a proven tactic to grab customer attention and improve customer journey!

2022 52

10 Customer Success blogs to read in 2022.


Time doesn’t stop by the door and we move along with it. So has the customer success industry and the content around the space! It is being evolving drastically over the last couple of years.

2022 52

Outsourcing Workforce Solutions 101

Magellan Solutions

What do you need to know about Outsourcing Workforce Solutions? It’s no secret that outsourcing is the best bet for a better value at a low price. . Now that many businesses all over the world outsource many of their daily business functions, it’s time to consider if outsourcing your workforce may do wonders for your business and your budget. . So you’ve made the decision to outsource. Where to go next? . How to Start Outsourcing.

2022 40

Should Customer Marketing Align with Customer Success?

With outcomes and metrics that align directly, find out why customer success should be the foundation of a customer marketing strategy. Download the free ebook now!

Top 5 Best Practices to conduct Customer Exit Survey.


It’s never easy to learn that a customer is about to leave. However, as they prepare to depart, you have a unique opportunity to know why.

2022 52

How to Measure User Testing Engagement


One of the primary concerns of any project manager throughout the testing period is whether there’s enough tester engagement. Good tester engagement is instrumental to a successful delta test

2022 52

The Best Gifts for Customer Success Managers: A Curated Gift Guide for 2022


We know who you’re shopping for when it comes to holiday shopping. It’s your CSM who’s always there to save you when you need support, onboard new team members, and help you understand the right way to use the product.

2022 52

CX Tech Top-ups: Try Our Brand New Hierarchy Comparison Dashboard


At Intouch Insight, we’re constantly working on new features that will help you reach the top of your game. This month we have introduced new features to the Intouch Platform and IntouchSurvey™. Product Updates

2022 98

The Ultimate Guide to Customer Service in 2022

The top three 2022 priorities for Customer Service teams to thrive in this new era of customer experience.