Thu.Sep 21, 2023

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Your 3 Step Checklist to Starting an Effective Online Reputation Management Program

InMoment XI

Online reputation management is the process of actively monitoring and influencing the way your business is perceived by your customers and the general public. It involves collecting and analyzing feedback from multiple sources, such as reviews, social media, and customer surveys, and using that feedback to improve the customer experience and build a positive reputation.

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Meet Sophie AI: The Future of Service


Generative AI will be transformative for every enterprise. However, today’s early Generative AI solutions lack context, and deliver a poor user experience. These are the keys to unlocking mainstream adoption of Generative AI for service and CX. Using Generative AI should be as natural as chatting with a friend. As you chat, you read your friend’s facial expressions and listen to the tone of their voice.


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Birdeye ranked #1 in G2’s Online Reputation Management Fall 2023 Report


We are thrilled to announce that Birdeye has been recognized as the #1 solution in G2’s Fall 2023 Online Reputation Management Grid® Report. This accomplishment is a testament to our team’s hard work and dedication and also a reflection of the positive experiences and trust customers have in Birdeye. G2’s Online Reputation Management Grid® Report at a glance G2’s Grid® Report represents the voices of real software users.

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How Can I Establish a Reputation for Low Prices WITHOUT Seeming Cheap and Low Quality?

Beyond Philosophy

Catherine, one of our podcast listeners, wants to know how to establish her organization’s reputation for having low prices without the companion reputation for having cheap and low-quality products. It’s a good question that, in my experience, is easy to get wrong. However, since I would imagine some of you have a similar problem, I also wanted to share that discussion here with you.

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3 Ways Brick-and-Mortar Retailers Can Improve Customer Experience

Today’s digitally savvy customers have high expectations of retailers for convenience, responsiveness, and ease of doing business both in-store and online. Our recent survey of over 2,000 US consumers found that retailers that can drive a seamless, omnichannel customer experience (CX) – across physical and digital channels – have huge benefits for brand relevance, profitability, and customer loyalty.

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New Calabrio Research: AI Will Impact Customer Service Agents, but Not How We Anticipate

CSM Magazine

Calabrio, the workforce performance company, has released its annual analysis of the contact centre market, the State of the Contact Centre 2023: Activating the Agent of the Future. The report highlights the essential role of hybrid and remote contact centre agents, the expected impact of artificial intelligence (AI), and agents’ readiness to act as brand guardians in the face of evolving consumer demands.

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Angloco Fights Job Management Fires with BigChange Field Service Tech

CSM Magazine

Angloco, the manufacturer of fire fighting and rescue vehicles and equipment, is using a cloud-based job management system and mobile app to support growth. Since implementing the 6-in-1 BigChange system, Angloco has doubled its production capacity and increased turnover by nearly 100 per cent. Based in Leeds, West Yorkshire, Angloco supplies all UK Fire Services, has a multi-million-pound contract with the Ministry of Defence and has exported vehicles and equipment to over 70 overseas countries

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Keys to Black Friday 2023: Start Marketing Early and Prioritize Existing Customers


Retailers should start holiday shopping marketing early ahead of 2023 Black Friday and Cyber Monday and focus on existing customers, Optimove data shows. The data is from Optimove’s 2023 Holiday Shopping Survey and Report  and post-2022 Black Friday analysis and research. In 2022,  Black Friday sales raked in a record $9.12 billion  from online shoppers, making it one of the most significant shopping events of the year.

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9 Strategies to Improve Customer Retention Rate in 2023


There are two companies A and B having similar numbers of customers and both want to increase their business. Company A, decided to run a substantial marketing campaign, investing hundreds of dollars in hopes of acquiring new customers. Unfortunately, the campaign only yielded two customers, generating a total of $50 in business. This shows the high cost of customer acquisition and how, at times, businesses fail to recoup their initial investment.

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Composability in Customer Service: What is it and why it's important

SAP Customer Experience

What is composability? While there are several ways to describe composability, I refer to Gartner who describe a composable enterprise as ‘an organisation that can innovate and adapt to changing business needs through the assembly and combination of packaged business capabilities’. The key focus here being on business capabilities rather.

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How to Optimize Call Monitoring: Automate QA and Elevate Customer Experience

Speaker: Laura Noonan, Chief Revenue Officer at CallFinder + Angie Kronlage, Director of Program Success at Working Solutions + April Wiita, Vice President of Program Success at Working Solutions

Are you still manually reviewing calls? 🤔 It's time for a change! The traditional method of manual call monitoring is no longer cutting it in today's fast-paced call center environment. Industry experts Angie Kronlage and April Wiita from Working Solutions are here to explore the power of innovative automation to revolutionize outdated call review processes!

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The future of customer experience lies in intelligent adaptive messaging


What’s the future of customer experience? The experience the customer has with the product.

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How to Choose a Help Desk Software for Technical Support?

CSM Magazine

Investing in high-quality software is a pivotal decision for any company. To navigate this process successfully, it is paramount to meticulously define your product requirements. Ask yourself: Why does your organization require to change help desk software ? What precise objectives are you aiming to achieve? Which operational processes are due for optimization?

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7 Ways to Improve Customer Monetization Campaign Performance


Use these strategies to improve your customer monetization campaign performance across upsell campaigns, subscription renewals, flash sales, and more.

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Consumers Touch Smartphones 2,617 Per Day – How Brands Can Have the Right Mobile Touch to Drive Loyalty


In a world characterized by constant connectivity and digital engagement, the average person taps, swipes, and clicks 2,617 times each day, according to Dscout Research. This statistic underscores a profound reality—consumers’ dependence on their mobile devices has transcended the realm of convenience and utility, evolving into a profound emotional attachment.

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What Does it REALLY Mean to Put CX First?

Customer experience was once considered a soft metric, or a “nice to have.” But it is now a board-level priority for many brands. The experience you provide your customers is a defining way to differentiate your business from the competition. But how can you really make CX a priority when you have competing budget and resource constraints? With customer experience automation, organizations can leverage AI and automation to make it faster and cheaper to provide a superior customer experience acro

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Khoros Fresh Features: Episode Two


Khoros is proud to present the latest Community, Social Media Management, and Digital Contact Center innovations available to you right now. Check out the Product Videos and other resources below so you can unlock the full power Khoros has to offer. What’s New? New LinkedIn capabilities and EveryoneSocial integration. Enhanced LinkedIn Ads allow teams in Khoros Marketing to create and save targeting profiles to publish to and govern individual users’ access to those profiles Khoros Marketing can

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Unlocking the Power of Knowledge Management: eGain Knowledge Academy’s “Knowledge Insights & Best Practices” Certification Program

eGain Blogs

Are you ready to embark on a transformative journey into the world of Knowledge Management? At eGain Knowledge Academy, we’re excited to introduce our comprehensive certification program, “Knowledge Insights & Best Practices.” Offered by eGain University™, it is a self-paced program, available online. It is designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to excel in the white hot field of Knowledge Management (KM).

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How to Best Measure Brand Resonance | Alida


Having your own community will generate more accurate results when measuring resonance: You can do it in house and generate higher quality data.

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How Chatbots Are Transforming Healthcare (And How Testing Can Help)


Artificial intelligence (AI) has taken many industries by storm in recent years. This is especially true in healthcare, where the pandemic drove a surge in AI use that touched nearly every aspect of patient care and service delivery.

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The Ultimate Guide to Monetizing Customer Learning

Every decision that goes into your learning monetization strategy matters for your organization’s bottom line. Our research has shown a clear correlation between high program maturity (and ROI!) and choosing the right monetization strategy. This eBook contains clear, actionable ways to approach packaging and pricing models that will help your association grow revenue, improve profitability, and drive expansion into new markets.

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Introducing the Optimove Academy


Optimove’s team of data scientists, analysts and developers have years of experience working with hundreds of online companies, analyzing their customer data and formulating winning retention plans. This extensive knowledge positions us as experts in the field of data-driven retention marketing, and a reliable source of “best practices” in areas such as customer segmentation, highly targeted multi-channel customer marketing, campaign performance analysis, campaign optimization and other retentio

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AI Powered Ticket Automation – Everything You Need To Know


Last Updated on September 21, 2023 Customer support teams today are facing a higher risk of burnout than ever!! This is because of the rising number of customer queries and the greater need to be on top of these queries faster! Hey, if you don’t take care of your customer, your competition will!! In fact, [.] The post AI Powered Ticket Automation – Everything You Need To Know appeared first on Kommunicate Blog.

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Contact Center Coaching to Improve CSAT 


In my work, I frequently encounter individuals discussing the importance of being data-driven. However, the work they share usually relies on past experiences and assumptions rather than actual data. I don’t believe this is an intentional attempt to deceive or take shortcuts. Statistics heavily influences our field, yet we often neglect to educate our staff on effectively navigating the wealth of information available to them.

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Navigating Product Changes in SaaS Support

Help Scout

The constant changes ins SaaS software can create extra work for support teams, and can require an almost sales-like approach. Here's how to succeed through periods of change.

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Customer Experience Myths Guidebook

A CX myth is something widely believed or implemented that is based on “how we’ve always done it” thinking, rather than delivering truly innovative customer experiences. What CX myths are holding organizations back from top-level customer experience performance? What can companies do to find solid ground and move forward successfully? In this guidebook, we answer those questions and more as we explore three key myths and two strategies that you can use to replace them.

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Best Business Ideas for Your Project in 2024

CSM Magazine

The time is flying too fast and if you are planning to launch your own project in 2024, it’s already a good moment to start considering different ideas. For those who are viewing the development of a software solution as a viable option, we recommend thinking about the possibility of building a mobile app as a core product. The popularity of mobile applications, as well as a smartphone penetration rate, within different social groups is continuing to rise which can be an excellent sign for busin

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Leveraging Playbooks for Up-selling and Cross-selling: A Winning Game!


Customer success is evolving fast from being a support-oriented function to one which owns and drives revenue. Whilst renewal management is typically stage 1 of revenue ownership, revenue expansion for most organizations becomes the game changer. In this article, we explore how playbooks can be leveraged for up-sell and cross-sell revenue. Part 1: Understanding the Basics What is a Playbook?

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Serverless Functions Hold A Lot Of Promise … And Potential Security Flaws

Forrester's Customer Insights

A full-stack developer must program in HTML/CSS and JavaScript as well as be responsible for back-end development of sever-side processes for data storage and retrieval, business logic tasks, authentication, and integration with third-party APIs in programming languages such as Go,NET, Java, Rust, and Node.js.

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8 customer testimonial examples and how to use them


Attracting customers in a competitive market can feel like an uphill battle. So, how do brands stand out from the competition? One powerful tool in today’s marketplace is customer testimonials. By highlighting the positive experiences of customers on your website or other online platforms, you can validate your brand’s awesomeness to potential customers and persuade them to purchase from you.

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11 Tips to Drive Learning Content Consumption

Unlock the full potential of your educational initiatives with the 11 Tips to Drive Learning Content Consumption eBook. You’ll uncover: Why measure content consumption rather than (or in addition to) completion rates and member satisfaction? What are some proven tactics to create quality learner content and raise your content consumption rates? Discover the secrets from leading experts in the field, distilled into practical tips that promise to elevate the quality of your educational offerings,